After three hours of driving, Leah pulled her red sedan into the very long driveway with the mailbox marked "Longacre". Ethan's parent's lived here, and could tell Leah how to get to Ethan's house. The young girl got out of her car, and grabbed her daughter from the back seat. Lucy cried softly as Leah carried her up to the large brown house. "It's okay, Luce." She cooed as she banged softly on the door.

The door was opened slowly by Charity. "LEAH?!" She squealed.

"In the flesh." Leah replied, hugging Charity with one arm.

Charity ushered Leah in around her very pregnant stomach. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Ethan sent me a letter about Martha, and I felt like he could use a friend." Leah answered as a little girl ran into the kitchen.

"Mother, Grandfather said to hurry up for the next scipture." The young girls blonde braids were disheveled, and her dress dirty.

"Eleanor, where are your manners? Can you not see that I am speaking with a friend?" Charity moved the girls face to look at Leah.

"Sorry, Mother. How do you do?" Eleanor curtsied to Leah.

"Fine. Thank you." Leah replied.

"Now, tell Grandfather that I will be there momentarily, please." Charity guided the girls body back to the living room.

"Does Ethan know you are here?" Charity asked.

"No. I wanted it to be a surprise." Leah rocked the infant in her arms.

"Oh. This must be Lucy." Charity hovered over the baby, and smiled.

"Her eyes are beautiful." Charity said. "She is beautiful."

"Thank you." was Leah's reply. "Could you tell me how to get to Ethan's?"

"Of course." Charity gave LEah the directions, and then bid farewell to her friend.

Leah placed Lucy back into her carseat, and buckled her in. She then got into the driver's seat, and started up the car. She backed out of the driveway, and followed the directions Charity had given her. By the time she arrived at Ethan's home the sun was beginning to set. She got Lucy out of the back seat, and made her way to the front door. She heard a horse whinney, and she jumped. Her knock on the door was so soft that she barely heard it, and she knew that Ethan wouldn't have. She knocked again, but still there was no response. Charity had tols her that he was home, so Leah began to worry about her friend. "ETHAN!" Leah screamed, and Lucy began to cry. "Ethan, it's Leah!"

Not thirty seconds after the words had left her mouth the door swung open, and revealed an older, tired, depressed looking Ethan with a smile on his face.