Oddly Familiar - A Batman / BTVS crossover

Author: B.H. Ramsay


Disclaimer: Characters appearing here belong to either DC Comics OR Mutant Enemy

Rating : G

Summary: Halloween's aftermath from a different POV

Dedication: The Shrine of Heroes, everyone at Xanderzone, Crossover Connection & Buffy Crossovers

A/N: This was actually based partly off of one of the many great Halloween Fics on Xanderzone but as I can not for the life of me recall who wrote the FIC I can not credit them in person. …So general shout of the thanks and I hope I'm not screwing up a long term plot point with my homage. - considering how many people have favourited this story ever since I wrote it I figured maybe I should polish it a little.

I had a dream.

It is not one of my many reoccurring ones, What I see is less of a dream and more like a memory, albeit a memory filled with strange and surreal images.

I stand in a strange place. A town I have never lived in and which does not exist on any map I have ever consulted.

Monstrous and demonic ... things run rampant and a girl that I do not know is yelling at me. When I move to protect the most obviously endangered civilian, a scared girl dressed as a noblewoman, she admonishes me against using anything close to lethal force.

She is a ghost, as evidenced by her ability to pass through solid objects, including me, harmlessly.

The girl calls me Xander. When I tell her that it not my name she is distressed beyond words. She tells me that this Xander has become the Halloween costume he was wearing at the time, my costume.

Wherever I am. they think of Batman as a fictional comic book character, Me - a comic book character. I don't know what amazes me more, the details they get wrong or the ones they get right.

I spend the night fighting demons and vampires

I track a Chaos Mage to a costume store. He's the one behind the magic that caused all this and take him down.

I spoke with Etrigan about that part and according to him - Chaos magic is both very real and very dangerous.

Like I said earlier, not like a dream exactly but more like a memory. Odd thing though, after that night, I suddenly developed a craving for junk foods - especially Twinkie Cakes, I used to hate the things, Now Alfred has to keep a crate of the things around. The cravings are especially bad when a case is going poorly requiring late nights and lots of work.

Did I say only thing…oh yes one other oddity, Bruce Wayne is now a font of witty gab. I can tolerate this quirk since it aids in the masquerade but Clark and Diana like riding me about it.

I've actually won fights on a few occasions because the enemy was distracted by a well timed witticisms.

Joker especially hates this, he always liked believing HE is the wittiest one in our ...relationship. He's always been defensive about that kind of thing.

A production company recently came to Wayne Enterprises looking for backing for an hour-long TV series. Bruce Wayne barely needed to read the script. They will have all the money and support a man in Bruce Wayne's position can provide.

I tell myself I'm doing it for the jobs and the money but the real reason is I feel a connection with the material. A fantasy series about a group of demon fighting teens. For some reason, I feel a strange connection to the one of the characters. Something oddly familiar, He isn't anything special, no powers, no abilities but according to the producers, his role in the group will e crucial, even if the rest of the characters don't always see it.

It's called Muffy: The Demon's Bane- I'm thinking of having them change it.

Gotham has a Bane already, and that's one Bane too many.

-the end -