Okay, i realize that the first copy of this was kinda...whoa...so i revised it a little...hope this is better (especially for a certain reviewer who mentioned my little psychology problem...point taken) Hope you enjoy it!!

Phantom Score, Redone To Perfection

Prologue/ Lot 666! Haha! (smack)

Overture/My Theme Song is Better Than Yours

Think of Me/Christine Exhibits a Random Spurt of Genius...Good For Her

Angel of Music/I'm Lucky Christine isn't Calling The Police

Angel of Music II/And She STILL Hasn't Called the Police!

The Phantom of the Opera/Don't We Make A Handsome Maniacal Couple?

Music of the Night/Erik, Ladies and Gents, In All His Emo Glory

I Remember/And Now I Finally Realize That There is Something Distinctly Wrong With The Fact That I Do Not Know Where I Am and the Man in Front of Me is Wearing a Plaid Toupee

Stranger Than You Dreamt It/Beyond Michael Jackson

Notes/Why Don't the Managers Just Call the Police?

Prima Donna/ Let's Shamelessly Butter You Up!

Poor Fool He Makes Me Laugh/Some Interference By The Law Would Be Exceedingly Helpful Right Now—OH! GOD! BUQUET'S COMMITED SUICIDE, AND THAT'S AGAINST THE LAW!! Or, perhaps he was murdered. But come to think of it, that's against the law, too!!

Why Have You Brought Us Here?/My Point Exactly—Shouldn't We Call the Police?

All I Ask Of You/ Grumpy Mutilated Music Maker...Or Gorgeous Aristocrat? If Only the Decision Wasn't That Taxing...

All I Ask Of You Reprise/Remember...Me...?? (manaical laughter ensues although the situation isn't particularly funny)


Masquerade/ The Phantom is Nowhere in Sight, So Let's Party Hard!!! (his sinister theme song starts playing) Er, Drat...

Notes/Twisted Every Way/ Isn't it slightly uncanny that Christine can Randomly Get up From Rehearsal and End Up in a Graveyard??

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again/Taking Emo To Another Level of Emo-ness

Wandering Child/Christine Goes For Older Men...So Playing Her Father Should Work Well

Point of No Return/Guess Who Definitely Isn't Piangi

Down Once More/Track Down This Murderer/The Crowd Suddenly Realizes ForThe First TimeThat Mob Violence is Quite Effective, Although Realizing This Earlier Would Prevent Many Accidents/The Police would make this really efficient/The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly/I, Erik! The Emo King

Compiled By Inspector Javert