Chapter Eight

Tucker and Sam snuck over to Danny's late that night. Late meaning around one in the morning. They used a ladder to get to Danny's room, and Tucker picked the lock. Within seconds they were in. They stepped into Danny's all-too-familiar room to find that he was deep in sleep in his bed. Couldn't be anymore normal if they tried.

But evidence of Vlad was everywhere. Sam could sense his presence, but was paranoid that she could not see him. Yet, she grew angered when she felt cold hands squeeze her breasts. Vlad then grew visible. Sam slapped him, even though he couldn't feel it.

"So...the children have come to save their friend," He smiled. "Good."

"What do you mean 'good'?" Tucker questioned.

He chuckled. "Awaken, child," He then thundered.

"Shit..." Sam swore loudly. "Tucker - go to the basement and get something to eliminate Mr. Smart Ass."

"I'm on it - just be careful..." He said quickly as he bolted out of the room.

Sam took in a quick breath, and whispered, "I hope it doesn't get too desperate..." as she fingered a knife that she had shoved in the back of her belt. "I don't think I could forgive myself if I killed him..."

Meanwhile, Tucker was scrounging around in the lab, looking amongst the hundreds of ghost catching devices. "Come's gotta be around here somewhere.. Just get the thermos!" He breathed as he dug even deeper into the boxes. He then kicked that one aside, and the thermos was laying on its side behind it. He scrambled over to it, and gripped it tightly as he ran upstairs. He thanked the lord that Jazz and Danny's parents were out for the night. Otherwise they'd be fuming with anger as to why Tucker woke them up.

Back in the bedroom, Danny had awoken. Yet, his eyes were not the normal ghost green, nor were they the perfect crystal blue either. They burned red with rage. Vlad had just commanded him to kill Sam once again, but he seemed to be hesitating slightly. Nevertheless, he followed the commands. His fists were covered in glowing green flames, and he was ready for the perfect moment.

"Now," Vlad whispered.

The door was thrown open and Tucker appeared. He snapped off the lid of the thermos, but that was the wrong move.

"Auuuuuuuughhh..." Vlad groaned as the wind swirled around him and began to pull him in.

"Good job Tucker..." Sam smiled. She then screamed. Her eyes had fallen upon Danny, who was also being drawn in. "Tucker! Kill the power! You're taking in Danny too!" She yelled.

"I...I can't! Just grab him!" Tucker confessed.

"Fine.." Sam sighed. She went up behind Danny and grabbed him around the waist and leaned back. The thermos was still pulling slightly, but wouldn't do much to Danny is Sam was behind him.

Vlad let out a final wail and growled, "This won't be the end of me..." just as Tucker capped the metal ghost prison. He sighed, and wiped his forehead.

"Ugh!" Sam and Danny yelped as they fell onto each other after the wind died. Sam rubbed her head, and then opened her eyes. Danny was standing above her, offering a hand to help her up. Some old crystal sky blue eyes as always. He was back. She grabbed his hand and stood up slowly. A smile come over her, and they both sighed in disbelief.

"So much for not seeing each other..." Danny chuckled, rubbing the back of his neck with one hand. He blushed slightly, and then Sam fell into him. It was so natural for Danny to put his arms around her waist. It was over...for now.

"I always knew you two would be together," Tucker smiled happily as he leaned against Danny's door frame.

And for once - they didn't deny it.