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Serendipity Chapter 6 - Club Oblivion.

I always hated having so much to think about, but the uneasy thoughts wouldn't leave me alone. The truth was; I was feeling a little more than just queasy right now.

I was feeling undeniably sick.

I couldn't shake off that bubbling feeling of worry that swam within me. Riku was being followed; there was no denying that; I had seen so yesterday!

…Didn't I?

I rubbed my soar watery eyes yet again and stretched my arms in a big arch above my head as I presented the shop with a big noisy yawn.

"Yes… Can you believe it! ... The whole shop! … I'm having a field day!"

I slumped back down against the counter and buried my head in my hands. I felt utterly useless to the whole situation. I offered nothing of use to him unless you counted staying up all night chewing on your bottom lip worrying.

Blinking an eye open, I watched effortlessly the customers come and go, minding their own business as the time ticked its usual rhythm on the white wall above me. Cid was babbling away merrily to the uninterested pair of employee's who were sitting down with nothing better to do.

…Why did everything seem so normal?

I let out the breath I was holding and felt my hair flutter with the breeze filtering in through the open door.

I was worried, I was tired, and I was sick of it all.

"…Infested with cockroaches! Can you believe…? My lucky day! …"

I couldn't focus on anything terribly well. I caught brief snippets of the conversations around me, yet I was running on zero fuel and my brain was trying to calculate on levels I couldn't keep up with.

Lazily rolling my eyes to the side, I watched Cid nearly foaming at the mouth as he tried to re-tell his story in a flurry of excitement to the blonde and brunette.

"So they're gonna close them down, and we're going to take all their customers on the road to SUCCESS!" When he nearly screamed that last sentenced.

Should I be worried that I have this overwhelming urge to rip his voice-box out right now whilst stomping on it until it shut. Thefuck. UP?

That's right, glancing up at the clock; I noted that Cid had been going on about this stupid shop for the past hour and a HALF.

Closing down! He says.

Cockroaches everywhere! He states.

More profits for us! He grins.

I fucking get it!Says I.

Wanting to head-crack the counter right about now, I sighed dramatically and collapsed into my arms once more. Man, I was in a foul mood today.

A persistent tapping occurred on my shoulder and I regrettedly looked up into the smiling face of Cloud.

"So, what set up camp in your ass today, princess?" Cloud said softly, becoming his brotherly self. This was how he acted when he was concerned for me, but didn't want to depress the mood further.

I thank him for it; he really does look out for me.

"—because seriously, I want to go kill the fucker who beat me to it." He grinned cheekily and winked at me in his graceful manner.

I groaned. Maybe not.

"You need a muzzle or something…" I said. I could practically see that grin forming on his lips.

"Either that or a good spanking." He let out a lively laugh. It was beautiful to hear. I couldn't help but smile, Cloud was brilliant at doing that – making me smile.

"Oh jeez, I'd personally opt to take you out and put you out of your misery" Leon mumbled, he approached us and held his two fingers and thumb out in a sign of a gun. He pointed them at Cloud and proceeded to make shooting gestures.

Cloud turned his head whilst grinning and grabbed Leon's fingers to yank him closer.

"Take me out huh? Well…as long as you're paying, love." He emphasised the word love as he darted his tongue out and ran it up Leon's fingers slowly.

Leon yanked his hand back and wiped it on his jacket, he narrowed his eyes. "I'd gladly pay any amount of money for the biggest gun they could find." He stated whilst pushing past Cloud, shoulder shoving against the blonde's.

Cloud spun around and swiped at Leon, managing to grab the back of his jacket, he yanked him back onto his chest and wrapped his arms around the stunned brunette. Stepping on tiptoes he brought his lips close to Leon's ear, eyes shining huskily down at him. "You like things… big, don't you …Squall." He breathed.

Leon's eyes widen slightly and he sucked in a long breath. He looked down at the arms wrapped around his chest and he still felt the breath tickle the back of his ears.

He smirked and tilted his head to the side ever so slightly. "Yes, and that is why you don't meet my standards."

I couldn't believe it; a rumble deep inside me rattled my ribcages and erupted up my throat and out of my mouth. I laughed. It wasn't a tiny chuckle either; it was a real retarded eyebrow-raising laugh.

I laughed so hard I felt my cheeks hurt. I just couldn't help it!

The look on Cloud's face as Leon rolled his eyes, and shrugged his arms off him was priceless!

He walked over to me and smiled down slightly in amusement as he watched me still chuckling, ruffling my hair gently, he took one last smug look at Cloud. "Oh …And don't call me Squall." He sauntered off down an Aisle, a minute later the sound of shelves being stacked met our ears.

Man, those two certainly knew how to bitch.

I couldn't disagree if I called them entertaining though. Or just plain stupid…

"…fucking… pieceofwork!" Cloud was mumbling away to himself, glaring at the aisle Leon had disappeared to so hard I was afraid he'd pop a vein or something. That's it Cloud, you give it to him, give him all you've got, when he's walking away.

I wondered if Leon had not been so hot, that Cloud would have had no problem of beating the shit out of him by now.

…Maybe he couldn't?

He did look punier… heck, I'll humour him.

"Hey Cloud, do you think you'd be able to beat Leon up if you wanted to?"

"Pffft, No doubt!"

"…That you'd lose? Yeah, I'll agree with that." Cid's rough voice barked. Looking at him, I saw that he still had that silly grin slapped onto his face.

"Jeez, boys… I-I'm so happy today that I need to do a jig… or sommat." He breathed out hurriedly. Oh, god. Please don't.

Disbelief was shinning in his eyes as they scattered between looking at me and Cloud.

Said blonde and me exchanged knowing glances and smirked. Our boss was right off his rocker, a real individual!

"So I went down there, righ'? He was there boys! Righ' in front of me sobbing like a fucking 2 year old girl!" Cid fumbled around in his pocket for his lighter as he kept looking up beaming at us, he placed a Marlboro Red between his lips, whilst scrunching up the empty packet in his hand and chucking it behind him.

"I saw him beggin' and pleadin' with em! It was a beautiful sight, boys! Fucking beautiful." He wiped away an imaginary tear and plodded away to his 'office'. Well if you liked to think that a fat hairy man on his knees sobbing like a kid is a work of art, then who am I to judge you, Cid? You demented weirdo…

We could still hear him mumbling away happily to himself as he shut the door of his broom closet. Jeez, can you feel the love radiating off that man? Run your business dry and sadistic Cid jumps right in! Love is such a strong word these days.

"Stupid git."

My face fell slightly and I adjusted my position on my chair.

"Sora… you know what this really means, don't you?" Uh…hint please?

I tried not to look too puzzled as I shook my head. I didn't know what it meant, but by the sound of his voice, it certainly didn't sound all too good. Maybe he should stop talking right now and save us the trouble. If it's that terrible I don't want to risk a round of Cid's sadistic merry jig's flapping around in my face.

I was surprised to hear Cloud huff out an annoyed sigh. He was fine a couple of minutes ago, albeit the occurrence with Leon, but he always got over things like that.

"It means… that Cid will be wanting to go OTT with this thing and make sure all the people notice this place…" He said this as calmly as he could, but I could tell by the way he gritted his teeth that he wasn't happy. Or possibly constipated?

What I didn't understand was why this was making him angry.

"What's wrong with that?" I frowned. Intelligent, I know.

His head snapped up and he stared at me as though I was stupid.

Why was he so surprised?

"What's wrong with that? The thing that is fucking wrong with it Sora, is that he'll be wanting this place spotless and will soon be making us actually WORK!" Oh damn that boss to hell! Work? Why would we come here to work? Do I even know what that means?


He scrunched up his face and grimaced. "Don't give me that 'Oh' Sora. You're not thinking this through! Usual customers would be getting paid bonuses for all this extra work heading our way, but him! Oh no, not that Stingy bastard! He'll be giving us the usual flimsy amount!"


That was true…

"Admit it, Sora. He's a selfish bastard at heart. Nothing, no matter how joyous he may seem; is gonna change that."

"A crazy one at that by the sounds of things for hiring someone like you." Cloud grimaced for the second time that day at the voice. I personally enjoy the husky quiet-spoken voice, it kinda works as an orgasm catalyst, you add that in and BOOM, you're floored and messy. Some time's I'm glad Leon has little to say…

"Oh, hello Leon. You have returned in one of your fantastic moods again I see?" Leon gave Cloud a glare and walked over to us, holding a few stacked empty boxes on one shoulder. Maybe he's trying to demonstrate what this 'work' thing means.

"I'm glad you enjoy them" He muttered as he dropped the boxes to the floor and slided them with his foot to the nearest wall. Well, I do, do I get brownie points?

With an 'hmph', Cloud gave him a distasteful glare and averted his eyes to the outside. His mood was definitely not that of a cheerful person's today. I could feel he was getting a little stressed out lately. With the arrival of Leon, things were certainly more challenging for him; I almost pitied him as he was beginning to see a few things in a new light. Almost…

With a usual person that took Cloud's interest, he'd have no problem swooping in and attacking their defences until he had them curled up against his body in his bed. If that person had morals or goals of sorts, they would shrivel up and become submissive to Cloud's openly wild charm. It was all too easy for him.

But Leon.

Oh Leon …he was a different story.

I sat and watched the faint creases in Cloud's forehead and those determined eyes, set somewhere beyond the window pane. Leon had a wall. A defence that Cloud had not yet come to experience. It was called resistance, and Cloud did not. Like it.

I couldn't tell if Leon had an interest in Cloud or not, it was hard to tell as he was well-concealed with his feelings. If he did like Cloud, he was doing one hell of a good job resisting his charm.

Or maybe he was just playing with him? Lion's do like to play with their meat. I watched a documentary once where a lion was bopping a chocobo on the head a couple of times when it was squawking at him, he would then smirk heartlessly down at it as he proceeded to make-out with it.

Uh… I meant rip its wings off. Same difference here.

So maybe Leon was seeing how long it was until Cloud cracked under the pressure and admitted he wanted something to happen between them?

Whatever the hell he was doing; he certainly knew how to hide in the right bush.

Speaking of bushes…

I sighed as beautiful silver hair and enticing aqua eyes fluttered into my thoughts.


How was he doing? Where was he?

