Goodbye 17

Author notes: I wrote this story thinking about the episode when Android 18 helped Goku destroy Super 17 and trying to image what was going through her mind. I do not own the Dragon Ball Universe.

We once were best friends, partners in crime,

On those days when all I wanted to do was destroy,

Together we broke away from Dr. Gero's control,

And life was going great,

But, then I fell in love,

He was a great man, who treated me human,

Instead of the monster I was,

He became the love of my life, the father of my child,

He became my better half,

Although I missed you when you were gone, I moved on, for I thought I never see you again,

Image my surprise years later when I saw you again,

But you were different from what I remember,

Instead of the rebellious friend I escaped with,

You were hateful and bloodthirsty,

Are perhaps it is because you always were, but at that time I was too,

People changed, I know I have, but you still remain the same,

Then you had to kill my husband, such as sinful thing to do,

The man who loved me for me,

In a way I feel sorry, for I wonder would you still be this way if you have ever found love?

Instead of love, you seeked power,

Although, others see you as a monster,

I know there is some good in you,

Even though you're my twin,

It pains me to say,

Goodbye 17.