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Ok, I'm gonna try to write a non slash story! Yaya!

AU! A twist of and episode, guess which!

"This is complete and utter torture" Wesley whispered to Angel. "I know, but what can we do?" Angel said, back, a fear in his eyes. "I, I can't take much more of this. I'm leaving!" Wesley began to get up, but Angel grabbed his arm.

"No! y-you can't! please! Don't!" Angel pleaded. The Englishman rolled his eyes. "Fine, but you owe me" he said. Angel nodded eagerly.

"Anything you want, just… Pease don't leave me to endure this alone!" the vampire gave Wesley his puppy dog look. "Good, I have a pre-written list sitting atop my dresser. You'll sign it as soon as we get home." Wesley smirked. Angel groaned, yet looked relived. "It's worth it" he said, quietly.

4 ½ hours later, our duo was still in the horrors of their earlier position. "Angel… we have to get out of here!" Wesley practically screamed. "No, it's only 10 more minutes…." Angel said, a sadness heavy in his voice...


Cordelia bounded the rows, smiling bright enough to light all of the world's major cities, and a few small ones too! "Soooo? How was I?" she asked, eyes glittering.

"Uh, great?" Angel said. "Y-yes, marvels! Simply fantastic, wonderful, terrific.. Ow!" Wesley said, as Angel elbowed him to shut up.

"Really? Awe thanks guys!" Cordelia hugged them both and they left the theater.

End. Short, but I have a major head ache, and if you didn't recognize the EPI, it was Eternity! The one with Rebecca Lowe! ;) Please read and review! ;)