Was he still coming tonight? Ugh…Why weren't we canoodling yet?

I had thought so much about tonight. I think I have played out every possible scenario that could happen through my head. Some good, some bad…Some amazing. Hehehe.

What if Riku asked me to dance with him? I could almost feel myself tucked tightly against his body in a perfect moment filled with his scent and warmth enveloping around me.

Dear god, I loved him.

I hardly knew him, yet I couldn't stop thinking about him.

He truly had affected me. Before then I didn't think guys like him even existed. It was hard to believe even now….

"Um, excuse me?" I blinked and looked down at a small hand that was tugging on my sleeve.

Standing there was a small boy dressed in big blue 3-4 lengths and a small black jacket. The kid couldn't be older than 5 and had blonde hair and face paint down the right side of his face.

"What?" I blinked, surprised as I walked around the counter to meet him. Hey look, my social skills are improving. At least the sarcastic side of things don't have to worry. Anyway…

"Could you tell me how much I have?" He held two sticky hands out at me, a bunch of loose change scattered about his podgy fingers.


Never the less, I crouched down to his level and started inspecting his hands, as I was busy counting up his pennies, his wide eyes studied me. What? Did I have 'Jerk-off' written on my head? Oh Riku…spare me the blurting of sexual comments and just screw me.

"I like your hair."

"…Thanks." ….I just lost count. Great. So I started to recount them hurriedly.

"What's your name?" I paused and glanced up at him. Easy does it now…

"Sora." He gave a boyish grin and nodded his head.

"Mine is Zell."


"Your eyes are big and blue, and they're very pretty." He smiled, seemingly proud of himself for being so nice.

"Yeah, that's a real nice name." Starting over I counted the coins as quick as ever. This kid was making me loose my concentration.

"I must have lots of monies!" I looked up at him and smiled.

"And why's that?"

"Because you've been counting for ages!" I widened my eyes, yet kept my smile in place.

"57p" I stated standing back up. I felt the dull ache at the back of my knees.

"That sure is lots!"

"Yeah, you can buy some good things with that." I humoured him, despite his question-asking; the kid was quite cute…

"Help me buy something! We can share!" I was about to tell the kid to choose on his own when Cid came booming out of his office and into view. I swear he has 'negative feelings towards the customers' radar or something. Lucky-fucking me.

I sighed and turned towards the direction of the sweets. "Okay."

I could sense him skipping along beside me, trying to keep up with my long strides; he was humming a non-tuneful tune and was stopping occasionally to look at some of the weird items. Aww… Why do kids always find that natural charm to look so sweet?

Stopping in front of the cheap sweets section, I nudged him closer with my foot.


"Thanks!" I looked down the aisle as Zell bumbled around inspecting things here and there. Leon was busy stacking dried pasta, bending low to get to the bottom shelves.

Heeeeello, Mr Leon!

That leather clad bum was definitely as tight as they came. It was perfection; I bet my hand fitted perfectly against it. A silly grin came to my face as I continued to watch.

"I can't decide! There are too many things to choose from!"

Never looking away from Leon, I shrugged. "Not my problem, kid."

"Help me!" I sighed and started picking up cheap sweets.

When it reached 57p, I gave them to him and patted his head. "There we go."

I looked back up to see if I could catch Leon, yet he had taken away the empty boxes and, I could only assume, getting more.

Hearing rustling, my attention turned back to the kid who was placing things that I had selected back.

"What are you doing? Uh…what did you just put back?" He shrugged at me and frowned.

I groaned. "Well now I don't know how much money you've spent!"

"Work it out again."

I took what he had in his hands, and looked down the aisle. Leon was back and was reaching onto the top shelf to put the peanut butter up; his shirt was riding up a little, giving little glimpses of well-toned skin. I whimpered when I felt that hand tug on my sleeve.

I looked at the sweets and proceeded to count them, when Leon muttered something I found myself gazing at him again. Woah, I couldn't concentrate!

"You've confused me now, Idiot." I accidentally slipped out.

Before I could apologize to him, Zell scrunched his face up at the insult; he bared his teeth at me and frowned. "Who's an idiot? …You are!" He then flung his sneakered foot back and swung it at my shin.


He just kicked me in the shin!

I was so surprised that I stumbled back. My eyebrows shot up as he ran down the aisle and out of the shop.

My shin throbbed and I glared down at the sweet-littered floor. I swiped the sweets up and non-too-gently put them back, storming back up the aisle I was confronted by Cid.

"Thefuck is wrong with you?" he rolled his fag to one side of his mouth and looked down at me through old eyes.

"That was a paying customer! Or was going to be until you scared him off!"

"He had 57p Cid! It wasn't going to make us go bankrupt!" I half-yelled. Ow… he really had a hard kick for such a sweet looking kid…

He averted his eyes swiftly to the shelf and adjusted some tins while proceeding to look down at me. I wasn't sure what he was thinking then as he stood there in his nonchalant manner, so I stood there waiting for him to do something, see what kind of mood he was in.

I couldn't forget that he was my boss, the one I worked for in order to keep a roof over my head.

I could at least show the old coot some damn respect once in a while…

I owed him that, at least.

"What are you, 12?" Shaking his brown wet-soaked head, he looked up shyly.

"10." He averted his blue eyes to the floor as his shy form allowed him to take half a step back.

"Listen, Kid…when I said I needed 'help'… this isn't exactly what I had in mind." The dull-blonde ran a rough hand through his hair and his let out an indecisive sigh.

'They sure do come young these days.' Looking down at the shivering form, he took him by the collar gently and pulled him into the shop. He closed the door and headed over to his newly refurbished office. Returning with two large beige towels, he looked around for the small boy. Finding him standing tucked against the wall out of no-one's way, he smiled slightly.

"Here." The boy hardly had time to look up when a warm towel hit his face; he blinked and looked down at the cloth that lay on his feet in an unfolded state. Picking it up gingerly, he fingered the soft material before he threw it over his head and scrubbed at his head.

"Thanks." Was the reply he offered, along with a small smile. His hair stuck out in odd angles, making him look younger and his eyes shone with innocence.

Studying the boy's form with his eyes, he saw that he was kind of runty, his small arms looked weak and his legs looked scrawny. He also sported a few bruises to the knees and small pale fingers; to put it blunt – he looked incapable of doing anything.

Yet still, the man offered his attention.

"You know how to work a broom, son?" With a nod in his direction, he walked to the far wall which was supporting a tall broom and grabbed it, passing it to the boy, who looked up at him in confusion, he smirked.

"Show me then."

So he did. He swept the front area of the shop and collected the rubbish into a small pile near the door. Albeit a few stumbles over the tall stick, he did in fact prove he could.


The boy held his sight to the ground and rubbed the back of his hands nervously. Perhaps a habit? The rain pounded heavily against the newly clean windows and the man turned his attention to the sound. The sounds faintly filtered through to the boy and the man, sounds of cars driving past, sounds of footsteps, rain, voices…

"You live around here?" Blue eyes looked up at the appointed question and a faint tinge of pink flowed across the bridge of his nose onto pinkish white cheeks. A small hand went to swat away a strand of chocolate brown hair from his eyes as he answered quietly.

"I guess…it's not that far."

"How far is not far?"

"…a few blocks away."

Silence filled the space between the walls and the man lent on the top of the broom he had in his hands and he looking down smiling.

"You know how to stick up for yourself alrigh'?"

"Do you?" The man smirked, so the kid had a bit of spark in him after all…

"Good question." The time was coming to an end, one could tell, the visit was due to expire soon enough…

"One last question."

Standing up straighter, the boy tugged on his jacket, bringing it closer to himself. "Tell me, why I should… out of all the people, hire you?"

Thinking it over briefly the boy shrugged, "I need the money."

That was it. Simple, straight to the point and no bullshitting lies. The man grinned the widest he had since the boy had arrived, so many times had he shot that answer at people to be given 'I will do your shop justice!' or 'I am a highly capable asset!'

But this kid…

Now he was something new.

"What's your name, kid?"


With one last grin, he patted him on the shoulder. "The name's Cid. You start tomorrow morning. 8 AM, don't be late."

Tuning back into my surroundings, letting the memory flutter away from my thoughts, I noticed Cid was talking to me. Well…trying to.

"…stay here until 10 instead. That okay? Not that I'm giving the choice…"

I blinked a few times and noticed he was asking me a question. Jeez, snap back into it Sora! Now's not the time to be in your own little world…

"Yeah, that's fine." I shrugged, out of instinct rather than manners. Staying later than usual is something I wasn't foreign too—oh crap! Wait!

"Good Lad." He shot a thumbs up at me and turned on his heels.

Out of complete surprise I took a giant leap forward and grabbed his shoulder, he spun around to see my bewildered eyes looking up at him. He raised one blonde eyebrow at me in question.

"Wait, what day did you say that was for?" I spluttered.

"Tonight… like I said, we have more customers here and 'cos of that shop closing so abruptly, people are turning this way! … There a problem with that?"

I felt my heart skip a disappointed beat then. A heavy weight landed on my shoulders and my stomach knotted. I had to work late tonight?



I scrapped around in my head for excuses, desperately trying to find a way out of it, all the while my mood abruptly decreasing. "What about Cloud?"

"That poor kid has had it burdened on him for the last two weeks! No can do, Sora… the guy needs some days, and he specially booked tonight off.

"…Leon?" I mumbled disheartened.

I already knew he couldn't. New employees had to wait a month minimum until they could take late-night shifts. Policies of Traverse Town of some sort…

"You know the rules better than I do, kid…"

Stupid rules.

I sighed heavily and my eyes fell to the floor.

"…Sure Cid, I'll do it."

He folded his arms whilst looking down at me with one of his 'manly smiles'.

"Oy, don't look too glum, I said I'm doubling this week's worth pay check for ya! Ain't that good enough? Eh?"

I smiled at that, at least Seifer will be off my back for a while. 10 PM… we originally decided to go at 8… so two whole hours of waiting. I'll just be a little late, right? They can just be getting warmed up waiting…. Right? Yeh…

I hoped so…

Riku wouldn't… do anything. At least I don't think he would. He's not that kind of guy… I sense. No, he's not…

Is he?

