A Thousand Eyes

Chapter 6: Memories… and revelations?


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Last Chapter:

"So you're sure you can get a discount for our wedding?" Allouette asked hopefully. Ginny giggled as she grabbed a biscuit off a plate and took a bite.

"Yes, ever since we started having muggle-inspired clothing I am in charge of that division, and I will get a discount for you, but you have to go through me, no one else at the shop, by the way, we have to go over the style for your dress again," Ginny reminded her as she polished off the biscuit and replaced the clean tea cup into the cupboard. She sat next to Allouette after retrieving her sketch book. They spent the time before they left hammering out the details of Alli's dream dress.


Draco looked at Chase incredulously, his silver eyes looked haunted and his blonde hair was mussed, unusual for the generally unflappable Draco. He put a hand against his forehead as he sat in the large chair behind a massive oak desk.

"Drake, its just one day well, actually a week since you both will help with the preparations, but I need you," he let this statement sink in before continuing. "Besides, you are both mature adults now, you've probably both changed and she's probably forgotten all about you by now," he winced as he heard Draco groan and slump forward in his seat, and in the process smacking his head on the desk.

"I will do it for you, only because you are my best friend and I owe you, but after this you owe me," with this vehement statement Draco stood and followed Chase out of his office. "What is the first torture I'm to endure for you," chase laughed at the resignation in his friends tone.

"Well, since Alli wanted a wedding like her parents we've decided to have a Muggle inspired wedding, actually a lot of wizarding families are doing this now. So we've decided to have Muggle inspired clothes and since there's a designer at Madame Malkin's that can give us a discount and happens to be the best designer for Muggle inspired clothing that's where we're going first." Draco looked at him suspiciously, he knew that one of the most premier designers of Muggle inspired clothing was one G. Weasley, and he knew his best friend wouldn't make him meet her when he was not looking his best. He gave his best friend a suspicious glance and one look at that secretive smile caused him to groan and mutter about mutinous and sadistic best friends.


Ginny walked into the shop, greeting the girls who were working there before heading back to her small office. She whispered the word to remove the ward and stepped inside the small space Marenda had given her as a result of her success at the store. She tossed her bag in one of the two armchairs that stood before her desk. The space was cluttered with Ginny's designs, pictures of her family and other mementos. She sat at her desk, looking over the sketches she had made for Alli's dress.

She pulled out a pencil and a clean sheet of paper, glancing at the style of Alli's dress she began the initial sketches for her own dress. All had decided on red and silver for her wedding, mixing the two colors of Chase and her old houses. Ginny had decided to make her dress silver with red accents, because it was hard to find a red that didn't clash with her scarlet hair. She began to sketch without really thinking. She glanced down when her hand stopped moving and smiled widely, it was perfect. It was a silver sheath dress that was strapless over maroon netting with off the shoulder straps and a low belled skirt. She began to add details, like embroidery and beading. Just then she heard a knock at her door. She shuffled the sketch under the rest of the drawings and headed to the door.

"Come in," she said as she pulled the door open.

"Gin, Chase is coming with some guys to get fitted can we get some rooms ready?" Alli asked, Ginny nodded and grabbed a key ring from her desk. She headed to the back and grabbed two spacious fitting rooms. Once they were cleared she let the two girls who worked with her in, Gwyn and Ruby. She told them what they were to do and they were excited to meet the cute guys that were coming, and since they too were bridesmaids they would be meeting their escorts.

Ginny smiled at Blaise and his friend Justin as they walked in, she hugged Blaise and directed them into the room where Gwyn and Ruby were waiting. She and Alli went into the other room and waited for the two other men to show up. Ginny noticed that flicking the fingers of her right hand, a nervous habit she had developed as a child. She immediately placed her hands palm to palm and took a deep breath, sinking into the large chair that sat in the corner of the dressing room. She immediately stood up again as someone knocked on the door.

The door swung open and Chase walked in, he bent and brushed a kiss on her cheek before embracing his bride to be. Then came the thing that made Ginny's breath stop in her chest, Draco walked in, his mussed platinum hair framing his face and hanging delectably in his eyes. The black turtleneck and pants he was wearing only highlighted his pale perfection.

"Ginny, we just need the two tuxes fitted." Alli's brisk voice brought Ginny out of her rapt attention to Draco's perfection. She scowled at herself as she pulled the two tuxes off the rack. With a flick of her wand there were two identical racks hanging on opposite sides of the room, the two bundles in her arms whisked to them, separating and coming to rest by the man they were intended for.

Chase quickly stepped behind a small screen and disrobed before pulling the tux on. He came out and Ginny walked over to him, she made a few small adjustments to the cuffs and hems but otherwise it fit perfectly. While she had been distracted by Chase's assignment Draco had gotten dressed. His tux was far too large and hung loosely on his lean frame. Ginny bit her lip as she pinned things and refitted the tux. After being pricked for the sixth time Draco cursed.

"Bloody hell, woman are you trying to bleed me dry," his harsh voice caught Ginny off guard.

"Sorry, I though after the way you treated me in 6th year that you were heartless thus you would lack something to pump blood through your body so I thought you were bloodless as well as heartless." She snapped back at him. Chase said something to Draco but she didn't catch it because of the white hot rage that flooded her body.

"I told you I never did anything to you, it was all in your imagination, you bloodthirsty harpy," Ginny sputtered a few times ignoring Alli and Chase who were trying to get her attention.

"I can't believe you! You are a liar and a heartless bastard, to lie about that to me, you sent me a letter that said you wanted to talk and then said all those horrid things about me in front of those people! How could you be so insensitive and manipulative?" Ginny shouted at him, ignoring the fact that her friend was trying to calm her down.

"What are you talking about I never delivered any note to you and you were the one who wasn't supposed to be there!" he came back at her. Both were breathing heavily and glaring.

"Actually I can explain that," at Chase's tentative interruption they turned and glared at him. He gulped and looked at Alli for encouragement. She had a stern expression on her face as she nodded at him. "Well, Ginny it's my fault you were there, I found the letter Drake wrote you, and I'm sorry Draco, but I'm the one who delivered it to her, I thought you hadn't had time to send it so I sent it for you. So you see, Ginny Draco wasn't trying to trick or humiliate you, and Draco, Ginny wasn't trying to make you look like a fool in front of the rest of the school." He took a breath as a tense silence descended on the room. "Well, now that you know this, Alli and I have to go," with this hasty statement he grabbed Alli's hand and fled the room. Draco's shook his head at his best friend's defection. Turning, he found Ginny looking at him with tears in her eyes. He cursed, the pain that was visible there set his chest to aching and he had been sure he had rid himself of those feelings of guilt and need.

"Is that true?" Ginny's breathless question caught him of guard.

"It is the only logical explanation of what happened then," he said wryly. He started to say something to explain what had happened when she started laughing. The long forgotten sound sent a shiver through him. "Would you mind explaining what you find so bloody funny," he said gruffly to hide the nostalgia he felt.

"Us," she said seriously, when she had wiped the tears from her cheeks. "If it weren't for our stubborn, prideful behavior we would have found that out years ago and this never would have happened. Draco looked at her in shock, she was right!


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