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Chapter 2: Hurt Your Cause Forever

Ginny woke up at 10:30 the next morning. Saturdays were always the best day of the week. She could sleep in late, not have to do school work till Sunday, and she could spend the day relaxing by the lake. She dressed in casual clothes and put her hair in a ponytail.

"Ginny, come on breakfast has already started." Hermione said at the door.

"I am coming." Ginny said as she tightened her ponytail and opened the door. Hermione stared at her and then rolled her eyes. Harry and Ron waited in the lounge for the girls as they played a quick game of Wizard's Chess. They all exited the house and then headed towards the great hall. Ginny slowly followed behind the dream team as she looked at her feet. 2 months of detention, with Snape.

"Ginny, stop daydreaming." Mindy said from behind her. Ginny turned around. In an annoyed look, Ginny kept walking.

"Mindy, I am still mad at you. You are getting worst. Last night, well, it was horrible. I don't think that you should have yelled at Dumbledore like that." Ginny said walking down the hall.

"Listen, I know I was wrong but listen. I think I am going to like this detention thing. Guess who is in there with us?" Mindy said.

"Um, I don't know." Ginny said.

"Well, it's the guy I like. Mark! He is totally in there for like two weeks for putting a snake in Hagrid's soup. I think that this is a time for me to score with him and get together with him." Mindy laughed right before they entered the great hall.

"Whatever Mindy. Watch yourself, I don't want to have to pull you up when it's a disaster." Ginny said.

"I am not asking you too. Ginny, why do you think I am incapable of doing things for myself?" Mindy asked.

"Mindy, I didn't say that. I just said that when things were a disaster, I end up pulling you out of the mess there." Ginny said.

"That isn't true….alright, whatever but I am telling you, this won't be a mess. I promise." Mindy said heading toward the Slytherin table. Ginny stood there for a minute looking at her as she walked away.

"This is going to end up in a disaster." She said turning and heading towards the Gryffindor table. As Mindy sat down, a fellow Slytherin, Draco Malfoy, sat next to her.

"Well, Mullens, I think you ought to move over for my friends." Draco said.

"Shut up Draco. I am not in the mood. I have detention for two months." Mindy said.

"Oh clever. How did you do that?" Draco asked.

"Well, Ginny and I got caught in the woods having a fun time. Dumbledore said it was wrong and gave us two months. Which kills me because, they have to find a replacement for me on the soccer team until I finish my punishment." Mindy said.

"Well, told you Weasleys can get you in trouble." Draco said eating a piece of toast.

"But it was my idea. Not Ginny's." Mindy snapped back.

"Well, detention is detention. Cheer up. Least there's a party tonight. Snape has a potions exam's to grade and we decided to throw a little get together in the Slytherin lounge." Draco said.

"I don't know. Is Ginny invited?" She asked.

"You know the rules Mindy. No Gryffindor's in the Slytherin house." Draco said.

"Whatever Draco. I have detention in 20 minutes. I better eat up." She said grabbing some food. Detention started at 11:00 and Ginny and Mindy entered the Potions room. Mindy smiled at once when she saw Mark sitting on one of the desks playing with his army knife. Mindy was lost in a gaze and Ginny elbowed her to call her back.

"Miss Mullen's, Miss Weasley, you finally decide to show up." Snape said from his desk.

"Sorry Professor. We had to finish eating breakfast." Mindy said.

"What kind of detention do you think this is? A come and go when you please one?" Snape said pointing to the desks in front of his. They rolled they're eyes and knew they were in for a long afternoon of boring chores.

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