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The definition for Serendipity stated by the dictionary is: Faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accident. I thought it was simply fitting for the interaction for Sora and Riku in this; hence the title.


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Chapter 1. A Dim Light in a Dark Town.

"...and Sora, will you fix that damned ice-cream machine, it's been broken for over two weeks!" Moan moan moan, is that all he ever seems to do?

I rolled my eyes at him and turned back to drumming my fingers on the side of the counter. I swear if he would do at least half the things he'd moan about, then half the things he DID moan about would decrease. Pretty simple isn't it?

Well, being simple would be no fun now would it? So on he moans. He scratched his unshaven chin and turned on his heel. Old worn-down boots clung to his feet, the faded polish leaving the dirty marks unhidden.

"Yeah, yeah" I mumbled. This guy never gets off my back. Would have thought that he would get the hint that if I hadn't bothered to take the time to even glance in the direction of the ice-cream machine, then who would say I'd waste half my day trying to get the damned thing to work.

Anyway, it made the most awful noise. Who could stand to have that old hunk of junk chugging away feebly in the corner?

...Well, I sure as hell wouldn't.

Glancing at the clock hanging up on the far wall of the store, I counted the hours left that I had left of this damned shift. Yeah, that's right, I work here. The little supermarket on Tailsgate Avenue.

I never really understood why Cid decided to call it 'Highwind's'. It makes you think of High Hopes, and that's just one thing we really don't have. Come to think of it, I don't even know why Cid opened up this shitty supermarket in the first place. To own a supermarket, you need customers, and we don't get many of those either.

Sighing, I counted off the antagonizing hours slowly. I felt myself pout after I counted 3 and a half. Great just great, I'll have to remember to call the ambulance to come and pick my body up after this, if I don't die of boredom, I'll die of hunger. Either way is good for me.

...Yeah, I know, optimistic Sora right?

I glanced around and saw that Cid had retreated to his cupboard. He calls it his office, but he's fooling no-one. That tiny room hardly had room for a bucket and mop, so how the hell did he fit his desk and two chairs in there is beyond my knowledge. He never failed to point this small fact to me every time I said 'I can't do it'. He would narrow his squinty eyes at me, roll his fag to one side of his mouth and with that knowing look he replies 'If I can change that place into a magnificent office, then you can do the task set'. And with a small pat of the shoulder, he would walk away. Yeah, I gave him the finger behind his back a couple of times for that one.

Making sure that he hadn't come out, I swept my hand behind the till I was sitting at, and took out the chocolate bar I had swiped earlier when I was stacking the confectionary aisle. I know, it sent a guilty wash over me every time I did it, but I had to eat ya know?

Tearing the wrapper off as quietly as I could, I quickly shoveled in a few bites. Putting the chocolate back behind the tills and chewing as fast as I could, I consciously wiped my mouth a couple of times, making sure to get rid of the evidence. Oh, silly I know, but I had been caught once for that mistake.

I remember Cid's accusing eyes looking straight through me as he stumbled up to me and picked off a bit of pastry, the remains of a sausage roll I had pinched when the new orders had come in. "That's coming outta your paycheck, Sora. I can't afford to pay you to eat my store's contents" I remember the shameful look he gave me as I sat there, head bowed and stubborn.

It never stopped me from still doing it though. I say 'Learn from your mistakes!'

So I did.

I was about to grab behind the till again for the chocolate, when I saw the delivery man come in. Oh how did I forget, It was 3:15 pm exactly. Fridays, when the minute hands hit the quarter past mark, In comes that little dude, face hidden by a bunch of heavy- looking boxes.

Wait, I KNOW the boxes are heavy. The little twerp actually has the ignorance to ask me to carry in the boxes as he sits his ass on a box while rubbing his feet. I'll see Cid soon, he always likes to chinwag with him. I don't see why, the delivery guy WAS weird. What was his name?

Phil I think it was. Short for Philocetes. Heh, short. Putting it lightly, that guy WAS a short arse. Peeking a glance out of the corner of my eye, I saw him perched on one of the boxes he had brought in, His feet stuck out in front of him, Did that guy even have knees?

