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Draco approached the fat lady.

"Oh, no, not you again." She groused moodily.

"Hermione Granger, if you please." Draco smirked.

"What if I don't please?" The Fat Lady challenged. "How would it be if I refused?"

Draco shrugged "I'd just blast a hole in you and get in that way."

The painting glared. "You would get expelled if you did that. I am 300 years old, Dumbledore would avenge me."

"Meh." Draco said shrugging again. "Such is life. Now, Hermione Granger, if you please."

"What do you want her for anyway?" The Fat Lady demanded irritably.

"We have a date." Draco replied impatiently.

"Where are you going?" Came the next question.

"What is this, the Spanish Inquisition?" Draco snapped. "Just open up so I can…"
"Don't you talk to me like that you little whippersnapper. If I had my way I'd – EEEEEK!"

The painting had swung open rather hard and slammed against the wall behind it.

Ron climbed out.

"I'm hungry…oh, hey Draco, looking for Mione?"

"Yes, Weasley, I am." Draco replied relieved to be rid of the painting scrutinizing gaze.

"She's in the common room." Ron said jabbing a thumb over his shoulder at the room behind him.

With that, Ron slouched off down the corridor, presumably in search of food.

Draco climbed in through the portrait hole and entered the Gryffindor Common Room.

The occupants were so used to seeing Draco coming and going now, that no one batted an eyelash at his arrival.

"Hermione!" Draco greeted warmly, rushing over to his love and picking her up, spinning her around and planting a kiss on her lips…only to discover that it wasn't Hermione at all.

"Hermione's over there." Lavender Brown said in a shocked voice, pointing over by the fireplace where Hermione stood gaping.

Draco muttered an apology to Lavender and rushed to Hermione.

"What's up with Brown turning into your twin overnight?" he asked, put out. "And isn't that one of the evening dresses mother bought you?"

"Lavender likes my style apparently, and has charmed her hair to look like mine. She asked to borrow the dress as she has a date with Roger Timworth from Ravenclaw tonight." Hermione said crisply.

Draco did not miss the tone of her voice and was quick to apologise. "Sorry, love, I thought it was you, from behind, she's identical!"

Hermione eyed him shrewdly for a moment before smiling warmly. "That's alright, I forgive you…just don't do it again."

"Wizard swear!" Draco said holding up his wand.

"Good." Hermione said sweetly, taking his arm.

"Where are we going tonight?" She asked happily.

"Ah, it's a surprise." Draco replied mysteriously.
"Not sure I like surprises anymore…not after coming to Hogwarts at any rate." Hermione mused.

"Well, you may have a point there, but this is a good surprise, I promise." Draco assured her as they exited the portrait hole.

The fat lady's angry muffled shouts startled Hermione and she reached forward to swing the portrait shut.

"Thank you…Some young scoundrel pushed me aside so hard, I was slammed into the wall! Am I alright, dear?" The Fat Lady lamented.

Hermione peered closely at her. "No, you are just perfect."

The fat lady seemed pacified a moment before glaring down at Draco disapprovingly.

"Mind you bring her back at a decent hour young Slytherin." She said waspishly.

Draco saluted before leading Hermione away down the corridor.

"I thought you were taking a break from beauty for a few days." Draco said eyeing her appreciatively.

Hermione blushed. "Yes, I am, but I thought I'd make the effort for tonight."

Draco smiled and stopped their stroll to turn to her and kissed her tenderly.

Suddenly, the world of blue sky's, birdsong and flowers abruptly disappeared as something firm and papery smacked him on the back of the head.

"OW! What the…" Draco snapped turning around to hex whoever had struck him with…a rolled up Daily Prophet, in the hand of Professor Snape.

"What was that for?" Draco grumped.

"PDA in the corridors." Snape replied, his lip curling.

"She's my girlfriend!" Draco protested.

Snape brought his face close to Draco's before pointing at it. "Don't care, face." He said flatly.

Hermione stifled a giggle.

Snape straightened up again to look at the pair of them. "And just where do you think you are going?"

"On a date, if you must know." Draco answered.

