Title: Louder than Words part 2

Author: Sorceress Fantasia

Pairings: YY/Y

Warnings: Sap, romance, fluff, OCs

Disclaimer: A wild cat snuck into my house and crapped on my chequebook that I had whipped out so I could buy the rights to YGO. As I'm waiting for a new chequebook from the bank and prevent myself from skinning the cat, I have to say I don't own YGO in any way. I do own this ficcy though.

Intro: Yami's been figuring how to confess his feelings to Yugi for the longest time now, and he gets distracted or interrupted every time he tries. A sports meet at school might just be the solution to all his problems…

Domino High School was especially noisy the next morning, with students cluttering the hallways and classrooms building up team spirit for the annual inter-class sports meet. Some classes were already cheering their class cheers, yelling their class spirit for all to see and plug their ears. The other classes that were unfortunately composed of either lovesick girls or revolting perverts were mostly just checking out their fellow students, who were all dressed in their gym clothes. Occasionally, someone would let out a catcall and sometimes, a loud resounding slap and a shout of 'hentai!' would follow.

For Yami's case, he was trying to ignore the trail of girls nearby who were probably trying to get a good view of his behind. Cell phones with camera capabilities, he decided, were a bane to his existence.

"Relax Yami! The girls aren't really doing anything!" Yugi whispered amusedly, leaning close. They were still sitting in their classroom, waiting for the events to start that would be signaled by an announcement over the public announcement system. Jou and Honda had gone off to terrorize the rest of the school with their cheering, and Anzu and Ryou were helping out with the logistics of the entire event so they weren't around either. Kaiba was, as usual, missing from school.

"Not doing anything my ass…" Yami grumbled, feeling anotherheadache coming when he realized just how close his comment had hit home.

Yugi mock frowned, and gave his friend a playful nudge.

"Yami! But well, you can't really blame them," he teased. "Not when you're looking so good."

For a second, the ex-pharaoh froze. Yugi thought he looked good? Yugi thought /he/ looked good? Yami couldn't help the grin that burst forth on his face. Suddenly, he couldn't wait for Anzu's cue to come. He vaguely wondered what the girl's plan was. Seriously, he found it hard to understand just how could a sports meet help him confess his feelings to his hikari. To the best of his knowledge, sports meets were all about sporting event after sporting event, and the highlight of the inter-class sports meet was probably prize giving. What else was there?

"…I bet that you're gonna have a hard time getting away from the girls during the fireworks!"

Yami did a double take. He turned to Yugi.

"What did you say? Fireworks? There's going to be fireworks after the sports meet? But we've never had them before!" Suddenly, he had an idea where Anzu's plans were going to come in.

Yugi stifled a giggle, apparently excited.

"Well, I just heard Anzu talk about it this morning. Apparently, the logistics team prepared some fireworks to put up a show later in the evening! It's going to be beautiful," he cooed, eyes almost dreamy in his imagination. Then he perked up all of a sudden, his amethyst pools gaining a beautiful sparkle. "You've never seen fireworks, have you, Yami?"

Yami shook his head. "No, I haven't."

"Let's see it together later then. You'll love it. It's really, really beautiful." Yugi offered him a beatific smile.

Yami gave in to his urges and grabbed Yugi's hands at that smile, his heart already swelling with love. "Yeah, let's see it together. Just the two of us."

Yugi nodded, still smiling.

"Go Miho!"

"Run faster, girl!"

"You can do it!"


Yami looked on as Miho, his classmate, dashed across the finishing line amidst wild cheering, garnering another win for their class. Honda quickly ran up to her, a bottle of mineral water and towel in hand. Yami grinned; his friend had been habouring the biggest crush on her since some time ago and this seemed to be the perfect opening to talk to her more. Yugi and Jou just chuckled at Honda's antics while they stood by the track, beside Yami. Soon, their classmates were surrounding Miho and congratulating her enthusiastically.

Yami's attention, however, was hardly on the girl; rather, he was looking for Anzu who had gone conspicuously missing since the last event. It had been hours since the sports meet had started, and still, there was nothing from Anzu. Not a clue, not a hint, no nothing as to what her cue was and when it would come. He felt his eyebrow twitching at that thought.

Sighing, he scanned the scoreboards located at the other end of the running track. Their class was currently tied at second place with class 1E, 15 points away from first place and just 3 points away from the third place. It was pretty good already, since they weren't a particularly sporty class, so they had never expected to get first place anyway. Yami just wondered if they could keep their second place spot long enough.

All of a sudden, he felt someone tap his shoulders and he spun around.