Phil coughed slightly and started rubbing his feet, making the occasional 'Oh man, my feet are not what they used to be' or 'That's gonna hurt in the morning'.


I can feel it, he's gonna look up any second and start looking for my sorry ass to help out.

Diving under the till desk, I crouched as low as possible. Clutching my knees together I found that I could completely disappear from sight, if anyone was to look over the desk. Yeah, this wasn't my first time doing this, this was my escape spot if Cid was on the prowl.

Speaking of Cid, he had re-emerged from his cupboard. Hearing the door slam shut with the annoying squeak, I shuffled closer to the side, trying to hide as best as possible.

"Hey Phil, taking a rest today I see? How's work?" Cid lit up another fag and plucked it into his mouth.

"Arrr, Terrible Cid, the bloody wife is on my back again, you know how they can be" Phil gave Cid one of those looks. I had classed it as ' The look when men are talking to other men about the problems of women.'

Not having used it, as I have never had a girlfriend, I thought it was only fair to name it, But I'm not getting into that slightly embarrassing part of my life, hm?

Peeking through the hole I had made in the inside of the desk, I peeked at the two old men who had been chatting generally to each other for the last 5 minutes now. Ouch, I'm getting pins and needles. I wish Phil would hurry up and decide to get the bloody boxes himself.

"...Well, I best be getting on with work Cid, the boss decided to thoughtfully give me another three goddamned loads on top of this one. The new dude working for us called in sick! he's only been working for a couple of days now! Lazy bastard, If I was in charge, I would have fired his puny ass."

He jumped off the box and turned around to look at them. He frowned and turned back to Cid, who was smiling knowingly. He knew exactly what the short man was going to ask.

"Hey Um, Cid, I don't suppose you've seen little Sora around here today, have you? He can be so helpful at times. Do you think he'd mind helping me carry these through?"

Did he just call me little? Pfft, Hypocritical bastard.

"Yeah he was just--" He turned around and saw that I had suspiciously vanished. He wasn't surprised much though, He knew that I did disappear into thin air occasionally, still didn't have the brains or attention span to work out that I was just hiding under my till desk.

"Ugh, he's gone, must be on his break already, cheeky bastard, that's the second one today" Cid puffed out his chest, then let out a sigh as he rubbed his temples. He was looking old. His unusual yellow hair was looking dull. No shine was left there anymore, looking like dried out straw.

Phil looked like he was just about to start doing his own work, when I heard that annoying shop bell jingle merrily. Oh great. Peeking and trying hard to get just a glimpse of who it was, I hastily whacked my head off the side of the desk. Geez, that smarts.

Grumbling lowly to myself, I begin rubbing the side of my head. That's going to leave a fucking mark, I know it.

Hearing boots hit the dusty floor, I see Cid smile and pat the dude on the back. Who the hell is it?

"Hey guys, Sorry I'm late Cid, What can I say? I like to party." Hmm, that better not be Clo--

"Hey Sora" ...Shit.

Cloud. The only other guy who knows my hiding place. I'm gonna kill him -Slowly-. Cid is looking around suspiciously now, I see those eyes working overdrive. Scrambling to my feet and coming into view, I see Cloud standing there with that magnificent smile of his, accept it doesn't look too magnificent when he's using it against you. Bastard.

"Hey...Cloud." I growled. The low rumbling within my throat makes itself known. He just smiled when he saw me doing my angry pout. I'm glad he finds all this amusing.

Eyes wandering uneasily over to Phil, I regretted as I saw the nice relieved smile he beamed at me. "Hey Sora, D'ya think yo--"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll do it Phil." Dragging my feet out to the truck waiting outside, I thrust the shop door open, wincing when I heard that stupid bell again.

"There's a good Lad."


After the last few boxes were unpacks and stacked onto the shelves, I let out a long sigh. That was never fun, my arms felt all achy now. Ahh, now to go back to doing my other task; lazing at the tills all day.

"Arg, frigging, get the hell in-- Ah, nnnngh."