"Not without an escort, surely."

"We're not leaving the school."

"Curfew is in a few hours."

"I know."

"Miss Granger has homework to do no doubt."

"Its already done, Professor." Hermione put in.

"It's already done." Draco echoed.

"If you are out past curfew I will have to punish you."

"Why are you doing this??!"

"Because I'm bored."

"No potion concocting?"

"No, not in the mood."

"Read a book."
"I have Read them all."

"Find one you haven't read then."

"Library is closed."


"That's not a word, Draco."

"Just let us go will you! You're ruining the romantic mood!"

"Romantic mood indeed," Snape snorted skeptically as Draco stomped around him with Hermione in tow.

"Goodnight, Professor!" Hermione said as she was dragged past.

Snape watched them go a moment before turning and walking on his way.

"If we're not leaving the school, where are we going?" Hermione asked after a time.

"You'll see." Draco said turning down a vast corridor.

"Ah, I know where we are…the room of requirement is along here." Hermione said curiously.

"Yes, it is." Draco said mysteriously.

They reached the room and Draco paced up and down in front of it thinking hard.

A minute or so later, the door appeared.

"Entre, my dear lady." Draco said bowing her into the room.

Hermione blushed and took Draco's hand and allowed him to lead her inside the room.

She gasped.

It was so beautiful she couldn't speak!

Where the floor would have been was a lake the size of the vast room, as smooth as glass.

The full moon bathed the room in moonlight surrounded by a million stars was reflected on the still surface of the lake.

Trees surrounded the lake, and in it's centre was a small island of trees also.

Draco led her to the water's edge where a small boat was docked and assisted her into it before climbing in himself.

"Draco, this is…it's amazing!" Hermione breathed, gazing around the surroundings.

"Do you like it?" Draco asked.

"I love it!" Hermione replied.

"There's more." Draco said pushing off from the shore. The little boat glided slowy forward.

Draco took Hermione's hands in his and gazed at her adoringly. "You look so very beautiful in the moonlight."

Draco waved his wand and the tip lit up.

It had been a signal apparently, as a figure stepped out of the trees on the shore.

Hermione gasped. "Neville?"

"Hello Hermione!" Neville greeted.

Draco flicked his wand at Neville who stood up straight suddenly and announced, "The Night Is Young, And You're So Beautiful…B flat."

With that said, he burst into song, the voice not his own it seemed, being a tenor voice, when Hermione knew Neville could not sing a note if his life depended on it.

"The night is young, and you're so beautiful, even in the shadows beautiful lady…"

Hermione turned to look at Draco, a little amused, but deeply touched.

Draco drew her close and kissed her tenderly.

The kiss continued as the little boat drifted across the lake and brought them to the shore of the little island in the centre of the lake.

Draco reluctantly ended the kiss and assisted Hermione out of the boat and onto the island.

A unicorn stood gleaming in a clearing near to where a picnic had been laid out.

"Oh Draco!" Hermione breathed as he led her forward and sat her down on the blanket.

The Unicorn grazed nearby.

The hours passed by all too quickly and the distant school bell tolling curfew was heard.

"I don't want to go." Hermione said softly as she stroked Draco's hair while his head rested in her lap.

"Nor I…But we must." Draco said reluctantly sitting up.

He stood up and offered his hand to help her up whereupon he kissed her rather passionately for a minute before leading her back to the boat on weak knees.

It carried them smoothly across the lake and they disembarked on the other side.

Hermione took a last look around the room before stepping through the doors.

Draco escorted her back to the Gryffindor common room and kissed her softly goodnight before departing for the Slytherin Common room.

"Just in time, my dear." The Fat Lady stated as Hermione watched Draco go. "I hope he treated you well."

"It was a wonderful evening." Hermione sighed wistfully. "I wish it didn't have to end."

She turned back to the painting and said the password.

The fat lady swung open and she went in.

"Mione!" Harry and Ron chorused rushing up to her with an Owl in Ron's hands. "This owl came for you!"

Ron thrust the poor owl at Hermione and she took it gently from him and put it on the back of a chair where it fluffed itself up indignantly before sticking it's leg out for her to take the letter.