"…" I just stood there standing in the middle of the aisle where Cid had left me. I felt that uneasy feeling bubble up inside me again. I crouched low to the floor and sat there, thinking things through. I found my hands in my hair and my eyes fixed to the floor. Things weren't bad, were they?

They'd go to the club, order a few drinks, sit there chatting waiting for the party to get going… possibly have a few dances and before they know it, I'll be there.

…But me being there doesn't stop anything... nothing at all.

I wasn't worried over Cloud or Leon, Cloud's been plenty of times before and Leon… well, Leon could certainly look after himself. I didn't doubt that Riku could, but that shadowed person that was following him…

My throat went dry and I swallowed hard.

Stupid late shift, out of all the nights for Cid to be gone… it had to be this one.

"Feeling sorry for yourself again Sora? Jeez, keep it up and one would think you're a walking TV drama …" Cloud's boots appeared in front of my eyes and I looked up to see him staring down with a cocky grin.

"What do you want?" I said none too politely.

Cloud raised two slender eyebrows. "I would have thought you would show more excitement due to the fact that later on tonight you'll be grinding with Riku on the dance floor."

I narrowed my eyes. "I suppose I would have too, if that was actually going to happen." I sighed.

He threw a puzzled look in my direction and plonked himself down onto the floor in front of me, placing his elbows on his folded legs and his chin in his hands, he gazed sadly at me.

Damn those wide puppy eyes…

"It's not?"

"Cid's got me working late, I won't be there until 10, by that time I'm sure Riku would have some hot asses' tongue down his throat" I muttered.

"What makes you so sure?" he questioned.

I blanched and looked at Cloud as if he was stupid. "Well, in case you didn't notice, Cloud, Riku… well Riku is the most gorgeous, most sexiest… most epitome-of-everything- worth living for, and he's single!"

Cloud smiled and chuckled softly. "Yes, but he didn't come in here twice just because of the sardines… catch my drift?" He wiggled his eyebrows at me cheekily.

I let my mouth open to form a response, but nothing came…

Cloud had a point…

Riku had come twice, and he didn't even buy anything on the second visit.

My eyes widened and I felt my cheeks warm. Cloud's chuckle rang through my ears again as he stood up and smiled down fondly at me. "Well, I'll go talk to Cid, see if there's anything we can do…Laters." He raised his hand quickly in dismissal and left down the aisle.

My heart was thumping in my chest and I couldn't calm myself even if I kept telling myself that it was a mistake…

Riku only came because he had no friends, and we had caught his eye. He wanted someone to talk to…


There were so many others that he could have gone to. Why us?

Why us four tucked away in the side street supermarket in Tailsgate Av? In Traverse Town Slums to be precise. It didn't add up…

Unless, one of us attracted him? Possibly… It wasn't too hard to believe, not with Leon and Cloud here…

Well, Cid was definitely ruled out of the question, unless Riku had some strange fetish for old men… Ugh, I even cringe at the thought.

Cloud was a reasonable choice, his forward, non-shy ways and his handsome boyish features were definitely not disappointing…

Or Leon, the silent mysterious type who had that 'bad-ass' attitude that was nearly as hot as his tight ass in those leathers…

Damn it, why can't I be the charmingly mysterious hot intellectual that made Riku turn weak at the knees! I pictured it and despite my depressing mood, I felt myself chuckle…

Well, I'd certainly be taller…

I walked back up to my till and plonked gently back into my seat, this day was going excruciatingly slow. I kept trying to catch the clock out red-handed; I swear every time I wasn't watching it that it slyly stopped working.

"Alright, I get it! …Don't blow a vein, old man!" Flinging my head up, I saw Cloud storming out of Cid's office and slamming the door.


Huffing, he stormed over to me and flung himself on the counter of my till. Folding his arms he set his vicious glare at something in front of him. From the small hunch he was giving me through his attitude, I'm guessing things didn't go all too well with Cid?

I leaned one elbow onto the desk near his right thigh and glanced up at his infuriated features, I couldn't help the huge grin that spread to my lips.

"Sooooo, didn't go too well huh?"

Wow, just saying that one measly sentence seemed to set off an explosion in him.

"OFCOURSE it didn't go too bloody well! Did it sound it to you?"

Raising one eyebrow slowly, I smiled. "Not exactly, no."

"No! And you know WHY? Because that man! Behind that flimsy cardboard-looking door, is a GIANT, butt-sucking ASS!" I was a little worried by this point, Cloud was nearly squeaking those last few words, and his voice was uncontrolled as it was! Cid must have really got under his skin.

"I heard that you little twerp, and I'm still not changing my goddamned mind!" the muffled voice from behinds Cid's door was followed by the most loathing glare Cloud could muster.

Lowering his voice to angry mutters, he continued cursing the old blonde darkly.

"Idiotic… ugly, old coot!"

"Could have gone better huh?"

"Yes, yes it could…"



"Uh, Cloud?" He seemed to be thinking, his glare was still directed in front of him, but his eyes seemed a little unfocused, he was also chewing on his bottom lip gently. This was a sure sign that he was figuring things out.

"…what?" Came the reply after a little eerie silence I felt uncomfortable in.

"You wanna explain what went on in there?"

"Fuck no! ... What a dick…" I rolled my eyes, trying to hold back my smile.

"Are you gonna anyway?" He narrowed his eyes and huffed.

"He wouldn't let you off! So I mouthed at him perfectly reasonable explanations as to why you needed the time off to come and party with us but he chewed my head off! What an ass… and can you believe it, he took 5 off this week's pay-check for disrespect! I have no idea what he was going on about 'disrespect' my fucking ass…"

Ouch a whole 5 huh? Now who's going to buy Leon his pretty little clips for his hair? I smirked nonetheless, eyeing a few customers who bumbled through the door, letting that god-forbidden bell rattle cheerfully through my ears.

Why I have not jammed that thing up Cid's ass yet remains a mystery…

At least it'd give us both some goddamned pleasure. I, some sacred silence and Cid… well, let's not explain that side of his non-too-existent life.

"Riiiight, about that smirk Sora, I wouldn't go flaunting it around too much, I forgot to point out another ass-holish stunt Cid decided to lay down." I felt my eyebrow lift on its own accord. Right, no point delaying this Cloud, deal the damage…

"And?" Well, I'd kind of like the news before I have the 1st grey hair to cry over, thank you very much.

"Hey Sora."

"Piss off."

Leon raised an eyebrow when I quickly dismissed his greeting. Heck I would have too if I wasn't in this foul mood to begin with. It wasn't everyday Leon first used a selection of the limited words he knew to strike up a conversation, so when he gets flipped off so quickly for his attempts, an eyebrow being raised isn't too out of the question.

The sulking blonde was now trying to comfort himself by stacking the cereal boxes. Bastard, I hope he is the one who gets hit to death by the old lady who finds her cornflakes are squashed.

What he had to say did not impress me.

So after having had that delightful conversation with that blonde bog-brush, I discovered I'd be arriving even later at Oblivion.

Waving it off as if the news wasn't so important, he stated to me that Cid had decided that he needed to add an extra half hour to my shift tonight. Summing it up, I felt like I needed to ram one blonde's head, up another blonde's ass.

If I'm feeling particularly evil, maybe I'll stand whacking them with a big stick while I'm at it. So far, by the rate of how fast my good mood is decreasing, I'm definitely favouring that stick.

"…I sense negative feelings." Gee, you think?

"Let me guess, the problem is due to a bouncy, blonde, big-mouthed queen?" Leon, you never cease to amaze me.

I nod, giving in and letting out that huge groan I've been dying to let out ever since my shift grew. Collapsing into my folded arms I stare up at Leon sadly.

"How could you tell?" Watching that small tug of his lips rise, I notice his eyes take a lazy stroll over to the direction of Cloud.

"Seriously, he was on his 11th box when I walked past, if the line didn't say 'Cereal' above them, I would have thought they were Advent calendars."

He walked around to the vacant till and we watched a few nattering mothers walk past. My eyes fluttered back to Leon as he spoke on an after thought.

"Admittedly, it was amusing to see him grumbling away pitifully to himself. I would have called it disturbing, but I am gathering it's usual for him?"

I let my chin slide back and rested my forehead in the fabric of my hoody from the position on my arm, and grinned. I could imagine it now, Cloud kneeling down ramming yet another box in the nonexistent gap grumbling away to himself with that over-dramatic pout of his.

Why was he doing that again?

Oh yes, because he made me work longer! My precious time with Riku was slipping away from me.

God, just saying that name made my chest explode with an undeniable want.

How long was it until I saw him now? The clock told me that it was nearly 7. Great, Leon and Cloud will be leaving in 20 minutes, no doubt to drag (Cloud's job) and be dragged (Leon's demise) to Cloud's apartment to make themselves look good for tonight.

To be fresh meat. The kind of meat you want to sink your teeth in and slowly devour, savouring each and every inch. Hell, there were certainly enough hungry men out there wanting their asses on a golden platter.

Yes, Cloud was the top man. The guy who everyone knew the name to, the one who everyone desired, yet never pinned long enough to call worthy of achievement. He was the one to swoop through the dance club lost to the beat, clearing that invisible path with the sway of the hip and the roll of the head.

With a sweep of the hair over those hypnotizing blue eyes, all heads turn to him with a token of appreciation; he'd end up getting delightfully drunk without even reaching for his wallet.

Even though Leon would be a new face to the locals of club Oblivion, he certainly was no disappointment, if people were all up on the style, then Leon was already in the top crowd without even so much as muttering a 'hn'. Although no status points were even needed to be added to Leon's already towering list, the fact that he was coming with Cloud was a major statement to begin with.

Not once has Cloud ever had someone accompany him to Oblivion, although he had offered me, if I were to even go, they would have dismissed me immediately, I just wasn't in Cloud's league.

Leon though, hell Leon was a couple of hundred leagues ahead, so to see Cloud bring someone like that, now this was saying something. It'd sure as hell would make a lot of people envy. They would be foaming at the mouth wondering why two of the hottest looking guys were grinding against each other instead of pitying their own ugly little selves and giving them a damn dance.

Although Riku was joining them this evening, I think people will still see that Leon is the one Cloud has taken an interest too.

No offence to those two… As I'm amazed just as much as the next guy, but even those two have been knocked down a place on their pedestal, when it comes to Riku.

