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And Hot Guys!

I can't believe I have to help these stupid football players AGAIN!!! I'm pretty sure they can pour their own water into cup and they can cook. Or go to the nearest Tex Mex.

"Mom, please, please, please! Don't make me go." I beg her. She's most likely not listening. "I'll clean my room. I'll do the laundry. I'll bathe the dog. Please, I'll do anything!!!"

"We don't have a dog." She doesn't buy it. She just continues down the road in our almost dead car. I sigh heavily and cross my arms over my chest. I stare out the windshield blankly.

"Come on honey. You'll have fun." My mom says running her slender fingers through my jet-black hair. "There'll be cute guys!"

I laugh smiling at her silly remark. I'm sure there will be. And I get to see their nice bodies and see them get all wet when sweaty. Kind of nasty. What if I see them shower! My eyes grow wide and I laugh again as we continue down the road.

We pull up to the gathering grounds. The car rolls to a squeaky stop and I swing open the door. Mothers kiss their boy's good-bye as father pat them on the back and bid them good luck. I shut the door behind me as my mother gets out to greet the coaches.

"Come on, try to smile. Remember the first-"

"Impression is the best!"

I finish my mom's sentence. I flip my hair over my shoulder and put on my best smile.

My white teeth glitter in the sunlight. I get my luggage out the back seat. I carry them to the bus and sit them in an empty seat.

I stay seated on the bus gazing out the window. I watch my mother talking and the football players walking and talking. I sigh deeply and burrow my head in a Dracula book. It's really fascinating believe it or not.

I didn't even notice the people climbing aboard the bus. The weight shifts on my seat and I lift my head.



I smile politely.

"Aren't you supposed to be on the other bus?"


I'm confused. What are they talking about?

"I'm not on the right bus?" I ask innocently.

"White people on the other bus." He informs me.

"I'm not white."

Everyone on the bus laughs except me and some other person.

"Okay whatever you say."

He tells me. I nod.

"I'm Julius Campbell."


Hey, he's kind of cute. I look around to see all the boys around me. The one sitting next to me was Jerry Harris aka Rev. He was cute.

Petey Jones and Earl Poitier, they call him Blue. They're a nice bunch of guys; Petey has a great since of humor. I'm really starting to like this whole football camp thing.

When We Reach The Camp

"I get top bunk!"

The words ring down the empty corridors. It's almost like something in a book. This place is amazing.

Being the only girls Sheryl and I share a room. I get the bed to the right and she gets the left. She said I'm like the older sister she never had. I think that's the sweetest thing I've ever heard.

I set my easel next to the window. It's a great view. The woods seem to set the whole painting mood thing. Okay, I got the painting vibe, the hot guys, and the food. All set.

Coach Boone made the blacks and whites, which is strictly prohibited in the whites world, share rooms.

Julius and Gerry

Blue and Alan

Ray and Petey

Louie and Rev

Great choices if I might say myself. Well time to survey the surroundings.

"So you like football?"

Petey asks me.

"No. I just like to see people get talked and hurt. You think football is fun?"

I question. Trivia is never a man's strong point.

"Yeah, I love it!"

"Well have fun!"

I follow the football players out to the field. Ray walks past me.

"Hey babe, leave the games to us men."

He smirks and goes to the field. I stop in my tracks. I stare at him in disbelief.

"Don't worry Rin," Coach Boone pats my shoulder. "I don't go easy in football."

I smile and continue to the field.

30 Into The First Practice

Man, Coach Boone wasn't kidding when he sad he doesn't go easy. They've been doing jumping jack's, mountain climbers, pushups, sit ups, and whatever else you can think of.

I almost feel sorry for them. I said ALMOST! I only feel sorry for Petey, Rev., Julius, Louie, and Blue. Maybe Alan. He's gonna break one of his skinny little legs.

I laugh to myself. It's about time to start getting the water ready. Sheryl gets the cups and I carry the water keg. I might say it is kind of heavy, but I would never admit that to the guys.

I carry it over to the table and Sheryl comes with the cups. We fill enough of the cups by time Coach Boone let them get a five-minute break.

Julius is the first to arrive at the table. When he got to the table Ray, being the jerk he is, just had to say something.

"Hey black boy get back!"

He grabs Julius's shoulder and pulls him back. This action of course started a fight. This action of the fight started somewhat of a chain reaction. This action of the chain reaction caused the players to fall all over the place. This action of the falling caused one of the players to bump into the table (Me, I was tying my shoe). This action of the bumping of the table caused the water to spill all over my hair, outfit, and every.

I want to scream. The water is cold all over me. I stand up I'm pissed but sad. I inhale and exhale hard. Tears swell in my eyes. Everyone stares at me. I turn sharply on my heel and storm into the building. I'm trying to be mad so I won't cry.

"You big jerks!"

Sheryl screams at them. I can still hear her as I walk across the field. She throws the empty cups at them.

When I get inside I run down the halls crying. Tears stream down my face. I get to my room and take off my wet clothes and change to dry ones. I throw on a pair of jeans and a black tee shirt. I wring out my hair in the sink and grab my paints.

I sit at my easel and stare at the blank page. What to draw. Then I look out the window. Coach Boone put them back to work and hopefully without water. I look at the woods, beautiful. I take a brush into my hand and begin to express myself.
By Lunch Time

I come out my room to join them for lunch. All eyes on me as I enter the room. I room grows silent.


I simply say. I get some food and sit at a table all by myself. I really don't want to talk to someone right now.

I eat in solitude.

"She's really pissed."

Gerry says.

"I told her to stay out the way."

Ray explains.