The white-haired boy was standing just behind him, wearing the most innocent smile and nodding.


"What are you doing here? I thought you had to work, being in charge of the logistics and all?" Jou asked, having turned around when he heard Ryou's perky answer. Yugi turned around as well.

Ryou held up his clipboard. "Well, I am. I'm supposed to help coordinate the event too, so now I'm gathering the participants for the next event. Yami is our class representative for that one," – he smirked knowingly – "Right, Yami?"

The crimson-eyed teen blinked. He couldn't remember signing up for another event; he had already taken part in the 4 x 100m relay earlier, which he did so with his friends. As it was, it had taken an extra dose of doe eyes from Yugi to convince him to sign up; he never was a big fan of running unless it was to get away from danger.

His confusion must have been rather apparent, for Ryou quickly added, "Don't you remember? It's the one you promised Anzu you would join. She couldn't find anyone else because this event is a last minute add-on."

Realization dawned on him, and Yami caught on. "Oh yes. I did promise her."

Yugi blinked. "You did? When did this happen, Yami?"

Yami ruffled Yugi's hair playfully with a lopsided grin, feeling especially excited for a reason. "Just last night, aibou. She called us, but you were already asleep so I didn't wake you up."


"I'm sorry I forgot to tell you about it; I forgot about it myself too," he said apologetically, mustering as much sincerity as he could. At Yugi pouting nod, he leaned in to whisper into his ear, "I'll be back soon and we can go watch the fireworks together. Just the two of us. I promise."

A smile broke forth on the hikari's face as he nodded more vigorously. Lately, Yami seemed to be rather distracted with his crush that he didn't spend as much time with him as he used to; the fireworks would be a good time to catch up on those lost minutes.

"Ryou?" Yami asked, as the two left the crowd for the event's starting point. "What event /is/ this anyway? And did Anzu tell you to…?"

The other tossed him a smile. "Yup! She wanted to come herself, but you know how the seniors are ordering us around. But anyway, she gave me a brief summary about your situation. For starters," – he held out a hand – "I wish you luck. Yugi will be quite happy with you, I think, and I trust that you will take good care of my best friend like you always do."

Yami blinked at first. Then he smiled as well and shook Ryou's hand firmly. "Definitely."

"Secondly, Anzu forbade me from telling you what her plan is about. Well actually, it isn't much of a plan but I think it will work. Just pay attention to the coordinator later and keep the slip of paper."

"What paper?"

"That paper," Ryou answered, pointing to the coordinator for this last event who was holding a bundle of paper in her hands. "Well then, good luck Yami! And do work hard for this one! If you win, you'll not only get a chance with Yugi, you'll also secure our class a silver in this entire sports meet!"

Before Yami could grab him for more details, the white-haired boy had disappeared into the crowds. Sighing, he looked at the coordinator who was gathering all the participants and taking a loud speaker to her mouth.

"Alright! I hope everyone's here because I'm not gonna repeat this darn message!"

Yami heard her mumble vaguely about murderous seniors who suddenly add events to a sports meet on a moment's whim.

"But anyway, this is a last minute add-on to our annual sports meet, and it is more of a game than a sports event actually. But your class will still score points if you win it. See the slips of paper in my hand now?" – she held up the bundle of paper – "When you get your slip of paper, you are not allowed to turn it over until you are told to do so. Sounds just like our exam papers, doesn't it? But don't worry; it's anything but that! Remember: this event is all about having fun!"

The participants cheered, but Yami was still confused. Apparently, this was Anzu's plan if the 'murderous senior' the coordinator had complained about was her dance senior. Still, he couldn't see how this would help him confess his feelings to Yugi. He had initially thought that Anzu was going to use the fireworks show in the evening somehow to help him. Forcing himself to concentrate on the task at hand, he listened as the coordinator starting talking again.

"On that slip of paper, we've written something on it. When the even starts, you flip the piece of paper over, grab what's written on the paper and go for the finishing line. The first person who gets the correct item /and/ reach the finishing line wins the competition! For instance, your paper writes 'someone who wears a watch'. So you grab anyone, /anyone/ from the crowd - be it a teacher, a friend or even a stranger - who is wearing a watch and run to the finishing line! It's just that simple! But if your paper reads 'a watch', then we want only the watch and not the watch that's still on the person's wrist. Basically, that means we want what's on your paper. And that's that. You can't use your own things though, for obvious reasons."

Yami frowned. What sort of event was this? (1) He shook his head before joining the queue for his slip of paper.

"Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention this! All papers are distributed randomly, and there are no repetitions! It all depends on your luck!" the coordinator added.