Before I met Leon and Riku, I thought Cloud was 'it'. God's one true perfected piece of art. Albeit being a little whiny at times, Cloud IS just perfect. Now though…

Riku. Well he opened up a whole new level of God's artistic abilities. God musta sweated heavily over 7 whole days to make him. Heck, making the Earth must have been a piece of cake in comparison.

Talk about showing off… sheesh…

Stretching my arms up high above me I gave an eye-watering yawn and sagged back down into my chair. Leon was now counting up the money in the tills to give to Cid and Cloud was no where to be seen.

Those horny strangers are going to taint my mouth-watering Riku. Oh gods, they'll try dry-humping him! I nearly squeaked at the thought, earning a weird look from Leon

With Leon, Cloud and Riku there tonight… Club Oblivion sure is in for a treat.

"You guys still here? …Piss off will ya." Ah Cid, it's nice to know you care, how about showing your caring side for me and tell me to piss off with them?

"Are you ready to work hard tonight, Sora?" Jeez, don't rub it in.

I saw a few more customers wander in from the cold. I'll detach that noisy bell… if it's the last thing I do. Directing my glare at that instead, I just listened to the sounds of Leon and Cloud getting ready to leave.

Oh, woe, take me with you!

"So Sora, you're coming later, yeah?" Must you remind me?

He raised his eyebrows and shook his head with a small smile as the only reply he got from me was a squinty glare and full-blown pout. Cid grinned yet was feeling slightly uneasy. Yes, feel the guilt you fat baboon, you ruin my evening! Ah… I couldn't really stay mad at him no matter what he did, so I smiled at him to show him I was okay.

Leon stepped up beside me silently and leaned against the counter, after having put his apron on the rack and pulling on his coat; he placed his hands in his pocket and waited for Cloud to stop chatting so they could get going.

Eager are we Leon?

Cloud looked up after taking his shoe off the counter in front of me and smirked. He leant forward and whispered to me. "Don't worry Sora; we'll make sure Riku doesn't get too felt up." His hand swooped through my hair and ruffled it before he leant back up to discover my flushed face.

That damn psychopathic buttmunch! Why oh why does he insist on embarrassing me!

"You better keep a leash on Leon then, plenty of people will want to feel that ass, wouldn't want that, would you? Who knows, he may enjoy their hands a lot more." I smirked as I leaned back from Cloud's own ear.

He narrowed his eyes at me and I saw how he slightly clenched his jaw. Heh, take that, you cocky fuck.

Leon let his eyes lazily flicker between us and frowned a little, yeah seeing two red-faced guys glaring at each other would have made me frown too, or laugh.

The bell went again and Cloud finally straightened up. He sighed and flicked his hair out of his eyes before he grabbed Leon's jacket by the arm and tugged slightly.

"Come on Leon, we're off." Shrugging the blonde off, he nodded to me a goodbye. Cloud gave a lazy hand salute and then turned to leave.

"Cya soo--." I frowned when I heard Cloud stopped and looked up to see him staring at Riku, who had just arrived.

"—Hey Riku."

I wonder why Riku is here…

…. I also slightly wondered why my insides have just stopped and froze all over, or why my heartbeat is rocketing against my ribcage furiously, or why all the blood has rushed to my face so fast that I feel light-headed. Why do I feel my eyes watering just by looking at him?

Oh right…

…it's Riku.

Before I had even the slightest chance to piece this whole situation together, he chooses to then open his mouth… and run over to me to sweep my off my feet and kiss me so fierce I feel my lips bruise instantly and my heart explode within me.


I shudder and groan inwardly to myself. Okay… gather your rational thoughts here Sora. You know you can think normally, assemble all the feelings that tell you to stop acting like a complete prick, and pull your damned self together!

Right, so… He opened his mouth to –

Kiss me.


Mutter soft, sweet 'everything's' into my ear?

Not that either. Jeez…

…Greet us?

Yes! To greet us! Atta' boy!

"Hello again."

Woah, the hair at the back of my neck tingled as those syllables floated around me.

With Cloud turning around to look at me, I felt like a frozen deer caught in the headlights. From that innocent look came a sly smug smirk which read in decidable feelings towards me. Shit, winding Cloud up was not such a good idea.

He brought his attention back at Riku who was still standing there, clad in his long ankle-reaching black coat. Oh jeez, that body… Even with that coat I could see the well muscled arms and lip-smacking good chest. I want to touch him… I really do.

"What are you doing here? We were supposed to meet at Oblivion."

Riku's gloved hand rose up to slide a few strands of soft silver hair behind his ear. Ignoring the few strands that flowed back down to where they were, he smiled gently.

"Actually, I couldn't find it, to be perfectly honest."

I tensed my muscles, and curled my toes into my sneakers, for fuck sake Cloud, stop making him speak! Every word was practically causing a damned orgasm!

"Oh… well, we could walk you there, or you could come back to mine and wait while we change?"

Riku nodded and his placid eyes focused passed Cloud onto me.

My cheeks regained their flushed state as I looked down at my desk. Riku was so gorgeous that I felt I best look away before he trapped me with those eyes and saw me gaping like a goon.

"That sounds like a plan." His eyes averted from me and back to Cloud, they glowed fondly through his long lashes. I bit my lip to prevent any sounds. Down boy, put that tongue away before it falls out.

"Back to mine then! You ready Leon, or shall we wait while you reapply your eye shadow?" Leon walked towards the door and shrugged as he walked past Cloud.

"Why do it here when you've got a whole cabinet's worth of cosmetics?"

Cloud opened his mouth ready to grace the brunette with a witty come back but abruptly shut it again, thinking over what Leon had said, he grinned.

"Touché." With that he gave Leon a quick pat on the bum before gently giving him a shove out the door. Without giving Leon the chance to protest, he turned around and smiled at Riku.

"You coming?" His eyes widened as he stumbled a little due to Leon pulling the door shut tight, in which the blonde was holding the handle to, with a swift bang.

Riku put his hands gracefully into his pockets and nodded. "Yes." He turned to look at me. "Are you ready, Sora?" My eyes widened and my heart gave a burst of energy. I slumped down in my chair a little.

"I can't make it until 10:30 the earliest. Cid has me working late." I frowned, I couldn't help it. I tried to stop because I knew I was acting childish in front of 'Perfect' over there, but I was unsuccessful.

Riku's eyebrow rose in return. "Is that so?" Was that my imagination, or fucked up eye-sight, or did he appear a little upset?

Cloud, who was standing behind us listening to our exchange of words, walked up to beside Riku and put his hand on his shoulder.

"Ugh …I just remembered. My apartment is freakishly small, and I think it'll be a tight squeeze if you were to come along, we'd hardly all fit, with Leon's big bum and all. So... instead, with much regret, I have to ask if you would be able to stay here with Sora and meet us at the club at 10:30?" Cloud sighed out this last bit, as though disappointed with himself for lack of apartment space.


Riku knew it too. None the less he smiled at Cloud and played along, for reasons unknown to me.

"Oh really? How unfortunate, although I will be happy to wait with Sora."

I banged my head off the desk with a loud thunk. I groaned and looked back up to them and saw them looking at me with surprised expressions. Well, I'm sorry but I thought 'knocking some sense' into me was a wise idea.

I think I have a problem with my ears too, I thought Riku had just said he'd be happy to wait with me?

Cloud grinned broadly and patted Riku's shoulder as he turned his stylish boot towards the door. With one last look over his shoulder, he winked at me and headed towards Leon, who was waiting outside with a gloomy expression on his face.

"Cya then, have fun you two."

I watched in delightful horror as Cloud left with one Leon, and no Riku. Oh how my body began to tremble.

Leon gave Cloud a scrutinizing look before he narrowed his eyes slightly. "Where's Riku?"

Cloud smirked and started walking down Tailsgate Street. "Spending some quality time with our boy-o." With that they left down the street, a few meters apart thanks to Leon's careful steps.

Oh dear God

Oh dear God… oh dear God. I can't breath. Fingers. The fingers.

Don't faint, concentrate. Don't faint… don't orgasm either. Oh jeez, Sora, how do you get yourself into these kinds of situations?

Soft, gloved fingers glided across my forehead and striking cerulean eyes swam before my focus incredibly close to me. A thumb ran repeatedly over my forehead with extreme gentleness and I could feel every. single. movement.

I tried to steady my breath by releasing it slowly through my mouth but this just caused me to shudder more. My fingers tightened and I felt the pressure of my fingernails make indents on my palm.

"Does it hurt?" I closed my eyes tightly when that voice broke the silence. I couldn't talk. I even found it a tremendous effort to even shake my head. When I felt those fingers brush against my ear as that thumb repeatedly brushed gently over the small bump I had forming, I had to bite my lip. Hard. My legs crossed over themselves and my eyes kept closely shut.

When I felt the breath of his audible sigh brush against my cheek I snapped my eyes open to see Riku straightening up a little.

I could not even begin to believe what was happening to me.

His hand… on my forehead….fucking caressing it!

His fingers on my EAR ….. His breath had been on my CHEEK. …

I need some air… I needed to calm down.

"It looks painful, do you have any ice?"

"I'll be alright" I muttered without realising it. His hand remained.

He smiled warmly at me and the thumb moved across my bump again. "You sure are clumsy aren't you Sora?" I vaguely noticed the warmth on my ear from where his fingertips lay.

Thank whoever was upstairs for random table-bashing using one's head! I grinned happily.

"Hmm, okay. If you insist." What about if I insist you screw me into this floor right now? Being as you're letting me insist…

…Is it me, or am I rambling? Well... you can't blame me for not being able to string a coherent sentence together at the moment…

He pulled his hand away and silence encased around the both of us.

It wasn't that I didn't want to speak to him – It was that I couldn't. I think that my tongue has actually been paralysed ever since Cloud's apartment had coincidently shrunk. I just wasn't sure if he intended to lie for my benefit or his.

Probably the latter.

The bum.

I hope Leon chews his cheeky wandering-arm off. Maybe spit it back at him too. Yeah, that sounds good.

I smirked sadistically at my own sick Cloud-torturing fantasy, whilst Riku moved away from where he was standing as I did so. My eyes faithfully followed him and I watched as he walked over to the rack of aprons. He fingered a few of them gently until he picked up a dark green one with his index finger.