Or not. Looking over in the next Aisle, I saw Cloud trying to stack the cereal boxes. He despised doing them, that's why I think Cid personally gives them to him, for a laugh. The spiky haired blonde always tried to cram one extra box on the shelf, when really there was absolutely no room left. Determined much?

And so every week we get the odd customer coming up to us complained that all the cereal boxes were crushed, Leaving Cloud with the same angry flushed face. We dubbed it 'Cloud's Cereal glare'

He's never amused. He just tells them that unless they want to keep the boxes afterwards, then what does it matter? ...Geez, it's no wonder hardly anyone comes in here.

While Cloud was still mumbling his profanities, I crouched down and went silent. Sticking my tongue out and biting the tip of it for concentration, I rubbed my hands together and looked at Cloud, waiting.

"There, once again! I did it, stupid bastards" Seeing Cloud give the cereal boxes a look of distaste, I readied myself. Kicking the empty crate box aside, He stood up and attempted to brush himself down, that was until I attacked him. Kicking my leg off the floor, I sped down the Aisle, and jumped up at Cloud, who fell down on his back with me sitting pretty comfortably on his chest.

"Ugh, Sora, you bastard, what was that for?" He opened his bright blue eyes and blinked. Looking up at my equally own blue eyes. Cloud couldn't help but smile when he saw my bright whites beaming down at him.

"Revenge huh?" Cloud ran a hand through his hair and then gently shoved me against my chest, and I toppled off of him and onto the floor beside.

"You grass, you nearly cost me my brilliant hiding place!" Cloud sat up with his legs stretched out in front of him. Looking at his boots he frowned.

"My boots are getting dirty." I looked up actually considering what the Blonde man was wearing today. He had a dark red t-shirt on which read the message 'Constipated people don't give a crap.' and black trousers which clung pretty well to him. Yeah, Cloud always looks good, even at work. The odd black sweatband on his wrist and the odd necklace went well with most of his wardrobe.

I couldn't help feel a pang of jealously towards him, compared with my own clothes he would be classed as supermodel material. Well, me practically living in these clothes didn't help, I only had about 4 different outfits I could wear. Not the richest of guys, me.

"Well duh, that's what they do if you wear them, nice t-shirt by the way" Cloud looked down at his t-shirt and beamed, chuckling softly as he stood up and helped me up with him.

"Yeah, made me chuckle when I saw it." We started walking back to the tills

"Shame it's a bit small on you, was it like that when you bought it? Or are you getting podgy Cloud?" I smiled, as I poked him in the gut. I was only playing of course. He looked down at me with mock hurt and then playfully punched me in the arm.

"Nah Sora, it's you shrinking, Shortass." It was my turn to pout. I poked him hard in the stomach again and then raced him back to the tills. We are like big brothers, always goofing off and throwing playful comments to each other. If I could have a bigger brother, I don't think I could find anyone more suiting.

We both sat down at our tills. I looked at Cloud who was already counting how many hours on the clock. I feel sorry for him, He's here until 9. Hearing the sigh I glance again and saw his pout. No one works here late accept for Cloud, he locks up and Cid disappears before him too. Must get lonely for him.

"Sora, Your shifts up, you can bugger off home now." When did Cid come in?

He chucked me an envelope with the shop logo on it. A smile comes up on my face straight away. Pay check. Finally!

I pocketed it safely into my jeans pocket and nodded to Cid. Walking over to Cloud's till I leaned on it and looked up at Cloud, who was reading a PS2 magazine. He looked up at me and smirked. "Shift over? ..Lucky bastard." I nodded and looked out the shop window. Ugh it was raining. Cloud followed my gaze and chuckled slightly as he ruffled my cinnamon locks. "...Guess not." I sighed and said my goodbye to Cloud. With a light punch to his arm, I left the store and into the rainy streets.


Great, what an end to such a wonderful day.

I'm so glad it decided to rain on me. I always liked being chilled to the bone. I wrapped my flimsy jacket around me and rubbed my arms as I looked down the streets of traverse Town. Geez what a repulsive town this is, I loathe it.