Distributed randomly? Then how was this supposed to help him? Just then, he spied Anzu winking at him and giving him a thumbs-up. Yami winked back. If he knew her well enough, then she probably did something to the papers already…

Yugi tried to peer over the throngs of people without much avail. He was already near the front rows, standing just beside the track in order to cheer for his class and particularly, Yami since he was taking part in the next event. His height was proving to be a major stumbling block however, since there were still a few rows of people standing before him and a whole lot of movement on the field. Pouting disappointedly, he closed his eyes and reached for his mind link.



'Where are you? I can't find you.'

'I'm on the track, just in front of the spectator's stand. You?'

'Still where you left me, but another class's cramming up the space in front of me and I can't see you now,' he sighed. 'Well, I'll try to get in front before your race starts. And good luck, Yami! I hope you win!'

'I promise I'll win it for you, and share the honour with you.'

Yugi sent his other half a wide smile and a huge hug.

'Thanks, Yami.'



'I have something to tell you later, and I won't hold it off anymore. Later when we watch the fireworks… Well, I've got to go now. See you later, little one.'

Yugi creased his brows, trying to clear his mind and process the message Yami had left him with like it was some abandoned kitten. Although he would finally get to hear just what had been bothering his darker half for the past few weeks, it suddenly didn't sound as good as he thought it would be.

And was it just him, or was Yami's voice exceptionally tender just now?

Briefly, the announcer and coordinator of the last event explained the rules of the game to the crowd standing by and that they sought their cooperation to make this a success. Thankfully and quite expectedly, they were answered with a loud 'yes', simply because they were not unfamiliar with the game. In fact, the game was usually a staple in inter-school sports meets and school festivals.

"Get set, ready… GO!!"

Yami quickly unfolded his paper. For a moment, he stilled, grabbing his paper tautly. The other participants were already running off in all directions for their respective 'items', creating havoc amongst the crowds. Yami was still at the starting point, as though he was a lost puppy. Suddenly, he smirked, and his crimson eyes took on a delighted glint when the words finally registered in his mind. Anzu was such a little sneak! Grinning, he quickly ran towards the direction he knew his aibou was at.

'Aibou! Come quickly! I need you to help me win this event!' he shouted through their mind link.

'Aibou! Come quickly! I need you to help me win this event!'

Yugi blinked. He knew about the rules and how this games was to be played. What did Yami want from him? Vaguely, he wondered what was written on Yami's paper.

"Jou! Honda! I'm going to help Yami!" he yelled at his friends and quickly pushed his way out of the throng of people blocking him from the running track, despite the two asking him to wait for them. His stature made it quite a task, but he did his best to wiggle and weave between the people, all the while mumbling for them to excuse him. Finally, he was nearly at the front when he saw a hand reaching in for him. Immediately knowing who it was, he grabbed onto the hand and felt himself being pulled out.

"Yami!" he gasped as soon as he could see the darker teen, already feeling a little tired from the elbowing and shoving he did just now.

"Aibou, you're my 'winning item' for this game. Come, we should get going now!" Yami exclaimed. As he was about to turn around and run to the finishing line hand-in-hand with his other half, he noticed just how tired Yugi seemed to be. Worse still, Yugi was never a fast runner to begin with. Steeling himself, he bent his knees a little and hooked his arms around his hikari's knees and back.

"Grab onto me, Yugi! I'll carry you!"

Yugi felt himself lifted into the air, and instinctively, wrapped his arms around Yami's neck.


'Sorry, hikari. But we've got to go now! Grab onto me tight!' Yami answered, and started sprinting towards the finishing line.

Yugi nodded, leaning closer. He could feel the wind whipping against his face, and he flinched. Turning away, he buried his face into the crook of Yami's neck and tightened his grip. Feeling Yami's warm body that was already glistening with sweat against his own, he sighed, comfortable with where he was. He could still faintly make out the distinctive smell of Yami's cologne and exotic spices.

Suddenly, a thought hit him like a punch and he blushed, finally realizing that Yami was not only just carrying him, but carrying him bridal-style. He wondered absently how they must look like to their schoolmates. For the longest time, everyone had been convinced that they were a couple. Yami's constant hovering over him and their need for tactile contact with each other did not help things, and it got to the point that even the teachers thought they were boyfriends. It took quite a while, but Yugi managed to clear up the issue and that was when a lot of girls started to hit on Yami, even though they already had their eyes on him before that.