Hermione took the letter and examined the envelope.

Her name was written in glittering green ink with a Slytherin seal.

Frowning slightly, Hermione opened the envelope and took the letter out to read aloud to Harry and Ron.

Mudblood, (I won't bother with the 'dear' part, as you are not dear to me at all are you. No.)

It is with great disdain that I inform you of the time we are to meet for rehearsals. Two days time at 7pm in the Great Hall.

Don't even think of being late or not showing up, because if you do, I'll make you suffer for it.



Hermione snorted in disgust and tossed the letter on the fire.

"No reply." She informed the waiting owl "Unless you would be willing to poop in her cocoa for a small fee."

The owl hooted once and took off out of the open window.

The following morning, Hermione spent her free time left over from when she would have been doing hair and makeup, sitting on her bed reading "Hogwarts, A History." While her fellow room mates bustled about squabbling over lost lipgloss and hair brushes.

When she came down to breakfast, everyone stared for a moment before the whispers began.

"She's quit the competition!"

"Is she ill?"

"Gosh, she let herself go!"

"What will Draco say?!"

Ignoring them all, Hermione took her place happily at the Gryffindor table.

"Morning." She greeted her two best friends.

"Mione…where's, what's…I mean…" Ron babbled around his porridge.

"I'm taking a few days off of my beauty routine, Ron." Hermione told him simply.

"Doesn't Draco mind?" Harry asked in a low voice.

"To an extent, but Snape said I needed a break. So I took the opportunity." She replied serving herself some scrambled eggs and orange juice.

"Well good for you Mione." Harry praised.

Hermione smiled at him.

First class of the day was potions.

Snape was in a bad mood.

"Instructions on the board." He snapped as they all got seated.

"Professor, I don't have a toad." Pansy said sweetly once everyone had collected their ingredients.

Her problem was promptly rectified by Snape when he produced a frog, seemingly from nowhere, and lobbed it at Pansy.

It hit her on the chest with a squelching noise and fell limply to the floor.

Pansy let out a squeal of disgust and stood flapping her arms.

"Ew, ew, ew, ew! Blaise!" she cried.

"What?" Blaise said, "I didn't throw it at you!"

"Pick it up you idiot!" Pansy snapped.

"Why can't you pick it up?" Blaise shot back.

"I'm not touching it!" Pansy shrieked.

Suddenly, Snape swooped down and snatched the expired toad off of the floor and slammed it down on Pansy's chopping board.

"Now get to work!" he barked at her.

Pansy made a face as she sat down at her desk.

She looked over at Hermione who had already harvested her toad livers and had deposited them into her cauldron.

Her eyes shifted to Harry who was happily digging around in his toad's underbelly.

"Well I'm not doing that…my nails will be ruined!" Pansy muttered.

"Detention, Miss Parkinson!" Snape said icily.

"But Professor!" Pansy whined "I-"

"DETENTION!" Snape thundered.

Pansy was so put out, she needed to vent somehow. Hermione seemed the natural target, and so Pansy discreetly pointed her wand at Hermione and murmured something.

Hermione was too focused on her potion to notice what was happening, but it had not escaped Ron's notice.

"Erm…Mione," he murmured.

"Shh, Ron, I'm busy." Hermione said distractedly.

"But Mione-" Ron whispered.
Hermione shook her head irritably.

Ron leaned over to Harry and nudged him, directing his eyes toward Hermione.

Harry's eyes widened before he glanced around the room until they fell on Pansy who was watching gleefully.

Snape stood up to begin his inspection of the potions when suddenly, something hit him in the forehead.

At the same time, Hermione let out a horrified gasp.

By now, everyone had turned to look at Hermione as her chest expanded and another button pinged off and struck Snape on the forehead again.

"Miss Granger-" Snape said, surprised.

"Professor, what's…I don't understand how-" Hermione babbled as she gathered her robes over herself as boys began to wolfwhistle.

"Very amusing Parkinson. So mature of you!" Draco sneered as he approached Hermione.