Well half of it anyway. Traverse Town is odd, one side of it you have the really nice, sociable side of town. Little kids running around the streets, parents knowing that they are safe. Parks go un-vandalized, shops going pass a day without being in fear of being burgled. People with normal jobs, nice smiles and flocks of business suits stream that part of town.

I once saw a bunch of kids playing in the park there once. They looked really happy. A girl with gleaming red hair had a pure smile on her face, laughing at a blonde haired kid who was telling a joke, his hands moving in funny gestures as he spoke. He also had a grin, a glint of laughter in his eyes.

There was a girl with a bright yellow dress on, which seemed to reflect the purity of the town; swinging on a swing giggling like mad as a boy with orange hair happily pushed her. They walked over and sat down with the redhead and blonde.

"Hey Kairi, do you think we'll ever be old enough to move from here? it's nice and everything, but I wanna know what's out there, ya'know?" The browned haired girl slunk down onto her knees. She looked over at Kairi who fiddled with her hair in concentration.

"Course we will Selphie! There's so many opportunity's out there for us! We'll be fine, you'll see Selph." Selphie smiled her brilliant white teeth at Kairi in a wide grin, and Kairi giggled.

"I'm gonna become the world's greatest Blitzball player, along with my buddy Tidus here, Ya?" The red haired boy stated, twirling a Blitzball on his finger. He looked over at the blonde, who was leaning against the tree looking out over the park fence.

He was looking at me.

I stumbled back and hit the wall, he frowned and I turned to run off. I didn't like people seeing me, I felt like scum. I'd rather be invisible thanks. I had always been like that though, unwilling to co-operate under the glares of people who watched me. I had ran away from his sight, from his staring.

The boy Tidus sat down beside a tall oak after one last look in my direction.

"...Yeah, that's right Wakka, we'll be just fine."

I remember... the look on the boy's face. He seemed to...Pity me. I hated it, I hated the way the nicely dressed people would look down at me and seem to care. If they cared so damned much, then what the hell am I still doing out here?

I wanted to gag at the sight of it. I don't know why, but I hated seeing it, all this purity. The good life.

I don't know why.


Yeah, I'm jealous. So what?

Who gives a flying fuck? They can keep their happy little past times. I'm doing alright by myself. I brushed a soggy brown strand of my hair that was stuck to my forehead away, as I carried on walking, only to step into a puddle.

I cringed and looked down. The puddle looked murky, a colour of brown and yellow, swirling around while continuous drops of rain still fell from the sky.

"...I don't...even wanna know... WHAT THE FUCK THAT WAS!" I screamed to myself as I yanked my foot out of it and squelched down the darkened road.

"Hey young man, don't go shouting that horrible abusive language around my poor ear-drums!...really no consideration what so ever!" A woman chimed at me as I walked past her, I didn't even sparing her a glance.

"Yeah, yeah...Bite me." I called over my shoulder. Why are these people so...Irritating?

The woman was still screeching at me as I turned the corner, onto the main roads. They were pretty invisible to me, the people on this side of Town, the bad side. I was invisible to them too, so it was only fair. People really couldn't give a toss about anyone else, only them self's. Although that's what you'd expect if you lived in 'The Traverse Slums'.

I shivered and rubbed my arms in futile attempt of keeping them warm. Clutching onto my jacket for a second, before shoving my hands into my pockets, I carried on splashing down the darkness alluring roads. I growled at the bitterness the air had as it swooshed past me, howling into my ears harshly.

'This is my only choice, no other options Sora, So deal with it.' I kept repeating in my head. I knew this all already. I've told myself what seems like a thousand times. The chant always lingering in the back of my mind. Hovering always, just incase I felt the reality hit me again.

'I don't cry, I never cry.'

I sniffed loudly and cleared my throat. I pushed all thoughts aside quickly and turned one of the few turns I had left. Ugh I hated this street, it always smelled of piss or something gross like that. The darkness never left this street, always lingering in every corner, making eyes dilate to take in the groggy-ness.

It was the scummiest of the scum.