Twirling around on the spot, hair flying around with him, eyes landed on mine and he let a pleased smile grace his soft lips. Fuck, think of something ugly... Think of ugly… Don't get turned on… ugly… ugh…CID. Bikini! Phil! ...hobo's?

So I've got Cid and Phil in bikini's talking with a hobo? No... Better make that shagging. Yeah, hot sweaty threesome between them.

Holy fuck, I think I can feel the bile rising in my gut.

…I went too far. The image is disturbing. Need to balance! Riku! In a biki—no. NAKED. Yes, Riku's most glorious body free from clothes! Soft, supple body cascaded in shimmering lights that complimented his chest, his hips, his--.

Way too far again. I groaned and placed my hand to my forehead.

I heard a chuckle and looked up to see Riku looking at me amusedly.

"Are you tying to suggest that green isn't a good colour for me? Should the groan be considered a hint?" His eyes twinkled and mine just widened.

"Huh? Oh… you don't have to wear one of those." I muttered embarrassedly.

He hooked the loop over his neck. "Oh, but Sora, this is all part of the fun." He seeked out the two ties and twiddled them each between fingers and thumbs.

Holding them out towards me, a silent look was shared between us. He stepped closer as I shakily took the ties and lopped one arm around his waist, not daring to touch that slender body at all, and moved around to the back of him. I had trouble trying to make a loose knot as my arms were shaking.

My eyes strained on the string but my focus was entirely stolen by the sight around it. The small of his back, the slender edges of his hips. Dear god that ass.

It was absolutely perfect. Having abandoned the long coat before inspecting my bruise on my head, that bum was on show in tight black leathers. Only a little of his white dress shirt covered it. Seriously… I could use that bum as a pillow for the rest of my happy little life.

"Th-there." I mumbled quietly. He turned around on the spot, and his hip grazed gently across my hand before I quickly pulled it down to my side. Holy fuck… what is he doing to me!

"Well? How do I look?"

Fucking terrific.

Absolutely molestable!

Drop-dead gorgeous!

"You look …great."

A warm expression passed my way. "Thank you."

I nodded meekly.

"Welcome to my humble home, you gonna come in or just stand there looking pretty?" The blonde toed his shoes off and flung his keys on the side desk.

Leon took his time entering the blonde's apartment as he let his eyes wonder around, taking in the terracotta and white walls.

He took his hands from his pockets and gently closed the door with a soft click. Watching Cloud shrug his jacket off and stretch his arms up with a silly grin on his face, he simply stood there as a spectator.

He wasn't even sure why he had came, Sure, the blonde's apartment had been a hell of a lot closer than his, but he wasn't quite sure it was worth the effort it took being around the ditzy boy.

He was annoyingly energetic, loud, over confident and waaaay too content in pushing all of his wrong buttons.

To be honest he had never met anyone like this guy before…

"So… you like what I've done with the place?" Leon's passive face looked up at the blonde and shrugged.

"Looks like any other." Cloud grinned.

"I'll take that as a yes."


Cloud moved towards a closed door on the right and opened it. Leon watched as he moved in and a few moments later light streamed out into the hallway from the room. A few moments later Cloud's head popped back out from around the door frame and gave a questioning look.

"Well? Are you going to come in? Shoes off though, the floor's only a few weeks old."

Leon glanced down and noticed the newly laid wooden floor. He breathed in heavily through his nose and bent to undo his shoe laces, a minute or two later Cloud found himself accompanied in his living room with a surprised Leon.


Leon raised an eyebrow. "You're….not a slob."

Cloud slit his eyes and smirked. "What did you expect?"

"A messy place."

Cloud snorted. "Why's that?"

Leon rolled his hand lazily on his wrist as he explained. "I just got the impression that you were too concerned in making yourself look good to worry about 'trivial' things such as tidying your apartment."

Cloud looked insulted. "What are you talking about? I naturally wake up looking this good!"

"Hn, and I'm the Queen of Hollow Bastion…" Leon rolled his eyes.

"Better suited a Queen than King." He winked and gently shoved Leon backwards. The brunette fell onto a squishy dark brown leather sofa and grunted, seemingly irritated.

"What do you want to drink?" questioned Cloud as he walked out the room and into what Leon could only assume was the kitchen.

"Nothing." Leon heard the sounds of two glasses hitting a surface. He sighed and stared at the cream coloured rug at his feet.

Did that boy ever listen?

"We have….fresh orange juice, Midgar's Special, coke- non fat, a Selphie on the rocks or… my very own concoction, pumped fresh of course." Cloud's amused voice sang through the door.

Leon grimaced. So the innuendos start…. And he had only arrived here around 7 minutes ago.

Leon took the liberty to study the boy's living room whilst Cloud was rumbling around in the kitchen.

As much as he hated to admit it, Strife had style. With the simplistic theme of terracotta walls with white borderlines, some walls were dotted with modern art pictures. Leon doubted Cloud even knew the names of the paintings but had some sad excuse like wanting to look intellectual or some crap like that.

A wide screen TV sat against one wall, comfortably sitting between two surround-sound speakers. Numerous games and gaming consoles lay at its feet. To Leon's surprise Cloud also had a large fish tank sat in one corner, a luminous white light shone from inside it.

From what he could see from inside it, a large lump sat at the bottom, lazily blowing bubbles out of what Leon could only imagine; complete boredom. He almost felt sorry for it as Cloud had taken the opportunity of a lazy afternoon to decorate a small piece of the wall around the tank with coloured pictures of the creature.

A chuckle came from behind him as Cloud came in and sat two glasses of orange juice down on the coffee table.

"Oh that's Chocobo, my turtle. I call him fatty from time to time." Cloud explained when he saw Leon's inquiring gaze upon his pet. Leon frowned at the glass set before him as Cloud carried on mumbling about his fat turtle.

Leon leaned back in his seat and studied the bright coloured pieces of paper stuck around the tank again.

"And the pictures?" Cloud's eyes widened as his blue eyes studied the pictures fondly.

"Those were pictures drawn by a small friend of mine I used to know."

"Used to." Leon stated more than questioned.

Cloud smiled a little. "Yeah…"

After a few minutes of silence, Cloud picked up his drink and took a large mouthful. He crouched in front of the tank and tapped the glass monotonously. "Heh… such a lazy bugger. He just sits around in there all day, you'd think that even when I get him out to play with he'd at least show some interest, yet he just sorta flops on his belly and sits there."

Sitting there listening to the blonde, Leon vaguely took in his words. A turtle huh…


"You said you take him out of the water to play with him?"

Cloud looked baffled. "That's what I said didn't I?"

Leon sighed deeply, "Cloud. You're not supposed to take turtle's out of the water, they can't breathe for that long without it, idiot."

The blonde looked surprised. "I thought that was tortoises and that he just hated me!"

Leon shook his head slightly, "One would expect he does when taken away the right to breathe…" Cloud just grinned and flopped down on the sofa next to Leon.

"I guess that just makes him even more retarded than he already is." He finished his drink and put the cup down next to Leon's full one. "Are you going to drink that?"


"Look, we'll be here a while, there's no point going there early, the real party doesn't start going until much later… So relax."

Leon found this extremely annoying Relax around Cloud was like trying to tell Cid to stop that foul language of his.

…Impossible, basically.

Yet still, he did not want to ruin his awkward evening anymore than it already was so he tried tolerating the blonde, hard as that may seem.

He had at least a couple of hours until they left for the club and he already found himself glancing at the wall clock every few minutes.

If that orange juice had some strong alcohol in it, Cloud would have been staring at Leon's already empty glass…

I thanked yet another ugly looking customer for shopping at Highwinds and hurriedly let my eyes seek out Riku, who looked content sweeping down the 5th Aisle.

No matter what I have tried in the space of these last 15 minutes, my pounding heart would not stop rattling my ribcage.

…Nor would my erection disappear.

Life is cruel.

My mind betrayed me as it kept conjuring up naughty scenes involving me and Riku in scenarios one would find in sleazy porno's.

Not that I would know.

Sighing quietly to myself I served yet another customer. Why can't they go away and buy their tinned ham and poached eggs during the day like normal people?

Woah, not being able to relieve myself sure is making me edgy.

"Thank you for shopping at Highwinds, here's your change." I gave her a quick smile as I passed her the change. The lady with abysmal bright pink leggings and a tartan shirt gathered her shopping together and left the store.

What the—Why not just save us all the effort of grimacing at you and walk around naked? It's gotta be a hell of a lot better than that ugly concoction of wardrobe choice.

Oh dear God, was I turning into Cloud? It makes me shudder just thinking about it.

I feel a little out of it right about now. I had Riku, The precious Riku sweeping up 5th Aisle using my broom whilst I sat here, full attention, flustered and sweaty… looking like a wreck.

Why me? I hiss in my mind, tempted for another round of whacking my head down on the desk. Riku deserved a lot better than wasting his time in this shop sweeping. What a waste of his time an--.

"So Sora—." Holy SHIT. I physically felt myself jump as Riku chuckled.

"Yo-you scared the hell out of me!" I squeaked and tried to calm myself down, when had he snuck up like that?

"Sorry, I should have warned you." He smiled softly and all was immediately forgotten as I had a very hard time trying to rip my eyes from his face.

"No, its okay, I was just being clumsy." It was within this sentence I realised that we were making small talk. Although Riku appeared to be able to smoothly talk with anyone he met; I couldn't. Yet here I find him and myself chatting as though we were 'acquaintances'.

All I knew was that acquaintances never usually stay in touch and I didn't want that. I wanted so much more…

"Have you ever been to Club Oblivion?" I blurted out just as he was about to say something. I felt my cheeks redden as I realised I cut him off and cringed inside.

Stupid… stupid idiot. Way to go

"I was about to ask the same thing actually." He stated, leaning the broom down gently against the side and placing one hand on my counter.

Mind if I hold that for a while Riku?

"I've never been; Cloud always asks me though I always turn him down." Okay stop blabbering on you stupid fool.

"Ah I see, you changed your mind this time though." Don't blush… Don't. You. Dare.

"Yes." I nod.

"Well? What made you change--."


"—your mind?"


