Chapter One

The girl's pale eyes complimented her face so well. Too bad that her eyes currently embraced the fear that had seized her heart and gripped it so tightly. She ran through the halls of her own house, constantly looking over her shoulder to see if they were there. She feared for her own life now; she was already quite beaten and battered, a few more punches would knock her out for sure. Her worst fear was what happened to her while she was unconscious. She whimpered and continued to race down the hall; it looked as if she was running from nothing at all.

She stumbled over her weary and sore legs. She hit the ground with a great force, and stuck her arms out in front of her to protect her body from the impact. Tears sprang up in her eyes as she felt the enormous pain in her arms from the earth's shock. She shouted to her self, "You must keep going, at least until he is visible. Until then you must run and find somewhere to hide. You are too weak to fight now." This was clear to see. Blood trickled from the backs of her knees where gashes split the skin. She had sporadic bruises and scrapes here and there, and a large black and blue bruise on her throat that caused her breath to be short and raspy. She had never felt so weak in her entire life span of 14 years. It seemed so silly that she was running from something in her own home...

It was at that very moment that she felt a cold breeze simple twist round her flesh, wrapping around her and squeezing her tightly. She cried out, and the wind released her. Once she fell to the floor again, she rubbed her throat painfully. She then looked up and saw the man whom she'd been running from. "Please!" She cried, "Release him... I love him and I can't bear this pain..." She coughed faintly. Her eyes were still fearful, but now showed signs of defeat.

The man grinned as he hovered slightly above the ground. "Actually, I think I'll let him be the one who destroys you... It would seem so...unfinished if I was to slay you without him feeling your sorrow, your misery....your heart," He murmured coldly. He then turned towards the left wall, and closed his eyes as if concentrating deeply. "Come to me, my child," He bellowed in a voice quite different from his normal tone. Moments later a boy, no more than the age of 14 simply phased through the wall which the elder man faced. The boy's head was lowered, his hair blocked his face. The elder man smirked, and growled, "Kill her. I wish to cleanse in her blood. But make sure you drown in every feeling that she holds inside that retched body. You need to feel the pain of death..."

And with that the elder man turned, and just disappeared into thin air. Yet, his cackling laugh echoed in the hall even though there was no body visible to support the echo.

The teenager took a few steps closer to the girl, and lifted his head just enough for their eyes to meet. The girl was stunned. She had on no account seen such emotion in his eyes before. It was beyond words... Yet he continued to gaze at her, almost lifeless himself. Her breath grew still, and her heart seemed to pound more rapidly with each passing moment. Pleading to this boy would do her no good. She needed to touch deep inside his heart to awaken his past form...

"Please...come back to me...Danny."