This is actually an AU of DYDOM. I am planning the end of Battle City to be very different, but that would have caused people to go WTF? When reading this, and given too much away. So, here is the normal cast.


Dear Yugi and Yami,

Thank you very much for the ring! It's a wonderful good luck charm! When I was helping with the children's class, I got pushed over and I was sure my ankle was a goner, but it was fine!

You did something to the ring, right?

Thank you so, so much, Tea.


(echoing silence)


Thank you very very much for the stun gun! It's GREAT! I already foiled five kidnapping attempts with it!

And there would be ice-skating in the ninth circle on the day my brother would send you a thank-you note, (despite him making me write thank-you notes only three days after Christmas, how am I supposed to know if I'm thankful yet?) but despite grousing about you disrespecting his ability to protect me when he figured out what the compass did, he has drawn lines on all his desks pointing to home, my school, etc. So he can tell exactly where I am.

According to the doctor we have, his blood pressure has gone miraculously down!

(He doesn't know about the kidnapping attempts yet, though. Tell him, and I will send assassins after you. My brother deleted their numbers after Death-T, but I have copies! He said that if I got kidnapped one more time, he would chain me to a pole in my room until I was forty!)

Anyways, thanks, and I am inviting you guys over to play Halo 3. We got the special advance copy.

Say hi to the Yugi-I'm-not-supposed-to-believe-exists for me!


"Man, Yug! There were damn good cards in those booster packs! You hexed 'em, didn't you? Oh, and Shizuka says thanks too."


Dear Yugi and Yami,

Thank you very much for giving me cards so my big brother could teach me how to play.

I got all the cards I used during the thing with Noa! I love St. Joan!

Thanks, Shizuka


Dear Pharaoh and Lord Yugi:

Thank you for the gifts, they were most kind. The bracelet is very pretty, and I would have refused to give my brother the charm until I saw that the spell had a safety component, but he enjoys it very much. At your request, I gave Rishid a digital camera, which he had been wanting for a while, on your behalf. He spends as much time with it as Malik does on his motorbikes.

Attached is a photo he took with it, of all of us.

I cannot thank you enough for making us a family again.

My brothers were shocked by your generosity, but now they have decided to send you something.

Sincerely, Lady Isis Ishtar.


Um… we weren't expecting you to give us gifts, after everything we put you through…

The speed charm is great, and Rishid loves the camera.

Here is a statue of Yami's father, we thought you might like it…


And, I'd say we're sorry, but you'd get annoyed again. How can you not blame us?

Malik (Lord Ishtar) and Rishid


To Yugi and Yami:

What the hell is that coloring book really? Johji's calling it 'my precious!'

Do you know how much money you could get selling these speed things? I freaking hydroplaned!



Dear Yugi Motou:

Thank you on behalf of my son for the coloring book you got him. I've never been able to get him interested in them, but he really likes it.

Where'd you get it?

Ms. Honda.


A phone call:

"Dude! Do you know how much money I have made with this earring? I could sell 50 right now!"


Yugi to Yami, whilst snuggling:

"I wonder when Ryouta will figure it out?"

"Possibly never, Master." –He's a very good swimmer.—

"Oh well…" –Oh! Do that again!-


One day, Jou had lipstick prints and a stunned expression on his face.


Ji-chan took up dancing.


Dear Yugi and Yami:

Thank you for the trenchcoat. Bakura has refrained from destroying it, so he seems to like it as well.

However, he still says he will kill you one day.



Ryou stammered out a quick thank-you in the halls a month later.

Yami's spells vaporized a throwing knife ten seconds later.


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