I groaned inwardly and desperately tried to think of an excuse, not finding one, I blushed furiously. I couldn't exactly tell him that after all these years of giving Cloud the finger when asked to come; I suddenly change my mind because of Riku.

...it would seem too weird.

Having received nothing but silence and a blush on my face from me; Riku appeared to drop the question.

It didn't stop him from bringing up another one though…

"Do you know how to dance?" …If being flung around weightlessly by Cloud on one of his hormone-high dancing sprees count, can I say yes?

"No." I shook my head and felt my bangs sway over my eyes.

"Do you?" I asked more out of having something to say rather than wanting to know. Heck I knew the answer already; Riku was perfect after all.

Riku, not so much to my utter surprise, nodded and looked out the window as he spoke. "Yes. I was taught many of the classics."

Greatso now I'll have to put effort into dancing? I was just kinda going for standing on the spot and wiggling my arms around a bit…

"Why the long face, Sora?" He questioned, seeing as I was looking thoughtful. In truth I was trying to remember some of Cloud's move when he wasn't swinging me around like a drag-doll. Apart from the couple of hip thrusts and swoop to the floor movements I remember; I'm pretty much drawing up a blank, a little help here!

Noticing that I have left Riku's question unanswered long enough to the point that it was knotting itself in a noose, I started stuttering thinking of the right words. "I-I, arg… um, well… I was just thinking that I was going to make you look bad… in front of… y'know… the people, because you can dance well, and I …can't."


Yeah, that felt good. Mentally shooting myself and my sorrowful attempts of conversation and watching as I fall to the ground is a lot more favoured than leaving me where I am now. Eh, I had it coming…

Whilst enjoying my thoughts, I forgot to remember that I am in fact still very much alive and Riku is still very much here… and so very much gorgeous. That was uncalled for I know, but my eyes poke my brain to register it now and again.

I was shook from my thoughts when music arose from the stereo, it sounded like one of Cloud's mixes, most songs being upbeat and adrenaline-pumping tunes. Looking around to see why it was playing, my heart froze.

Near me, with an outstretched hand, was Riku. The hand that summoned my own held itself steady, as the owner smiled down gently; fierce warmth glowed in his eyes. My heart was now racing at the speed of the song as I looked at him with wide eyes. It hurt to swallow as my mouth had become incredibly dry…

"Riku?" I was half expecting him to say something cliché like 'Do you trust me?' or I was half wishing for the invitation of 'C'mere so we can make out like horny rabbits…' Truthfully, I would have opted for the latter, but that was a million to none…

Yet all he did was wait patiently for my hand…

"This is ridiculous…"

A few heavy breaths were heard before Cloud grunted and turned his head with effort towards the source of the comment, a hint of different colours glowed softly off their faces.

"…You're just a sore loser." He sucked in a huge breath quietly, then hurriedly released it and greedily took another.

Listening indolently to his and Cloud's breathing, Leon gazed at the screen with half lidded eyes.

"When people told me you were an expert; this isn't exactly what I was expecting." From beside him he heard an easy-hearted snort from the blonde. He continued anyway. "I've only lost three rounds anyway."

Rolling his eyes and getting to his feet once more, Cloud quickly grabbed Leon by his jacket and yanked him to his feet before the brunette had time to protest. Watching Leon give him a lazy glare he replied.

"Yeah, out of five rounds, I'm leading." He grinned cheerfully and stepped onto the metal platform. Leon watched as he hit a few buttons and adjusted his ruffled jacket.

"Considering I've never played this juvenile game before, I'm not sure you should be so proud." He quirked an eyebrow at Cloud knowingly as the sound of the button rang through their ears. As Leon watched Cloud select another hard song (no doubt) he still marvelled over how he had been dragged into this idiotic dance game.

DDR Cloud called it…

A pile of shit was Leon's choice.

Waiting as the song started to play, Leon tried focusing on the screen entirely. He knew Cloud kept passing him long amused smirks, yet chose not to acknowledge it. The thought of why he was playing this again fluttered through his mind as the first few arrows scrolled up the screen with a hasty pace.

Hitting them with ease now, his eyes caught Cloud's effortless 'PERFECTS' and occasional "MARVELLOUS" flash on the other side of the screen. He frowned despite himself and inadvertently concentrated harder.

This game may be stupid; but if it meant Cloud mocking him for weeks after for not being able to play, he'd keep up.

At first he couldn't quite grab the concept of it all. Why would somebody willingly stand there and pound on some arrows and actually think they were dancing? It was all ludicrous. He wouldn't have anything to do with it.

Yet when that cocky bastard shrugged him off with a 'fine' and stepped onto the platform; he sat on the soft brown sofa and watched. Cloud gave him some trash talk before hitting the expert button and Leon just raised an eyebrow. The first time he saw Cloud hit a few arrows in the right place, he snorted. He was so stiff looking, leg moving out here and there the jab a button then returning to its position.

Leon was right... It was pointless…

When the next wave of arrows hit however; Leon found himself blinking hard. Multiple arrows flew up so fast he couldn't even dream of deciphering a few before the next bunch came. His eyes flittered across the screen trying to pinpoint some but found it impossible, yet there Cloud was; legs flying out with a certain amount of grace to not stomp; yet to dance across the arrows. No longer a platform but a huge dance room with a raging party with and loud body-flowing music.

With the song ending, Cloud turned to face the brunette. The only evidence he had of playing at all was a tint of red flushed over the bridge of his nose. He smirked a little when he saw Leon's face. The stoic brunette sat there with a passive look on his face. That was enough for Cloud.

"So, you'll play?"

"Hn." Cloud grinned at the answer.


So here Leon was, playing the damned game for himself. He hadn't found it funny the first time he had tried when Cloud burst out laughing. What did the blonde expect? He wasn't likely to be an expert the first time he played. So he was a little stomp happy, what else could he do when the stupid machine kept booing his ass off the stage!

After failing the first round, Leon stomped back over to the sofa whilst Cloud's delighted chuckles followed after him. He sat down on the couch with a huff and shot Cloud a venomous glare. He regretted that after Cloud's face nearly exploded once more with a wave of laughter.

"I-I'm sorry Leon… I-it's just… you're so stompy!" He gasped between dampened eyes and quick bouts of laughter.

It was times like that Cloud wished he had a video recorder. Leon's stiff movements and quick stomps over the arrows were hysterical. What's worse was Leon's concentrated face as he glared at the screen and grunted each time the commentary asked him if he 'was feeling alright' or if he 'remembered to have breakfast this morning'.

After seeing Leon's disgruntled expression, he tried calming down, but images kept flashing before his eyes to tease him. The fact that this was the mysterious, quiet, 'cool' Leon did not help matters.

A few more practise rounds and nasty glares from Leon later, he now was picking it up quicker than Cloud had liked. Being one to prove he was the best still, he had proposed a competition.

After seeing Leon's non-worried expression, he decided to raise the stakes a little. Being told the deal, Leon was surprisingly keeping up with Cloud. 5 rounds of 'best of 3' later, Leon had discarded his jacket and both were breathing heavily.

With Cloud winning 3 games to 2, Leon was not impressed. Cloud didn't look to impressed, either. After playing occasionally for over a year, he was getting pretty sour as Leon caught on so quickly. It had resulted to petty name calling throughout intervals during the songs.

"Last game, donkey."

Leon groaned inwardly as his stubborn pride made him stand onto his much protesting legs. After taking a glance over in Cloud's direction, he huffed quietly again. Both men red in the face and sweating heavily in the moist filled air, they heard the timer run out and the next song loaded onto the screen.

"Shut up and play it then, queen." He breathed out. Concentrating on the screen again he began to step to the beat, when reaching the half-second steps, he heard a muffled yelped beside him and glanced quickly to the side to see Cloud gritting his teeth and glaring at the screen.

He laughed as he saw Cloud's result bar lower dramatically as Cloud started yelling at the screen.

"You – stupid – gay – FUCKER" He yelled as he hopped back into the beat.

"Isn't – that – you?" Leon struggled to say through the beat.

"Ha – ha… Jerk-off." They both moved in time as Cloud regained his bar back. It would have been quite amusing to watch two guys with polar-opposite personalities move in time. Jumping together, side stepping together, doing a chorus of leg movements exactly the same together. It was too much to ask that they got on together though.

Leon mistook a jump for a single arrow, effectively ruining his combo and couldn't help the stream of insults to flow from his mouth as he stomped around harder. "Stupid… piece of shit …knew this game was the dumbest idea…it did come from the blonde… gay squeaky girl…"

Cloud raised an eyebrow yet never looked away from the screen. "I'm right here you know…. Bitch."

"I know, you repulsive lump."


Leon narrowed his eyes at the screen in disgust as he ignored the blonde. Both finishing with a 'Perfect', Leon and Cloud gasped for air. Having won that one, Leon crouched to his knees and closed his eyes. No way was he loosing this…

The music cut out and I sat there, on the floor, stunned and slightly out of breath.

I couldn't even comprehend what had just happened to me. I didn't even dare try to. My hands tingled pleasantly, warmth swam through my body, reaching the fingertips and going straight back up my arms again.

Despite the warmth, every single hair on my arms and neck stood up and prickled gently. I felt numb. I felt… heck, I don't really know…

The feeling was indescribable. If you think you've lived; try dancing in the arms of Riku then tell me about it.

I honestly didn't know what to do. After he had spun me out of his arms and away from his warm comfortable chest, all I could simply do was to let my weak knees guide me to the floor.

Riku had chuckled and turned the music off.


I cannot string a decent thought together at the moment.

"Are you alright down there, Sora?" A soft hand found my shoulder as Riku crouched down to my level. My eyes reached his and he smiled gently at me, a twinkle of amusement in his eyes. I nodded quickly, not trusting my voice one bit. His eyes seemed to be glowing such a beautiful aqua that I was having a hard time breathing properly.

This all felt so surreal. Like a damned dream.

And…I loved it.

It was scary, but I absolutely revelled in it.

"Sora?" My eyes widened even more so as my face took in his delicious features. He tilted his head to the side ever so slightly and lifted a hand to gently remove a lock of hair out of my face. My tummy did a twisted back flip as his fingers brushed over my forehead and my intake of breath was audible.

Oh… what this guy did to me.

