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Chapter 1

Hermione ran as fast as her feet would carry her, tears blurring her vision. She didn't know where she was running to, she just ran blindly through the corridors of Hogwarts.

Why did they have to be so horrible? Why couldn't they just have kept their comments to themselves? There was only one answer to those questions...they were Slytherins, and asking them to be nice and considerate would be asking way too much from them.

She heard footsteps running along behind her and so she ran faster.

"Stop!" the person shouted. "Miss Granger!"

"She was far too upset to recognize the voice, she just kept running. By now, she had a stitch in her side and it hurt to breathe, she couldn't see because of the tears and quite frankly she was as miserable as could be.

She wasn't aware that someone was walking down the corridor. Not, at least, until she collided with the person hard, knocking what little wind that she had left. out of her. She tumbled to the ground, emitting a cry of pain and dispair.

She heard a grunt from the person she had collided with as she landed on top of them.

"Mr Malfoy! Stop her!" Came her Chaser's voice.

Before Hermione could register that it was Draco Malfoy she had collided with, she found herself being flipped onto her back and looked up through her tear filled eyes and saw a blurry Malfoy straddling her and pinning her to the stone floor.

"Let me go!" she sobbed as she flailed around weakly.

She heard footsteps slowing to a walk, then finally coming to a halt beside her and Malfoy.

"Thank you... Mr Malfoy, now,... just hold... her there." Came the breathless request of Professor Snape. He looked like he had just run a marathon. He leaned over to look at Hermione, who was still putting up a miserable fight for freedom.

"Now...Miss Granger." He panted "What's the meaning... of just up and running out of my class!?" It was hard to sound intimidating when you were gasping for breath.

"Please Professor!" Hermione sobbed miserably "Just leave me alone!"

"I'll do no such thing!" Snape snapped. "I demand you tell me at once!"

Malfoy, who was still pinning Hermione, listened to the confused conversation. He wondered what had happened. Granger was obviously upset about something and Snape was mad because she had fled his potion's class, but what had happened? He didn't know because he had excused himself from the class to use the bathroom and was on his way back to the classroom when Granger had collided with him.

Now, here he was, pinning her to the ground while afore mentioned angry Snape stood telling her off for leaving during class without consent.

The Potions Master stood over them roaring at Hermione about disobeying him when he told her to stop running like a madwoman, and generally just went on and on.

Malfoy tuned him out for the most part. He looked down at Granger who had given up struggling and just lay limply crying softly as Snape scolded her.

"And another thing..." Snape went on "what you did was extremely rude and inconsiderate of the rest of the class-"

Suddenly, Hermione gasped loudly and glared up at the Professor through her tears, still crying, but angry too. "I was inconsiderate and rude!!!!?" she cried angrily, cutting Snape off.

"Yes!" Snape snapped "Inexcusably so! Not to mention – "

"Have you any clue what those horrible Slytherins said!!!!?" She said, feeling the burning tears well up again.

Snape rolled his eyes. "Enlighten me." He said disdainfully, crossing his arms over his chest.

"I don't have to tell you what they said." She said tearfully "You won't care. The point is that what they said hurt my feelings very badly, Professor, they struck a very sensitive nerve in me and you did nothing to stop them!"

Malfoy sighed. His arms were getting sore from holding Granger in the same position for so long and his back was hurting too, but he resolutely stayed put. He had his orders from his head of house and so...here he stayed.

Snape cocked an eyebrow, a show of some sort of interest, or maybe it was amusement, Hermione couldn't tell.

There was a moment of silence before Snape responded to her accusation. "For your information, Miss Granger, I did hear what they said, I assumed, however, that you were above such trivial comments."

Hermione looked sadly at the opposite wall and a tear rolled down her already tearstained face.

"Well, I'm not." She said quietly, as though just realizing it for the first time herself. "Sorry to disappoint you Professor." She added bitterly.

Snape wasn't used to dealing with girls, especially emotionally wounded ones. His observance of Dumbledore's dealings with such matters, however, did not go to waste. He had observed that an understanding temperament was needed as well as to give said distressed female time to calm down and collect herself again. Unfortunately, Snape did not possess an understanding temperament, it simply wasn't in him at all, but he could, he supposed, give Miss Granger time to calm herself down, however ridiculous he thought she was being over such a petty thing.

"You did not disappoint me, Miss Granger, you are a girl, and therefore emotionally unstable." Snape told her. "I suggest you take ten minutes to compose yourself before returning to class, it would not do to let them see that they got to you." He thought about 10 minutes would be enough time for her, so it came as quite a surprise to find Hermione and Malfoy looking at him incredulously.

"What are you both looking at me like that for?" He snapped.

"Ten minutes?!" Malfoy said in disapproval.

"Yes, that should suffice." Snape replied indignantly. He thought he was handling the situation rather well, considering he had never dealt with such a situation before.

"I think she's going to need more time than that!" Malfoy said incredulously. Did Snape know nothing about girls? "I mean...look at her! She's a mess!"

A loud wail came from Hermione and she broke down sobbing again.

"Oh for goodness sake!" Snape said impatiently. He motioned for Malfoy to release her, Malfoy was only too happy to comply) then reached down and pulled Hermione to her feet.

"Now see here, Miss Granger, you stop that crying this instant!" Snape barked as he gave Hermione a sharp shake.

But Hermione only cried more, her face covered by her hands.

Malfoy shook his head. Snape was so absolutely clueless when it came to the emotions of girls.

"I said stop it!" Snape barked again, shaking her more.

Malfoy cleared his throat and came to Snape's rescue. "Umm, Professor, perhaps that isn't the best way to calm Granger down."

Snape had had enough. Miss Granger was being irrational, and if Malfoy thought he could do better, then that was fine by him. He had better things to do than try to pacify an emotionally unstable girl anyway.

"Well, Mr Malfoy, if you think you could do better..." Snape snarled as he pushed Hermione at Malfoy.

Malfoy smirked. He dealt with this sort of thing a lot, as it happened. His mother was often to be found wandering around the Mansion crying and lamenting. His father wouldn't be around at these times, so Draco being the only one in the mansion with her, took it upon himself to comfort and calm her.

Turning to Hermione, he held her by the shoulders. "Granger?" he asked gently.

Snape watched carefully.

Hermione didn't respond.

Malfoy swallowed his pride. "Hermione?" He tried again.

Hermione stopped sobbing and peered at him between her fingers. "What did you call me?" she sniffed.

"Hermione." Malfoy replied.

"Why?" She asked.

"Well...that's your name isn't it?" Malfoy replied, as if it he was answering an incredibly stupid question.

Hermione lowered her hands from her face and looked at him suspiciously. This was Malfoy after all. He didn't suddenly just turn nice.

"Why don't we take you to Griffindor tower? You'll feel better once you clean up." Malfoy suggested.

Hermione appeared to be too shocked to respond.

Snape was miffed that Malfoy had been able to get a reasonably calm response from Miss Granger.

"That's settled then." Malfoy said cheerfully. "We'll see you when Hermione is all calm and cleaned up, Professor."

Snape sneered. "Very well. Miss Granger, I expect to see you back to normal when you return to my class, is that understood?"

Hermione was still staring at Malfoy in shock, but nodded, indicating that she had heard Snape.

Snape turned on his heel and stalked away down the corridor and back toward the Potions classroom.

"Let's go, Granger!" Malfoy chirruped, grabbing Hermione's wrist and pulling her off to Griffindor Tower.