But right now, at that moment, he was the one Yami held in his arms like his bride. He was the only one in his arms, feeling his warmth, listening to the adrenaline rushing through his veins and smelling the unique smell that was Yami and Yami alone. He was also the only one Yami wanted to watch the fireworks with, the one he wanted to confide in. And he knew that he was always the one Yami would go home with.

Another blush crept up his face at how comforting that thought was. Despite that, Yugi sighed contentedly and snuggled as close as he could, resting his head on Yami's shoulder. Time, in his mind, had ground to a halt. The world could have ended in a meteor of fire, be drowned in a deluge of iciness, or simply exploded, and he wouldn't even have noticed. That moment in time, that stilled minute, was all he wanted.

Before he knew it, the race was over.

Arina had no idea why she had volunteered to act as a helper for the inter-class sports meet. It was just a ton of work without any recognition. Oh yeah, her elder brother also on the committee and he wanted her to get out of her shell and meet more people. He was also the same guy asking, another word for 'ordering' in his vocabulary, her to process the last event's participants' items. They had to, he said, make sure that they had brought the correct items as stated on their paper. She sighed, deciding that the faster she finished up, the faster she could get the hell out of the place.

Leaving the tent meant for helpers, she blinked when she saw two boys who looked strikingly similar. Red-eyes, as she had dubbed him, was carrying violet-eyes bridal-style like he was a little china doll. Cute. She wondered if they were a couple, or if they weren't, about to be one. They definitely looked like it.

She walked over and held out a hand.

"Paper please."

Red-eyes finally – and reluctantly – released violet-eyes, and reached into his pocket for his slip of paper. Hiding it from violet-eyes' view, he stuffed it into Arina's open hands.

She unfolded it, blinking when she saw what was written. Grinning, she gave violet-eyes a quick once-over, who seemed to blush under her gaze. Red-eyes immediately took it upon himself to shield the other, reminding Arina of a prince protecting his princess from the evil and malicious dragon. Suddenly, she felt a sudden urge to roar and spit fire if that would get the two boys to kiss.

But she suppressed the urges and instead, gave violet-eyes a sharp nod while looking at red-eyes. She asked, "Hey, is he your… well, you know."

"Yeah," red-eyes answered without a moment's hesitation. The faint smile on his face made the scene seem all the more sweeter.

She smirked. "Well then, you're qualified as a winner. Congrats on winning first place!"

"Thank you. Now can I have the paper back please?"

Ahh, so red-eyes still had a use for that paper. "Sure, no problem!"

Once red-eyes got the paper back, he quickly led violet-eyes away from the tent, probably to somewhere quiet. Violet-eyes glanced back at Arina questioningly, but she just shrugged, still smiling. Oh, violet-eyes was in for a surprise!

Yugi followed Yami to the rooftop garden that was relatively quiet since almost everyone was still down at the running track. The sports meet wasn't over yet, after all. But it seemed that Yami wanted to talk to him, and the mind link wasn't enough for a quiet conversation.

He thought to himself just what could it be. Was Yami really falling in love with someone and wanted to break the news to him? Or was it something else completely?

If someone had told him that Yami had fallen in love just a week ago, he would have clapped and congratulated his darker half. After all, Yami's life should never revolve around just protecting him and playing Duel Monsters. There was so much more to life than just that and Yugi wanted Yami to experience them all, having been deprived of them 5000 years ago.

But now, he wasn't so sure. If Yami were to really leave him for his love life, Yugi wasn't sure what he would do. Laugh with Yami, or cry alone in his bedroom? He didn't want his best friend to leave him for anything.

However, a voice inside him asked him blatantly if Yami was really /just/ his best friend. Yugi had no answer to that. What more could there be? Lovers?

Yugi wondered what Yami thought about the issue. Did he want something more? His actions did seem like it, but Yugi was always afraid to think too much about Yami's actions when they could just signify friendship and brotherhood. Chocolates, little snacks, music CDs, flowers… what did Yami mean with them? And there was Yami's constant presence and comforting gestures that were meant for him only. What did Yami want with him?

Then there was the conniving grin the girl at the helpers' tent had given Yami. Just what was written on the slip of paper anyway? Brother? Best friend? Or perhaps even…? Dare he hope?

"Yami?" he asked, staring at the other's back.

The ex-pharaoh let out a deep sigh, and finally spun around.

"Aibou, I've wanted to talk to you about this for weeks, but I just haven't got the faintest idea how. Even now…" – he sighed again – "I still don't have the words. But this time… this time… I hope you won't listen to my words. Feel them, Yugi. Feel what I feel and you will know. Let my actions tell you." With that, he opened their mind link.