"You're quite the dancer, you know?" He spoke quietly, swiftly running his hand through my hair before smiling and placing it on his knee. My heart panged so hard I thought it was going to explode. These emotions. All whirling around my system, shaking my blood up into a pure adrenaline rush…

It was so overwhelming. How could this one guy have such an effect on me? I was scared…

…Yet so excited.

Whatever it was that Riku was doing to me, I really didn't mind…

We slowly got up and I had a hard time keeping on my feet. My knees bucked a few times and I hastily steadied myself every time. I glanced at the clock and saw that it was time to get going. With a disheartened sigh, I decided to test my voice.

"We… uh, we should get going."

I was getting used to having Riku here with me. As selfish as it sounded, I didn't want to go to the club with Riku. I wanted to stay here with him by my side. The club meant an opportunity for worthless drunken strangers to steal quick touches of Riku's perfect body. A grab here, a sly hand there. It was all the same and it made me so angry just thinking about it.

I didn't want to share him.

I wanted to pretend for a little while longer that he was mine. Mine alone. No one else's.

Selfish, I know. I honestly didn't give a flying rat's ass, though. This meant more to me than some drunk's disappointment of not grabbing any hot ass for one night.

Yet here we are, getting ready to leave. I locked the tills, switched off the main lights and stood near the door waiting for Riku to grab his coat.

He came to my side and opened the door for me, waiting for me to leave first. I passed through and after he had as well, I started scrambling the big bunch of assorted keys around trying to find the right one. It was freezing and I felt a tremendous shiver shake through my body. I let out a puff of white breath from my mouth and placed the key in to lock the door.

After hearing the dull "thunk" of the lock, I was startled when I felt a warm weight fall around my shoulders. I hurriedly turned my head to find Riku looking down at me with a concerned look.

"You should bring a coat on such cold nights." I gazed down in awe to see Riku's own coat slipped round my shoulders. I felt an immediately blush spread across my face as I lowered it. My fingers gripped at the front affectionately but I denied myself the privilege to stroke it admiringly.

"Riku, I can't take this…you'll be cold." I said quietly, slipping one side off my shoulder. A hand placed itself over mine as Riku stopped me. Instead he held it up slightly and nudged one of my arms gently into the sleeve.

After having me properly wear it, he zipped me up and ruffled my hair slightly before placing his hands into his trouser pockets.

"I'll be fine. Now come on, I'm sure Leon will need rescuing from something loud, horny and blonde." I smiled despite my horrible feeling of guilt. Yes, I'm sure Cloud was already on the verge of sending poor Leon into deep depression…

We started walking in a comfortable silence and after a few blocks, I dared a glance over at Riku, the wind was blowing strongly and his thin shirt flew around violently over his shapely body. He had his head bowed slightly to keep the wind from sweeping his hair around his face too much. I snuggled deeply into the coat once more and chewed on my bottom lip.

Nervously I lifted a sleeved arm. No, put it back down!

…put that arm back down right now!

My body wasn't listening to my logical demands though as my hand brushed the inside of Riku's upper arm. My fingers trailed down to his elbow then confidently wormed their way in between his arm and side until I had successfully linked arms with him.

Holy fuck…

What have I done? Pull away… pull away… shit Sora, do you ever listen to yourself?

I immediately start to chew on my bottom lip as Riku looks down at me with mild surprise. I waited for a slap on the hand but received a smile instead. My heart fluttered as he patted my hand gently and left it there for the rest of the walk…


I can safely say… that I have never felt so happy in my entire life…

...and I never want this feeling to end.

Club Oblivion; the hottest club in town. The place where 'The cool' came. Any body who was anybody came here. Looking down to the lower platform, your eyes were met with a mass of writhing bodies. Limbs entangled, tongues exchanged, bodies plastered together, the floor looked like it was moving. A dim place wherever the vibrant disco lights didn't meet, your eyes gave up trying to make sense of anything or anyone, loud upbeat music pounded against your eardrums, sending tingles throughout your body.

A place where many would go. A place where the atmosphere was as hot as it came…

And… a place I have tried to avoid most of my life…

Despite that I found myself following in Riku's trail as we made our way through the entrance. Taking a brief glance at the place, I made sure to keep Riku within my sight at all times.

I felt anxious. My predicaments were already being confirmed; we had only taken a few steps in, too. As Riku walked in front of me, he had almost created a path. Around a two foot radius of personal space belonged all around him as people almost jumped out of the way of him as though he'd burn their delicate skin with just a simple touch.

So they used their eyes to do the groping instead.

The countless of nameless faces stripped Riku from his stylish clothes so easily, devouring him on the spot; all their eyes feasted with lustful gazes over his delicate cheekbones, soft shiny hair and piercing aqua eyes. Swooping over his body as though he was the last delicious morsel of food left on this earth made me tremble in anger.

I growled lowly in my throat; which was instantly lost by the intense music. Continuing my mission to keep close to Riku, I noticed vaguely that he appeared to be ignoring everyone as he made his way through the club to the edge of the dance floor, me close behind. A small flutter of delight spread through me as I realised that Riku didn't seem interested in any of them as he stopped abruptly.

With me not watching where I was going, I bumped nose first into his back. Startled I scuttled back onto someone's foot and mumbled a quick apology.

My Riku-Radar picked up on the quiet chuckle I heard from him, he was looking down at me as he had watched my clumsy act.

I'm glad he finds it funny…my nose disagrees. I couldn't help but grin anyway at the look of his amusement

"Why have we stopped?" I half-shouted as I rubbed my nose. Riku rested a hand on his hip as he pointed through the crowd.

"Because…I think we've found the famous duo." He stated through smiling lips. I followed the direction of his finger with my eyes and found Cloud and partner in the middle of the dance floor. My eyebrows shot up in surprise.

I knew Cloud bragged on about how damned popular he was at this club; but this was astounding. Smack bang in the mass of people was a 4-foot space in which Cloud was dancing. Over the deafening rhythm of the music, I could faintly hear the people cheering his name. I felt my jaw hang loose as my eyes took it all in.

Cloud wasn't just dancing… he was dirty dancing.

I couldn't bring myself to tear my eyes away from him. He was flinging himself about in graceful arches and was swinging around his partner as though he was a lap-dancing pole. Grinding here, touching there… Jeez, it was by far from innocent.

It was hot.

I felt an uncomfortable feeling stirring in my lower abdomen as I stared at the floor. I couldn't watch this… Cloud may not be Riku, but fuck…He wasn't exactly a Phil look-a-like.

I was starting to feel really uncomfortable. "Maybe we should find Leon…" I offered Riku, yet all he did was look down at me with a bemused expression.

"What do you mean, Sora? We've already found him." I gazed up questioningly as Riku smirked, he pointed back to where he had the first time and my eyes widened as I took a look at Cloud's so-called partner.

My heart froze.

There… dancing flush up against Cloud…Was Leon.

I stared absolutely flabbergasted as I took in the sight before me. Leon… and Cloud.

Cloud had pushed a leg up around Leon's hip as Leon swung Cloud's head back, the blonde tips brushing the floor as he made his way back up, forehead now touching Leon's, Cloud swooped his hands around Leon's neck and gripped at his hair, both gritting their teeth as though trying to hold in the urge to ravish each other entirely.

They were looking fiercely into each other's eyes; almost daring each other to break the seductive competition. The strong aura of lust as they grinded into each other made my stomach ache with passion, as they looked so invincible…


I understood why they were being rooted on so much. I saw so many people watching with hawk-eyed expressions as though they also were some tasty meat to be consumed greedily. At Club Oblivion it seemed that you were either the meat or the consumer.

Riku and I continued to watch until the song ended and the two walked with applause over to a table in the far corner of the club. With half the crowd watching their every move until they were seated, Riku laughed quietly.

"They're quite the pair, aren't they?"

I swallowed with a dry throat.

"Um... you could say that." He patted my shoulder, which was a bad idea on my behalf as my insides trembled once more with excitement. With a slight motion, he summoned me to follow him. He made his way directly through the dance floor as easy as it was cutting through a cake…

Hmm, my stomach grumbled at the thought but I was quickly reminded that I did not own such a power as the crowd quickly moved back into place after Riku had passed so I concentrated on keeping close.

I was tempted to cling to the back of Riku's shirt but backed away from the idea after seeing the intimidating eyes hawking over Riku's every move.

We neared Leon and Cloud's table where a few lurkers stood by and watched the pair, hopeful to make eye contact to silently ask for a dance. I rolled my eyes and plonked down next to Leon, whilst Riku sat next to Cloud. Ignoring the rest of the stupid people, I decided to get some answers.

"What the hell was that?" I asked, amazed.

"What?" Came Cloud's innocent reply. Riku had managed to call over a red-haired guy who seemed just about ready to die as the silver haired enigma had waggled a finger for him to come over. I secretly pouted. He had already spotted someone who he had liked…?

"Would you kindly get us drinks from the bar?" He smiled that gorgeous smile and the man nodded quickly. Jeez, one smile and the man looked ready to dirty his pants.

"Sure angel, what would you fine-looking gentleman be having?" He asked, looking at each of us as though we were naked and ready. Yes, even me…

"The usual for me, Reno, you know the drill." Cloud smirked and winked at the redhead. The man's eyes sparked with lust and he grinned. "Arcs Arcanum for the beautiful blonde, what's it to be for the gorgeous brunettes?" I panicked and looked around for a drink list and spotted a few names of some weird mixes on the wall behind the bar to our left.

"R-red Nocturne…please." I mumbled out in a hurry. Cloud grinned. "Hitting the hard stuff, eh Sora? Not a bad choice you have there!" He winked.

Yeah, but… you're paying for me; so don't get too excited…

Leon grunted and ignored the man entirely. Cloud shrugged and decided for him. "Try him with an Enix; see how he copes with that." Reno nodded and lastly let his eyes swoop back over to Riku. He 'hmm'd' a few times before deciding. "A green Requiem sounds tasty…I'll try one of those, thank you, Reno." The man tottered off and headed for the bar.

Yeah well, Riku…you sound tastier… so come over here so I can confirm that you are…

The silence around the table made me wonder if I had said that out loud but my worrying subsided as Cloud decided to speak up. "So, did you guys just get here?" Riku nodded and smiled. "Yes, but we caught your show. You seem quite popular." Cloud grinned effortlessly.