He only said it because I was walking by and he wanted to make me mad. Guess what, it work.

"Well I wouldn't be pissed off if you would have never started the fight!"

I yell at him.

"Don't get mad at me doll face."

"Your gonna pay."

As I storm out the room he says.

"I'll be waiting on it."

Again I retreat to my room. I slam the door behind me. Grr Murky. He's getting on my nerves already.

"Don't look at me!"

I cover the painting with a sheet and continue my pondering.

Now, how to get back at him? I ponder hard on this for what seems like hours when finally I decide I've got nothing.

I just lay on my bed and go to sleep.

Well the fighting between Ray and I go on for three weeks. But today, oh no, I've had enough.

I was just about to give Ray a piece of my mind during their five-second break when a police car rolled into view.

"I knew they would come sometime soon. Gotta hide." I think to my self.

"Come on Rin, let's go see who that is in that car."

Before I can object she takes my hand in hers and pulls me away.

Coach Yoast and Coach Boone are already at the scene when Sheryl and I arrive. A police guy and a guy emerge from the car. Sheryl notices the look on my face when the younger, and much hotter, guy steps out. She punches me lightly in the side. I wink at her and she mouths, "go for it."

She doesn't miss a thing. By time I turn my attention back to the others their just introducing him.

"This here is Ronnie Bass. He's looking to play ball."

The officer tells them or us.

"Well I'm Coach Boone."

"I'm Coach Yoast. This here is my daughter."

He says pointing to Sheryl. She's so cute.

"And this is Miss Middlebrook."

"Rin, it's a pleasure."

I hold out my. He looks so familiar. He accepts and shakes it. I'm trying to keep my cool as his soft hand touches mine. I smile sweetly at him and he smile backs. I think I'm blushing, I some what don't care. Soft hands...

"Hey Sunshine. You look like a fag!"

Gerry screams from across the field. All the other guys laugh and turn their backs to us.

Ronnie gets mad at this statement and picks up a near by football. He hurls it in the air. It spirals perfectly through the air and hits Gerry in the back of the head. He yells and glares at Ronnie. He smiles back and waves.

"Your on the team boy on one condition."

Sunshine runs his fingers through his new hairstyle. H seems to like it. I smile in satisfaction and leave the locker room as the other boys enter.

"You sure you don't want to stay?"

Petey asks.

"I'm sure."

I wash my hand and begin to cook for the little rascals.

In The Locker Room

The entire team showers and are standing around talking and changing and other stuff guys do in the locker room like, slapping each other with towels.

Blue turn on a near by radio.

Ain't no mountain high

Ain't no valley low

Ain't no river wide enough baby

If you need me call me

No matter where you are

You're never to far

Rev, Blue, Louie, Alan, Julius, and Petey take it away as they sing their hearts out along with the radio.

In The Lunch Room

I can hear them all the way from down the hall. I sigh deeply. I wonder if my impression on Ronnie made my chances with him better. I shrug it off and go get the guys for lunch.

I trot down the hall whistling as I go. I knock on the door not wanting to go in.

"You guys can go eat now."

As every one rushes out the room I enter. I have to clean up after these slobs.

I walk around picking up towels dropped on the floor and throw them in a bin to be washed. Ronnie Bass... That does light a bulb but I can't seem to figure it out. It's dangling right in front of my but I can't reach it. It's so familiar.

Mmmm... I would, could we have meet before? Have I read about him in the newspaper? Seen him on T.V.?

I bend over to pick up a towel and a notebook lies underneath. I take it in my hands and examine it. I look around just to see it someone is peeking, no one. I know I shouldn't be snooping but I can't resist the force. While the coast is clear, I quickly open the book. My brow winkles in confusion. Pictures of Ronnie and I are in the book. Holding hands, playing around, and kissing? What?! This is bazaar. I rummage through the book. Pictures and letters fill the pages.

I stop at the last journal entry. It read:

I loved her

I never thought she'd leave me.

A spark sets off in my head. I run my hand over the notebook. Something in here... Just so familiar. That name, Ronnie Bass, Ronnie Bass, Ronnie Bass. I close my eyes thinking hard. Ronnie Bas, Ronnie Bass. The name plays over and over in my head like a broken record. My eyes shoot open.

"Ronnie Bass!"

I partially scream.

"That's my name sweetheart."

I turn quickly around.


"Nice to see you too baby doll."

He smiles at me.

"What's that ya reading?"

He asks sweetly. He begins to walk toward me. He's wearing only a towel but I'm not objecting.

"Oh this old thing! It's nothing!"

I hide the book behind my back.

"You surprised to see me baby?"

He continues walking toward me.

"No, just surprised to see you playing ball."

To tell you the truth I was surprised to see him. After beating someone to a pulp with a baseball. He takes a step forward, I take one back. He smirks at me. I take one more step back and I'm up against the walk. My back touches the cold wall. Uh Oh! Not good.

He's now a few feet away from me. He reaches out a hand and takes my chin in his hand. I'm shaking and sweating.

"Your just as beautiful as I remember."

My eyes fill with tears. I remember his sweet voice telling me that every day when we were younger. I just remembered how happy I am to see him again. After my mom made use move to Virginia I thought I'd never see him again. She never wanted me to see him after his little fight.


I whisper. He leans forward and so do I. I close my eyes as his soft lips touch my own. He licks my bottom lip wishing for access. Access granted. He slips his tongue into my mouth and I moan. Our tongues duel for dominance and I left him win. He runs his hands over my body and wins another moan.

We pull back for air and he lifts my shirt over my head. He quickly undresses himself and me and lies on top of me.


The End!!!

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