"Miss Granger, into my office, Draco you too." Snape urged.

Hermione and Draco wasted no time in hurrying in there whilst Snape settled the class down again.

"As for you, Miss Parkinson. I will deal with you later." Snape murmured to Pansy before going into his office.

Hermione and Draco stood gaping at Hermione's now more than ample assets.

"Pansy is the only one in this school that knows that spell. Her mother taught it to her apparently." Draco was snarling.

"I can't go around with these!" Hermione bleated "I could give Pamela Anderson a run for her money!"

"Who?" Draco asked, frowning.

"Muggle woman with massive…well these really." Hermione explained before bursting into tears "Oh Professor what am I going to do?!"

Snape was deep in thought. "If Draco is correct in saying that Miss Parkinson is the only one in the school that knows that spell, then Miss Parkinson is the only one who can fix it."

Draco kicked the desk.
"On the other hand…" Snape said thoughtfully. "It could be a simple transfiguration spell, perhaps a charm. I shall bring Professors McGonnigal and Flitwick down to see what can be done."

Hermione looked despairingly at Snape. But what choice did she have?

Professors McGonnigal and Flitwick arrived post haste, having excused themselves from their classes to attend the emergency and goggled a moment at Hermione's predicament.

"Professors…please tell me there is something you can do!" Hermione bleated woefully.

McGonnigal eyed her closely. "They don't appear to have been transfigured…looks more like a charm to me."

Flitwick stepped forward, looking up at Hermione but not quite being able to see her face above the overly ample assets she now sported.

Hermione had never been more embarrassed.

"Yes, a charm I think…" Flitwick said finally, blushing almost as much as Hermione was.

"Can you fix it Phineas?" McGonnigal asked anxiously. "She can't go about like that."

"Oh I'm quite sure I can fix it yes." Flitwick replied climbing up to stand on a chair.

"Come here Miss Granger." He instructed, taking out his wand.

Hermione walked over to him and stood nervously.

Flitwick murmured the incantation and waved his wand in a very intricate pattern.

Suddenly he stopped, looking embarrassed.

"Oh, I should ask…" He said leaning forward to whisper "What size were you before Miss Granger?"

Mortified, Hermione whispered her reply in his ear, her cheeks red.

"Very well, here goes." Flitwick said professionally, in an attempt to ease her embarrassment as well as his own.

He repeated and completed the charm and with great relief, Hermione's chest size reduced to her previous size.

"Thank you Professor!" Hermione said, tearful with relief.

"My pleasure…I er, mean…I'm glad I could help." Flitwick stammered before jumping off of the chair and blustered toward the door.

"Must get back to my class, trust you can take it from here Severus?"

"Quite so, Phineas, thank you." Snape replied.

"Severus," McGonnigal said pausing as she passed him at the door. "You will make sure whoever did this to Miss Granger will be severely punished?"

Snape nodded.

McGonnigal cast Hermione a motherly look before she departed.

"Well thank goodness for that!" Hermione said fastening her outer robes. She had lost two main buttons from her school shirt and it wouldn't do to have so open and low a neckline. Her tie covered most, but she felt better with her robes fastened.

"What are we going to do about Pansy?" Draco demanded.

"Leave her to me." Snape said silkily. "I shall deal with her."

He swept them back toward the classroom door and they emerged.

"Did Snape fix it then?" Ron whispered, mortified.

"No, Professor Flitwick did. It was some charm or another." Hermione whispered back.

"Good, because imagine if Snape had to fix it." Ron murmured.

"Ron for goodness sake, it was bad enough to have Professor Flitwick dealing with it without adding Snape imaginings into the mix!" Hermione hissed.

"You are alright, though Mione?" Harry asked worriedly.

"I'm fine, Harry, really." Hermione assured him.

"What about Pansy?" Harry asked.

Hermione looked at Pansy through her dark lashes darkly. "Snape said he would deal with her."

Harry and Ron exchanged dark looks. They knew Snape was helping Hermione and Draco with the contest, and they knew he was responsible for her blimping out overnight. To what lengths would Snape go for revenge?