It was also the quickest way 'home.'

... I don't think I can stand to stay out here much longer either, So this route it is.

Walking down it, I try to watch where I step, the stench rising quickly into my nostrils. Flaring and swirling in the back of my throat. It felt like acid on the tongue, felt like the stench was permanently marked up my nose. I felt the urge to gag again, so I pressed on.

I coughed and spluttered in a tragic attempt to rid the smell, in reaction I got a moan from near-by. I jumped and looked around.

A guy curled up in a dog-eared sleeping bag, was looking at me with solemn eyes. Even through the darkness I could see the intensity of that gaze. It scared me a little. Call me paranoid, but I recoiled slightly. I subconsciously wrapped my arms around my lithe body and trod on carefully.

I didn't dare glance back.

His rattling breath could be heard as I kept my ears on alert for any signs of movement. I wanted to get home in one piece, not cut up into tiny pieces and fed to some random hobo. Thanks.

Not letting my eyes wander at the dull surroundings, I trained them to keep to the floor.

'You're a smart boy, Sora. You'll be okay'

I watched my feet coming into view then out of view in perfect unison. Random rain drops hit my worn shoes, bouncing off the laces and tongue. I cringed again.

My socks were getting wet.

The rain drizzle was settling in my hair, weighing it down even further. No longer bouncing, my locks just hung in the air, limply.

Finally reaching the end of the road, I saw the block of small apartments that I was living in. It looked like one big abandoned warehouse. The walls looked beat up and the windows half boarded. A dingy light hung from atop of the paint-ridden door, and a sign hardly noticeable read the letters 'Welcome' in dirtied red letters. This building would be invisible if it wasn't for the fact that I knew it was there. People who walked past, never even spared it a pitiful glance, instead hurried their footsteps past it and ignored it like the rest of their surroundings.

Oh well, fuck 'em.

'Home sweet home.' I muttered as I allowed my feet to drag me to the door. Fumbling around in my jacket's pocket to find my keys and my fingers brushed the cold metal.

Taking the keys out, I suddenly became very silent and held my breath. I closed my eyes and released the breath I had been holding. Fumbling around quietly I found the right key. It was a rusted medium sized bronze key. It had once held the name of the company who had made it, but that had been worn down by previous owners.

Slipping the key into the lock I silently turned it. The scritching that could be heard seemed to amplify in sound. it sounded like a thousand nails scraping across hundreds of blackboards.

Ugh. Great, just great.

Opening up the door, I slipped in, making sure that I don't open the door too widely, after three quarters of the door being opened, there is a squeak which seems to echo all the way around the apartments.

Got to avoid that.

Shutting the door, I silently made it up the stairs, remembering the three faulty steps that creak and groan under footstep. yeah, I had mapped out this place, and mesmerized all the crooks and crannies, all the noisy parts of the house, and how to get past them.

That's what somebody generally does if they don't want to get caught.

Hearing a door open from somewhere above, I quickly flattened myself against the wall, my foot dangerously close to slipping down a stair, onto a noisy creaky step which would do damage. Holding my breath I stayed perfectly still, ears straining to clasp any sounds.

'...You're a smart Boy, Sora. You'll be Okay.'

That voice rang out in my head again, the soft voice giving sense of security to me.

Hearing no noise, I carried on. Nearly there. I glanced at the door numbers...




...7. Coming to my door, I let out a sigh of relief, I couldn't help it. It had seemed like hours since I was last here.

I rested my head onto the doors surface. It wasn't much, but it was Home.

Home. The only place to feel vaguely safe.

Lonely, But safe none the less.

I grabbed the only other key that hung on the small loop that kept them both together and slid the silver key into the lock. I turned the handle and swung the door open--

--well, was about too anyway.

A hand had grasped my wrist and quite roughly remained holding it. I involuntarily gasped as I was spun around to meet a ruggeded looking face. His breath mixing with the air, rushed up my nostrils filling them with the scent of alcohol and cigarettes.

Oh this is just great. Whoopde-fucking-do.

