Carousel by nebbyJen

Summary: Someone is attacking the Atlantis science team, beginning with McKay.

Rating: Teen for some violence and slight language

Season/Spoilers: early Season 1 / no spoilers

Disclaimer: Atlantis does not belong to me. I wrote this story for enjoyment purposes only.

Author's Note: It's hard to believe that this was my very first SGA fic, written so long ago. Now, when time permits, I'll be going back over it again to smooth over some rough spots and hopefully make this an even better story. Thank you for all of your reviews.

Carousel (Part 1)

"Of all the stupid, pig-headed, arrogant questions. 'Are you asleep, Doctor?' It's 2:30 in the bloody morning, what does he think I'm gonna be doing? That man has to be stopped," Dr. Carson Beckett swore under his breath as he rapidly made his way down to Dr. McKay's lab. Only moments before, the physician had been sleeping peacefully for the first time in a week, dreaming of his grandmother's cooking, when the intercom beside his bed woke him with a horrific shrilling noise and Rodney's panicking voice. Apparently, Atlantis's resident genius had touched something and once again found himself in need of medical assistance.

Carson shifted his small med kit to the left hand and grasped the railing while descending the narrow steps. He wished he could go back in time and teach the physicist's mother how to tell the young lad the meaning of 'No, now go to bed!' How many more of these late night trips was it going to take before someone finally locked McKay out of the labs at night?

Stopping at the base of the steps he sniffed the air. "Yea, definitely something burning. Most likely the darned fools hand. You'd think the lad would be tired of this by now," he grumbled and picked up the pace once in the hallway, before cautiously entering the smoke filled room. The sight before him caused the briefest of hesitations to gain his bearings, before hurrying straight to the still figure wearing singed pajamas, propped at an angle against the wall.

"I swear, I didn't touch anything," Rodney groaned, nervously watching the doctor remove several items from the kit.

Carson eyed his patient closely, losing all hostility when the scientist's eyes slid shut. "Come on, now, Rodney," he encouraged as he leaned closer to examine what appeared to be first degree burn marks on McKay's face and hands. "Can you tell me what happened? Where are you hurt?"

Pale blue eyes cracked open and met his concerned gaze. "I...I was getting ready for bed but came back to check on an experiment. I heard a noise in the lab and thought I saw someone inside."

The physician cast a quick glance around the room, grateful to not spy anyone else. "I'm gonna have to call Major Sheppard to come down here if you think you saw an intruder."

Rodney nodded before his eyes slipped closed once more, his aching head tipped back against the cool wall. It was obvious to the physician that all he wanted to do was stop the pounding in his skull and ease the fire in his hands and face. He jerked at the touch of Carson's cool hand against the base of his neck, connecting with the painful bump.

"Did you get hit?"

He started to shake his head but clenched his teeth against further movement. "No, I fell when the..." his hand waved in the air, "the 'whatever' happened."

"Okay, lad, I'm gonna call someone to come and give me a hand. You might have a concussion, so I want to keep an eye on you in the infirmary. That'll give me a chance to help you with these burns, also." Rising to his feet, Carson took two steps back and paged Sheppard over his earpiece.

A moment later, the officer's gruff, sleep-filled voice responded back through the unit. "Yeah, doc?"

"Major, I need you down in Dr. McKay's lab, immediately."

A deep sigh filled the line. "Did he set himself on fire, again?"

Carson looked to Atlantis's chief scientist and grimaced when his own thoughts from earlier were echoed back at him. "No, it's a bit more serious than that, I believe. We might have an intruder."

Sheppard's voice instantly became more alert. "Is anyone hurt?"

"Rodney appears to have been near a small explosion. He'll get to be my guest for the next twenty-four hours."

"I'll be right there."

Knowing the major would notify Dr. Weir, Carson then paged the infirmary and requested a litter to be sent to his location. Once finished, he hunkered down beside the abnormally silent scientist and reached for Rodney's wrist for his pulse. "How are you doing?"

"I feel like crap. Got any aspirin in your magic bag, Bones?" the bedraggled man replied half-heartedly, without opening his eyes.

"As soon as I get you upstairs, I'll see what I can do to make you more comfortable." Not receiving a reply with any of the usual bluster or snide comments notched up Carson's concern. "I'll have you feelin' better soon, Rodney. You try to rest until the others get here."

Within moments, the sound of people running in their direction could be heard. Major Sheppard arrived first, followed by several support team members, to discover the pair of doctors sitting side by side on the floor, expectantly waiting for them.