"Leon, I thought you said you were going to ditch him once you got here! Don't tell me he dragged you under with that charm of his." I muttered to him.

He glanced briefly at me before grunting. "No chance. I lost a bet, that's all…"

Cloud was simply radiating with smugness. "Oh did he ever, it was sooooo close too!" He teased.

Leon, seemingly unbothered by this, closed his eyes. "Like I said; nothing to be proud of after claiming playing the game for over a year…"

With a shrug of his shoulders, Cloud took the drink Reno passed him. "A win's a win right?"

"A pathetic one, if anything…" Leon grumbled.

I only was half taking in their words; I couldn't help but be distracted by the scenes around me. Picking up my drink and studying it, I realised just how odd it looked; it was a vibrant red with an olive poked through a cocktail stick leaning within its depths. Shrugging and deciding to down it in one, I pressed it to my lips and gulped.

Blergh… It burned unpleasantly as the hot liquid trickled down my throat.

"Well, who's up for another dance?" Cloud enquired as he got to his feet, half-heartedly slamming his glass down.

I pushed my third glass down and still felt sober. Was this stuff working or not? I honestly couldn't tell. My eyes were slightly blurred though, these bright lights that enthusiastically spun around in all directions were really starting to make my head throb dully.

"Sora, wanna have the pleasure of dancing with me?" Cloud's bright blue eyes levelled in front of my face and I slightly backed away involuntarily.

"Hmph, I wouldn't call it a pleasure…" Leon retorted quietly, still nursing his second drink. Whilst turning I felt Cloud's soft blonde hair brush against my ear, I couldn't help but snigger somewhat.

"…That's not what your body was telling me on the dance floor, Leon."


Cloud smirked lazily at Leon's silence. "See, nothing more than human, Leon. Does it hit hard hearing that?" The glare radiating from Leon was deathly intimidating; he pushed his drink away from him whilst scraping his chair indicating his leave.

"I don't have to listen to this." Within a few seconds he had himself camouflaged in the mass of dancers. I bit my lip; he couldn't just shut up once in a while. Too interested in degrading people who he actually wanted then complaining how those he took interested in wouldn't give him the time of day. Cloud was mimicking my action as he too was chewing his lip. I could tell he was regretting his actions now.

Little too late now, Cloud.

Hearing his disheartened sigh, I peeked at Cloud who swooped a hand through his hair as he turned and headed to the bar. I have a feeling he was going to forget this encounter by some well-chosen drinks. Night-night, Cloud.

Not having anything better to do now than to actually be an active participant in this shrivelling conversation, I drummed my fingers lightly on the table as I slumped my head onto my arm, which was resting on the table. "…Sorry about those guys." I offered awkwardly.

"It's fine." I hear after a while. Although the dimness of the club around us makes things harder to see, I still notice that there is a faint pinkness sporting it self's across the bridge of Riku's nose. Despite the many perfect things about Riku that I have witnessed within these last couple of eventful days; I don't think any compares to just how… cute he looked around now.

Even though it was pretty brash of me to openly stare at him in the middle of this club where he would no doubt notice; this didn't stop me from letting my eyes do that familiar trail along those addictive features. My tongue darted out to wet my drying lips and Riku sensing my gaze, averts his attention to me.

I blinked and snapped out of my entrancement, looking away to blush furiously.

Stupid... idiot. Get. A. Hold. Of Yourself!

"How long have you been working at Highwinds, Sora?" I blink at the unexpected question and tried to think of an answer as I inadvertently watched Riku make slow paths along the rim of his glass with his finger.

My throat suddenly became very dry and I swallowed hard. "As…as long as I can remember." His gleaming aqua eyes captured my own for a few moments as he thought, mulling over what I had said. Whether regarding it as important or dismissing it as pointless, I couldn't tell you as he moved onto his next question.

"Let's dance." Well, I said question… but then again, the point is, is that I now find myself in the middle of the dance floor, with Riku's hands placed on my shoulder and waist, my own placed on his chest and lower back. None of tonight was truly sinking in. I still feel like two days ago where the only contact made between us was my eyes on his ass.

This was all moving so quickly; I felt like I couldn't keep up with everything. As though the guys upstairs had leant on the 'Fast Forward' button by mistake and have yet to notice.

Everything I was doing felt like I was acting on a whim. Situations popping up so quickly I had hardly anytime it decide anything on my own and have no choice but to float along beside it all. Definitely terrifying, yet as I feel Riku guide me across the floor in motions I can't quite keep up with; I felt strangely safe. A surreal safety net shaped in a perfect sculptured angel named Riku who to my own imagination whispered promises to keep me protected and never to be left alone again…

I smile.

This to me is what it felt like to live. Finally I had found a decent answer to my question. Riku was worth living for. The light to my forever surrounding darkness…

Shit, I'm growing sappy.

I better stick close to Cid for the next few days and get back into the swing of "FUCK YEAH!" and "Slap my butt one more time Cloud, and I'll personally see to sending your balls first class to Timbuk-fucking-tu"

To my side I catch a glimpse of Cloud at the bar looking very sorry for himself as he downs another brightly coloured drink. All the people who were surrounding him buying him drinks were ignored entirely; only occasionally would Cloud glance up and much to my surprise in the direction of Leon, who was sitting at a table with two guys trying frantically to exchange a few words with him. Only then would Cloud turn away to ignore the rest of the room around him.

I wanted to go cheer him up, but all was forgotten when I felt Riku's arm moving gently up and down my arm.

"Are you okay Sora? If you're tired we could—." My eyes widened in fear of losing contact. My fingers gripped tightly onto his waist and shoulder as I whispered to him. "I'm fine."

As Riku held me for the next few songs, I felt the constant heat of his body flush through mine, with a few contented sighs here and there, I tried to ignore the weakness in my knees. His scent constantly waved up my nose; every time making my mouth water, I tried inhaling deeply, desperately demanding for the delicious scent to be imprinted within my memory.

To my surprise, I had managed to blank out all the disgusted looks people had sent my way when mentally trying to chew off my hands for being anywhere near Riku. To my even greater surprise, I felt myself smile at them all, coyly resting my head barely against his chest, I felt my locks of hair push gently against his top and my scalp tingled pleasantly.

If this was the only contact I was going to get with him, I wanted to enjoy it. Why not?

Alas, I felt him pull back as the song drew to an end and he looked down at me. "Do you want something to drink?" I inwardly sighed yet nodded anyway. When arranged that we would meet at the table in a few minutes, I just stood in the middle of the dancing bodies, watching all the couples gather around for a slow number. I missed his warmth already. The single one out; in the middle of all the happy loving couples; was me.

Well, this is awkward

I huffed immaturely and watched Riku over at the bar. For some unknown reason, I felt my heartbeat pound heavily within me. He was ordering our drinks and those soft sweet lips were speaking out our drinks. They looked so heavenly I wanted nothing more than to taste them.

Do I dare?

No, the question is, would he let me?


How about I trip and fall?

Onto his lips? …No chance.

I watched him as he smoothly walked around people over to our table, carrying both our drinks. Oh dear god, was it the light or did he look absolutely fucking gorgeous as he stood there smiling benevolently? I… this feeling was so strong that I couldn't help myself but to take a step forward.

I didn't exactly know what I was doing. My body wasn't listening to my brain and my brain wasn't even worth listening to in the first place. Yet another step forward.

The blue light spun in his direction and shone down on him briefly as it scanned lazily across the room. His skin looked porcelain and creamy and those eyes…

Another step… another one.

He was looking around for all I could assume to be me. Those long lashes some what hiding those sweeping beautiful eyes…

My skin tingled. I've never felt this way before, and as I've said. It was terrifying.


A few more steps forward.

My limbs were trembling but I was intoxicated by Riku and my addicted body made its treacherous steps across until I reached the edge of the dance floor. There was something about Riku that made all logical actions disregarded.



Another step.

Finally those seeking eyes landed on me and those lips quirked up into a luscious smile.

Ba-thump. Ba-thump.

Loosing all trail of rational thoughts, if any were to have remained at that point, I started making my way over to Riku faster. Eyes focused entirely on his face…

…Those eyes…

…Those lips.

I was almost at the point of jogging and my heart was beating so loud it was pounding against my eardrums. I was swerving through all the people as though they were no longer there, my one focus. Riku. Knees nearly bucking yet I kept strong, I neared Riku, he was watching me with that fond expression.

I was getting so close now I licked my lips, as my unblinking eyes never left his smiling face.


I slowed down when I reached him and my arm moved upwards to meet his. My heart was hammering so hard it hurt. I let my eyes linger on his lips for a second longer before letting them sweep up and be held captive by his eyes.

His beautiful eyes…

My hand seeked blindingly before they finally found him. My fingertips brushed his arm…

Then without any warning my body was flung to the side. Painfully landing on my side, I tried to recollect my thoughts… Completely confused, I pushed myself up onto my elbow and gazed up through my messy bangs.

…And… to my complete horror, there I found Cloud. In my place.

Riku was no longer standing there waiting for me to run up to him, but now had his legs pushed against the back of the table, with Cloud flush up against him. With the blonde's hand curled tightly in his shiny silver locks, his lips were securely plastered against Cloud's.

Rooted to my place on floor, I helplessly watched as the blonde licked the enigmatic lips hungrily. I somehow was on my feet as the blonde's tongue tasted Riku's mouth fervently. Lips were mashing together, heated noises were heard from whom I don't know…

I stared. Horrified.

The noise of the people, the bright lights, the music and laughter died away in my head. The dim lights became shrouded in darkness as I just watched those two. My friend and my love interest. Kissing…

I felt my lip tremble but ignored it completely. Numbness took over me as my eyes stared at the way Cloud's teeth had captured Riku's lower lip and was sucking and nibbling on it. The hand that had found the hem of Riku's shirt and the flesh underneath it…

The lack of protest on Riku's behalf…

…The sound of my trembling body became deafening to me.

A weight landed on my shoulder and I jumped, shivers running through my whole body. Leon had come up behind me, hand on my shoulder yet his eyes never leaving the alarming scene before us.

Feeling my eyes blur, I gasped painfully, the misty air feeling as though it was scratching my throat agonizingly with every breath.

"Riku…" I whispered, finally sinking to the floor.

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