Hello viewers. Three poems about Ryou written by me. The pyramid poem is supposed to be like a pyramid, each line containing one word more than the previous line. And the poems doesn't rhyme. Please enjoy and review.

Warnings: Torment, death, and weirdness.......

Disclaimer: I do not own Yugioh.

Poem of Darkness

He was never too weak

So ignore the pain and continue to fight

Since destiny has chosen him

Since that faithful day he had obtain the ring

Sweet, kind, and innocent

Always there to help someone out

But who shall come to his aid???

(In Ryou's POV)

Pyramid of Pain


Tormented everyday

Dark or light?

No one ever knows

No one notices or care

Trapped in my world of pain

My world of agony, defeat, and misery

Deep inside, a stronger force awaits to arise

Shed no tears and stay down no longer now

Rise to your feet and be darkness's slave no more

I am stronger than I seem and I shall fight back

So prepare to fall, Bakura, King of Thieves and the Tomb Robber

Cause I am Ryou, keeper of the ring and I'll be controlled no more

Forget the Pain

Think no more, said no more

Forget the pain........

Forget everything the dark had done

Either accept defeat or stand up

Stand up and fight

Or may forever stay down

Down forever

Forever in the world of unknown

The world of darkness

Be enslaved no more

Yami or not you're your own control

Just forget the darkness

Forget the pain......

Everybody that was hurt

Shall one day be avenge

One day.....one day soon

The madness had gone on long enough

The world of unknown and shadows lurks

Danger around every corner

Fall or fall trying

The pain is too great

It is also unbearable

So just forget.....

Forget the pain.......


So how was it?? I had nothing to do and this just popped out at me. Anyways, please review!!!

Ryou: That was mean.

Bloom: Oh was it?? If it was, then I'm sorry....give me a big hug!!!

Ryou: Ahhh!!!!! Runs away and hide

Bloom: Oh well his turn will come......Seto?? Malik??

Seto and Malik: Ahhh!!! Runs away and hide

Bloom: o.O Why do they always play hide and go seek with me??

Joey: I think she bump her head or something............