A flood of emotions were let loose for the first time, bursting free of the sluice gates Yami had held on so tightly before. Yugi could feel the sudden onslaught, but he stood firm and waited for it to come to him. If it had been anyone else, he would have feared drowning, would have been terrified of being swept away. But this was Yami's feelings; Yami would never hurt him or try to.

The flood came in a split-second, and Yugi reveled in it, his eyes having fluttered shut earlier. It ghosted across his skin in faint whispers, reminding him of a sakura breeze with the petals whirling in their intricate dance. At the same time, it crashed into him like waves of tsunami, crushing his lungs and gave him no breathing space.

It cherished him, and it hurt him. The feelings made him feel as cherished as when Yami would embrace him and plant a soft kiss on his forehead to tell him it was okay to cry. But they also hurt him like a stab in his heart, the way he always felt when Yami neglected and kept things from him.

Why was it that Yami always made him feel everything he felt?

And what did Yami feel… in this deluge of emotions? Yugi could sense fury, annoyance, despair, depression, respect, trust, infatuation, adoration, and… love. When he opened his eyes, he knew. Yami had not fallen in love with someone; he loved someone. There was a difference between the two, and Yugi had always known about it, even though he didn't understand how it worked. But now, if someone asked him what was the difference between falling in love and loving someone, he would be able to answer with a faint smile.

Falling in love was a passion of the hearts. It wasn't a constant, and could fade away as suddenly as it came. It was just… love and nothing else. The people who fall in love with each other could hide behind a beautiful façade just to stay together.

Loving someone was a passion of the souls. It was something that would be forever anchored in one's heart, never to be forgotten, even if the relationship did not live. It wasn't just love; it was a whole parcel of various emotions, simply because those who loved each other would be true to what they felt and present themselves as the way they truly were to each other. There were no pretenses.

Gazing into Yami's crimson eyes that held the true him, Yugi smiled. He walked over, and gently unclasped Yami's fisted hand to withdraw the slip of paper. As he unfolded it, he could feel Yami's nervous gaze on him but there was nothing to worry now.


"Aibou, I…"

There was no need for words, for it wasn't the only way to show someone how you felt.

Yugi cupped Yami's face in his hands, and slowly pulled him down. When they were but inches apart, Yugi breathed, "Show me."

As a rousing cheer from the track signaled the end of the sports meet, Yami closed the distance between their lips and for the first time, tasted his hikari's sweetness. He had always known how Yugi felt in his arms, how he smelled like apple and cinnamon, how he sounded like a lark bursting into a happy song, how he looked like a divine angel. Finally, Yami knew what his hikari tasted like. Cotton candy, his mind supplied as his senses went into overload. Sweet, tasty and fluffy. He moaned.

For Yugi, his first kiss with Yami reminded him of a lot of things. He thought of the time Yami plopped him into his laps and hugged him; he thought of the time Yami made him breakfast; he thought of the time Yami gave him a lotus. Everything clicked in his mind, and he could finally believe that he had never, thought too much about Yami's actions. He coaxed his other half into another, deeper kiss. As a dream-like veil of trance fell over them, wrapping them both in a realm of rapture and love, they lost touch with the rest of the world.

In a corner of the rooftop, hidden by a particularly thick pillar, Jou and Honda felt their jaws fall at the sight. When they had went around looking for the two missing teens, catching them French kissing each other was definitely the last thing on their mind. Behind them, Anzu and Ryou just smirked knowingly and dragged them off skillfully.

Over the next few days, a rumour quickly spread through Domino High school much like a wild bushfire that would not be extinguished. It spoke of the torrid love escapade that a certain red-eyed boy shared with his violet-eyes, of how they had shared chaste and yet passionate kisses on the school rooftop, and how the setting sun kissed their bodies with a heavenly halo all around them.

But neither Yami nor Yugi knew about that yet. They were still deep in their kiss, pulling for the other to get closer. In Yugi's hands, the tiny slip of paper, now crinkled, fluttered with the winds.

By nightfall, they snuck to an isolated place in the school to watch the fireworks. As the fireworks lit up the sky in a dazzle of colours and smoke, Yugi cuddled into Yami's arms like a docile kitten. The other teen just held him tighter, humming happily. Occasionally, they would turn their eyes away from the fireworks and lean in for a kiss. Other times, they would point to a particularly beautiful display of fireworks and sigh in awe and pleasure.

The fateful slip of paper would, from then on, live on faithfully in a photo frame on their desk at home.

The one you love.

Down below, the cheering continued.


(1): I got this idea for a manga called 'Super Gal Kotobuki Ran'. They really do have this type of event in a sports meet in Japan.

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