Hi people, thanks for giving my story a chance. I do hope to actually finish this story eventually and will attempt to update regularly as deemed possible. Please have a read and let me know if this story is worth finishing, all right? Thanks!


Against a sombre sky of one late afternoon, the clouds smear across the basic blue canvas above. All is in its place, as it should be. Temporal sanity exists amongst the harmony of nature. Maybe just for today, just for this one day, perhaps, peace can prevail. Unless, something decides to happen to have it all disrupted.

Shadow figures sliced through the sanctuary of the green forest. Steady pace, perhaps moving not as fast as they wish to. They know not where they ought to go. There was only one urgent matter on their mind. Finally, they paused at one location within the greenery. They were covered in sweat, dirt and blood. Only Heaven knows what they had been through to get this far. In the midst of the standing figures, slumped unconsciously, was a fellow friend. Blood was seeping through the gapping wound he sustained earlier, on top of other accumulated injuries from the just encounter. All of them were masked but it was obvious from the erratic chakra emitted from their friend that their comrade was in dire straits.

"He's not doing well. We have to fix him up fast!" The shorter of the figure spoke finally, breaking the silence.

The other contemplated. The choices in front of them are limited and time was running out. After a pause of a few minutes, the choice was made, not the most desirable but in the interest of their friend, it was the best.

"The nearest village from here is the Hidden Leaf Village. We will seek help there."

The short one stood surprised at the decision and stared in apprehension. As if, not sure if this was such a good decision. Wise maybe, but was it good?

"Well, stop staring and help me carry him. It's faster if the two of us supported him and ... "

"But why? Why make ourselves known? I thought that we could just camp out somewhere ..."

"Do you honestly think he can afford to wait?"

Looking at the friend whose life was slipping away every second, short staggered breathing and life supporting blooding dripping, in the face of the sight, the shorter one sighed. Lifting one arm of their comrade over the shoulder for support, the figure signalled that they can move off immediately. Seeing that the decision was not disputed, the taller one pointed in one direction. And without a word, the figures sailed through the greenery into Hidden Leaf's territory.

The hidden leaf guards were bored. They felt that such a gorgeous day shouldn't be wasted just by hanging about the borders. There haven't been activities since the village was attacked by Orochimaru a few months ago. Life is pretty much returned more or less back to normal now. Tsunade-sama returned unexpectedly and took up the post of Hokage and was attempting to sort the village into efficiency, to return the village back to a power nation. Life, after all that excitement seems dull now and boredom was being reflected in these guards' minds.

"Sigh. I am dead bored" One said.

"Well, it's not as if your complaining is actually going to change our predicament, right? Just snap out of it, after all, the shift's nearly over."

"Yeah I know! But I just feel that something ought to happen soo.....What the???"

Suddenly, their attention was focused upon masked strangers staring straight up at them. The guards, surprised by the entrance were a little annoyed that they weren't able to detect them before they arrived. Gathering up all their professionalism, they stood their ground and asked the strangers to state their names and purpose. For they do not possess any form of identification, no head protector to name their origin.

"Our names are of no relevance nor are they of any importance. We seek only help for our injured comrade." To which, they revealed a slumped figure supported between the two shinobis from under their coverings. The taller figure continued,

"We will speak to the Hokage once our friend is treated, to account for our abrupt entry into this village. In any case, this is an emergency to which, I will hold the lot of you responsible should he die due to your inefficient handling of this matter."

The two guards weren't convinced. After all, it is a bit hard to trust three masked figures, who refused to identify themselves and who just quite conveniently challenged their position and authority.

"I apologise for his rudeness but we mean no harm. All we are asking is for medical aid for our friend, please!" The shorter figure intervened, urging for the lending of assistance for their friend.

Finally two guards nodded in agreement with each other. And systematically went about their assigned roles. One disappeared to report to the Hokage while the other hopped down to lend them assistance and guidance towards the village's hospital. The grateful figures held up their friend and followed swiftly behind. All along the way, the shorter one prayed:

Please hang on boy! Don't die on us now. Please, just hold for a little while longer. Don't die on us just yet.

Looking upwards to the sky above them, the taller one at this time couldn't help but wonder worriedly:

Where in the world are you right now? Whatever it is, you had better not gotten yourself killed. I have no intention of burying anyone at all!