Sitting down was now an available luxury. They had just finished unpacking everything and were able to relax. Ed chose to sink onto the couch that his mother had provided, feeling almost homesick.


"Why are there feathers in the bathroom?" A voice asked, obviously annoyed.

"Oh sorry Double D, I had to wash Freddie." Ed explained, standing. There was a pause from the bathroom.

"The chicken Ed?" Edd asked. He now stood in the hallway, peering into the small living room.

"The chicken's gone." Eddy muttered. Both turned to Eddy, who was sitting in an armchair reading a magazine.

"Where did you put Freddie?" Ed cried. Eddy didn't immediately respond, but turned the page.

"The landlord said we couldn't have any pets." He answered. Ed sat back down on the couch and sighed. He was becoming more able to understand concepts and situations, such came with the age. They had all changed in the past few years, but Ed felt his was the most dramatic. He was surprised when he actually was accepted into college. Although, credit was due to Edd for that miracle.

"So, when's the phone being installed Double D?" Ed asked as he tossed the magazine onto the floor. Edd watched him do this but merely rolled his eyes. Getting the apartment had taken a lot out of him but had managed to calm him down.

"I don't know." He said and went back into the bathroom. As they began to bicker, Ed decided to go for a walk. Leaving the cul-de-sac had been almost painful, but it was a relief not to have Sarah around. Walking would clear his head.

Exiting the building, Ed glanced around the place they called Suburbia. They weren't in the city but they were also away from home. Shaking a bit in the sudden change of temperature, Ed got used to the humid weather and began walking down the sidewalk. He was thinking about the move.

Everyone from the old neighborhood was leaving. Sarah and Jimmy moved in together in an apartment complex near to Ed's. Nazz and Kevin had also chosen to live together and stayed in the same place as Sarah. Rolf had gone back to his home country, at least for the summer. The Kanker sisters were off in Vegas trying to track down their husbands. And Johnny had managed to slip away only to be never heard from again. But so was life, and Ed had given up on his theory of monsters attacking the earth. Just as Eddy had given up the illegal scamming to take up a career in being a banker. So was life. Now all Ed had to worry about was coming up with the rent and going to college. He wanted to be a director and was taking great consideration in his courses. His parents were paying for tuition, which Ed had been most appreciative of.

His parents, like most from back home, had been absent from his life. He had always just been Sarah's older brother and one of the "Three Morons" as Kevin had so lovingly named them. His basic responsibilities were his only ones; he took care of Sarah, went to school, and hung out with his friends. Now, being ripped away from his norm, Ed had to face reality. A lot had changed, mostly during high school.

After a fit of adolescent rage, Ed had gotten into a large fight with his father. With his mother crying upstairs, Ed retreated down into his room. He thus began trashing it but found it already rotting away. Something clicked, and Ed began to actually clean his room. His parents thought of the worst, that he was showing symptoms of depression, so they started him in therapy. There he found that because of his sister's overbearing personality, Ed had retreated within himself. Ed began to realize his stupidity, although real, was partial due to his refusal of reality. When he came to terms with his family, Ed was able to succeed. Everything changed, at least for him.

"Ed?" A voice asked, knocking Ed out of his thoughts. Fear rippled briefly through him as his lingering thoughts of childhood met with the present image of his younger sister.

"Hello Sarah." He greeted.

"So, are you living around here?" Sarah asked politely. After a few weeks of therapy, Ed confronted Sarah, who underwent her own transformation.

"Yeah, up the street with Eddy and Double D." Ed answered. Sarah nodded.

"Well, I better get going, need to pick up some things." She said.

"I better be leaving too." Ed replied and turned around. He began walking back to the apartment and actually felt a little sad. Siblings weren't supposed to be casual acquaintances. But then again, none of them back home had ever been completely normal.