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3:48 p.m. -- Waskesiu, Saskatchewan

A Canadian new reporter named Wade Gridgely was running away from something in the forest, talking into his hand-held radio trying to get help. "Can anyone hear me?" he said, but no response. He kept on running, and while he did that, he tried again.

"This is Wade Gridgely. I'm a reporter. My crew and I have been attacked! We--" Wade tried to say, but due to a weird sound, he was unable to finish his sentence. He quickly stopped to find out where the sound came from. Thinking it was in his imagination, he continued running.

"Please, anyone. There's something in the forest, it's all around--" until all of a sudden, a tree branch abducted him. He lost his grip on his hand-held radio, dropping it to the ground, and it shattered. He was screaming in the process, with no one around to help him within miles.

10:49 a.m. -- Beverly Hills Mall

David was busy trying to climb up to the fake mountain, trying to prep himself for a mountain climbing trip he was going on. He made it halfway until he tried to jump to another section of the mountain, losing his balance as he fell a little. He tried to regain his rhythm, but the rock he was hanging onto broke and he fell like a rock down to the ground. The spies and I screamed hearing David's voice while he was falling and dove out of the way. I wore my Moto XXX motocross t-shirt with Kyle Lewis' last name on the back and underneath it was a 23.

"Nice landing, David," Clover complimented.

"Wow, David. That was pretty brave, risking your life on such a realistic fake mountain," Alex said.

"I'd give you a 8.3 on a scale of 1-10 for at least trying that thing out, David," I said.

"Yeah, we'll see how I do on the real thing this weekend. It's gonna be way more extreme," David said back, while he undid his climbing gear.

"Good luck, dude," I said.

Hearts starting forming in Clover's eyes, just looking at him put his stuff away. She even started to drool.

"Hello, drool much," Sam said to Clover, and she stopped drooling.

"So, you're going climbing this weekend, huh. Can I tag along?" Clover asked.

"Uh, I don't think so. It's gonna be pretty rough," David said.

"Not if you're here to protect me," Clover said.

"No offense, but I think you're a little high maintenance for the type of extreme sports that I'm into," David said.

Clover turned to stone and fell to pieces.

"Ouch, that's gonna leave a mark," Sam said.

"You said it, Sam," I said to her.

Clover tapped David on the shoulder with her finger after he was about to leave. "High maintenance? Excuse me! Have you ever been bargain hunting as far as sports go, it's totally extreme!" she snapped at David.

"Sorry, Clover. See you later, girls," David said and left.

"Well, would it make a difference if I told you I was an international--" Clover was about to say, but Sam, Alex and I covered her mouth with our hands.

"CLOVER!!!!" we all said.

"Don't you even think about it for Christ sakes," I said to her.

"I can't believe you were gonna tell David who you really are!" Alex added.

"Oh, who cares. What fun is it being a spy when we can't tell anyone? Where's the payoff? We should get at least free facials or something," Clover said and went off to sit on a bench.

Sam, Alex and I looked at each other.

"The payoff is keeping the world safe, Clover. And you know telling David could put him in serious danger," Sam explained.

"I know, I just want a hottie to call my own. If there was only some way," Clover said. She looked at the extreme sports store in front of us.

"Stop everything!! Idea forming," She said.

She put on all pink climbing gear.

"Clover, you don't know the first thing about mountain climbing," Sam said to her.

"For sure," I added.

"Please, I was the queen of my step aerobics class. How do I look?" Clover asked.

"Like you're about to be shot out of a cannon," Alex said.

"And into the nearest falls," I added.

"Chances are we won't even get to the rock climbing. David will take one look at me in this outfit and say--" Clover was about to say, until we heard a sound.

The bench we were sitting on in the store had flipped over and we all fell down one of the WOOHP tunnels.

"IS NO PLACE SAFE THAN THE WOOHP TUNNEL THESE DAYS???" Sam screamed while we screamed as well.

"APPARENTLY NOT," I responded to Sam's screaming.

We landed on a comfort in WOOHP.

"Sorry to pull you away from your shopping, girls, but I'm afraid it's a matter of great -- Oh, Clover, what on earth are you wearing? You look like a pink crash test dummy," Jerry said.

I started to snicker to myself inside.

"Oh, forget it. Let's just get to the mission," Clover said.

"Right. 2 days ago, a Canadian news team disappeared while investigating a remote mountain region in Western Canada, near Saskatchewan," Jerry explained.

I gasped.

"Jerry, did you just say, Canada?" I asked, looking excited.

"Y-y-yes, why?" Jerry asked.

"Oh geez, Canada's the country I've always wanted to go to!! We've been to Paris I think at least 6 times, and now we get to go to the country I've always wanted to go to!! No lie!!" I said in excitement.

"You're serious right, Mathew? You've always wanted to go to Canada?" Clover asked.

"You betcha," I responded.

"Sascratcha-what?" Alex asked.

"Saskatchewan. It's a place, like the mall," Jerry corrected.

Sam, Clover and I made a little glare at Alex. (A/n: If you saw what they did to Alex, you'll know what I'm talking about.)

"Yes, over the last year, 25 local farmers and loggers have vanished from these mountains. The reporters were there looking for answers," Jerry explained.

"Any clues?" Sam asked.

"Only this distress call we picked up from a WOOHP satellite from one of the reporters, Wade Gridgely," Jerry said. He held a tape recorder in his hand and played it, and we heard his calls for help. While hearing his screaming, the girls and I shivered.

"Okay, scary," Alex said, scared stiff.

"Yes, something in those mountains could pose a threat to world safety. WOOHP wants you 4 spies to go undercover as campers to find out what it is," Jerry said.

"Campers? Like pitching a tent and stocking our own filth? Can't you set us up in a nice resort nearby?" Clover asked.

"Hmm. Let me think about that......No," Jerry said in response to Clover.

"Now, let's get a look at your gadgets, shall we? Mostly satisfaction, you have your heat sensor 6000 infrared motion detector sunglasses, jet pack backpacks, parachutes, and something new I think you 4 will enjoy. Boomerang buzz saw berets. They come in 3 styles: panda, furry kitten, and unicorn." Jerry briefed.

The girls were excited about the new gadgets, except me.

"Hey, what about me?" I asked.

"Yes, thank you, this one, is your's Mathew," Jerry handed me the same thing, but it was custom made into the style of an off-road motorcycle.

"Wow, sweet. Thanks, Jerry. Geez, this is probably the best thing that's happened to be since seeing Jeremy McGrath receive a 6th Supercross championship ring in 2000, as well as keys to a brand new Mazda truck," I said in excitement.

"I'm glad you like it. Remember, this is a dangerous mission, girls. Be careful," Jerry warned.

"Don't worry, Jerr. We can totally handle the wilderness. It's all about teamwork," Sam assured.

"No problem," I added.

Jerry started to tear up, as a tear dropped from his eye.

"I call the panda," the spies said. They started fighting over who got the panda, while Jerry and I sighed in disgrace.

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