A Thousand Eyes

Chapter 1: Ignoring it, or trying too.


Okay this is going to be a companion to Midnight Sky. I got the title from the poem I am using for the first chap, if you can find a better title please don't hesitate to tell me! I would suggest reading Midnight Sky before this, although it isn't necessary. You might miss some of the references if you don't read that fic. Please allow for the shameless mush that will doubtless be involved! Thanks for taking the time to listen to my pointless ramblings, LP


The Night Has A Thousand Eyes

And the day but one;

Yet the light of a bright world dies

When day is done.

The mind has a thousand eyes,

And the heart but one;

Yet the light of a whole life dies

When love is done.

Francis William Bourdillon

Ginny lay restlessly in her bed, her mind going over the odd encounters she had just had. She was surprised that she now saw Malfoy as an actual person, not just an enemy. Her mind went over their conversation they had had. He had revealed his reluctance to become what his father wanted him to be. How hard it must be, to live in a house with no love and be forced to deal with horribly painful things all the time. She shook her head, Malfoy was strong, and he could handle his own life. Still, she couldn't help feeling bad for him. She drifted off to sleep, dreaming of the feeling of Malfoy's silken hair against her finger tips.

"Ginny, get up, you worthless lump!" Allouette called to her roommate. She yanked the covers off of the huddled figure of her best friend. She had already dressed and her straight black hair hung in a plait between her shoulder blades. Her teal eyes laughed as her best friend groaned and burrowed into the mattress. "It's 7:30, class starts in half an hour, and after your sleepless night I recommend some food, otherwise you'll look like the undead," she said pityingly. She pulled the prone girl out of bed and stood her up.

"Alright, alright, I'm up, I'm up, god Alli, you sure can make a body wish for a vow of silence!" she cried. She shimmied out of her nightshirt and threw on her underclothes. She hurriedly buttoned her shirt, before cramming the ends into the waist of her jeans. She pulled her robe on and fastened it so it covered her rumpled appearance.

"Uh, Gin, you look like hell, might want to do something about your hair," Alli pointed out. Ginny let out an exasperated grunt and attacked her curly hair with her brush. When she found it was a riotous halo around her she grabbed a band and turned her back to Alli.

"Alli, please do it again, you're the only one I know who can tame my hair besides my mother!" she pleaded, Alli giggles and quickly plaited her hair. She grabbed the band from Ginny and finished off the braid.

"C'mon now, lets go down for a spot of tea," Alli said primly, causing Ginny to laugh. The two of them grabbed their bags, preparing for their first class of the day. They headed down to the Great Hall amongst their friends and classmates. Ginny's auburn curls were in a braid, taming her looks somewhat, but she still managed to look exhausted and sad. She and Alli sat and the end of the table, next to Collin.

"Morning Gin, you look like the undead, if you don't mind me saying," Collin told his friend playfully. Ginny turned on Allouette accusingly.

"And here you told me I just looked like hell, some best friend you are, guess I'll have to send a want ad out, won't I?" she asked playfully. Alli pulled a face at her before grabbing a muffin and biting in with relish. Ginny smiled gratefully at her friends, they knew she had something on her mind and were trying to distract her from her melancholy feelings. "Hand me a muffin, darling Collin," she said sweetly as she grabbed the pastry out of his hand. She took am huge bite before handing it back to him. He smiled wryly as she took a sip of her tea. They joked around for a few minutes before heading to their class.

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