"Yes, Seifer?" I ask in an innocent-like way, well I hoped it sounded innocent, hope he doesn't mind the slight growl in my voice.

"What's your name again, Kid?" He slurred, hands still painfully griping my poor wrist.

"Sora, and before you ask, again, I'm 16" I hissed, I couldn't help it, I hated this man, with a passion.

"Your number 7. Ah yes, you owe me rent, boy. I'm not running a shelter home, so pay up, or fuck right out of here." He dangerously narrowed his eyes. His long white leather jacket was probably the only thing I liked about him. To me he was just an arse. In a nice jacket. I had been panicking about this little encounter I knew was overdue. Things would be a lot less harder if he stopped thinking that he owned a 5-star hotel. The price was just..Ouch. I knew it was over-priced, but no-where else would accept a 16 year old kid, said something about rules and regulations, Arsewipe here knew this too.

I was stuck here paying over-priced rent for a shitty apartment, surrounded by arseholes. Oh isn't life swell.

"I know Seifer, and I said that I'll get it to you as soon as I got my paycheck, It's coming tomorrow! I promise! I don't get paid so I can't give you money until I do." I tried to look like the innocent little Sora people just couldn't hurt. I had practiced this effect, It had its advantages, I can tell you.

Shame wankers like him didn't buy it. At all.

"You got 24 hours punk, before your booted out of here for someone who DOES pay rent, you hearing me? 24 hours to get that money to me!" He poked me hard in the chest, it hurt but I remained emotionless. I was taught not to show my emotions, it only provokes people into doing it more. I nodded feebly and he gave me one last distasteful look, before he dragged himself back to his room. Even when he's pissed out of his skull, he still has the hearing of a hawk. He always can hear. I have to put my best efforts in to slide past him, even then it doesn't always work.

'...You're a smart boy, Sora. You'll be Okay...'

'...But, you've still got a lot to learn.'

Swallowing the lump in my throat, I went into my room. Throwing the keys onto the side, I flicked the light switch on, and shut the door. I slid down the door and landed on the floor.

I hated bumping into him. Hated it, Hated it. He scared me shitless, and I couldn't shake off the unnerved feelings every time I ran into him.

'I want to get out of here, So badly.' I sighed and let my hands slide down into my lap.

'I will get out of here, I will make something of my life. Yeah, find someone special to take me in and look after me, me look after them in return. I'll find someone who will care for me one day, love me and hold me, whisper to me that it'll all be okay and that they'll be there forever.'

I felt a lump in my throat again. I threw back my head and let out a bitter laugh. I sneered at the thought of someone wanting me. What a joke.

I heard the crumpling sound of an envelope in my pocket and I reached in a cold hand to bring it out, I slowly looked down at it, and smiled slightly to myself.

My lifeline... My only hope...

...My only need.


I ripped it open and pulled out the small wad of notes that I had earned. It was the greatest feeling on earth, it was like touching safety. I sniffed it and counted it again.

Fuck Seifer, I get first dibs of my paycheck, He can wait.

I stood up and put £20 aside for food. I'll have to make that last for a month's worth of shopping. I reluctantly pulled out £35 worth of my hard earned cash and put it aside for rent. Damn that sucks. Easy come easy go.

That left me £15 for Hmm... I sat down on bed which groaned and creaked as I shifted and I thought of all the wonderful things that I could spend my money on.

I lay down and a wash of tiredness came over me. I couldn't be bothered to eat, I'll just steal from work tomorrow, and I had to go easy on food shopping money, on spending it when I needed too. It had to last a looooong time. I kicked off my wet shoes and took off my shirt, I wiggled my toes and the soggy socks moved reluctantly with the movement off my feet.

...Hmm... Maybe I'll buy more socks.

I was down to my last good pairs. The rest had fallen apart or got holes in them. I shivered and pulled my blanket over me tightly. Maybe a nice new jacket to go with them, or a thick woolen jumper. I smiled at the thought of being warm.

I said goodnight to no-one in particular and fell asleep; only then realizing how truly exhausted I had been.

-- End of chapter 1? YIPPEE! --

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