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Hey, I have decided to forget about my first story, The Diaries Of A Titan, because I was getting bored with it. The Titans are going undercover to a school where the Hive members Jinx, Gizmo, and Mammoth are hunting a girl with tremendous powers, as the girl does not know of this. The Titans must stop the Hive members before they convince the girl that they are on the good side and the Titans are the ones after her. But, the problem is, the Titans don't know who the girl or the Hive kids are, and the Hive kids don't know who the Titans are, or who the girl is, and the girl, she is just plain confused! Will she fall in love with Cyborg (spoilers: YES!)? And will there be romance for Beast Boy and Raven (spoilers: YES!!!)? And I'm sure we all know about Robin and Starfire! But, when Cyborg falls for this mysterious girl, will Jinx be all right with this? Will she have to remove this girl from the picture? Read and Review to find out! Any suggestions? I just might take them! Also, I couldn't have made this story with out the help of my newest friend and beta reader: (drum roll please) audi katia!!! Thanks audi katia. You're the best! :-D


Chapter 1- The Bad News and A Scare

Beast Boy's POV (Point Of View)

I was sleeping in my room, dreaming peacefully, when all of a sudden, the door to my room flies open. My eyes fluttered a bit when I realized who was behind the door.

"Raven? What are you doing? Its like, 4:00 in the morning." I murmured.

"There's something downstairs!" She said rapidly.

"Wow, put spaces between your words." I told her calmly, still in bed.

"There's something downstairs in the living room!!!" she said while coming toward me and pulling me by the arm out of bed. She was wearing black pants with a midnight blue tank top. I, on the other hand, was wearing basically the same thing except my pants were baggy and I had on a white tank top. (AN: I think they are called wife beaters or beaters or something like that. Remember, that's just a name. It means nothing. Please continue.)

"Raven, don't you think you're over reacting?" I asked her.

"Do you think I'd kid around at night?!?!" She asked, still trying to pull my arm.

"Okay, Okay! I'm up!" I said getting out of bed with Raven still holding my arm. Her grip tightened when there was a soft 'bump' from down the long, narrow stairs.

"Did you hear that, Beast Boy?" She asked me barley under a whisper. I was kinda afraid to say 'Yes', thinking she would freak out. But then again, how could I lie to someone as beautiful as Raven? Not to mention the fact that she could have my organs reorganized any minute.

"Yes." I said to her cautiously.

She looked at me and said, "If you ever, ever let word out that I had to come to you in the middle of the night because of this, I'll have your organs reorganized."

What'd I tell ya?I thought to myself.

"Yes, I know. " I told her. There was another loud ' thump' and with that, she rapped her arms around my shoulders and yelped. As soon as she realized what she was doing she quickly unfolded her arms and started down the hall to the stairs. I suppose I am supposed to follow her, so I did. I was thinking about the things she did just now. She grabbed my arm willingly and practically gave me an all around famous ' Starfire Hug Of Friendship '. Well, of course it wasn't just friendship for Starfire when it came to Robin.

Raven could have also gone to one of the other Titans but instead, she decided to come to me. I mean, sure, my room and her room are the first ones in the hallway and her room is right on the other side of mine, but still, it could possibly mean something! In fact, I'm certain. Who could resist me? I mean, come on, I'm not that bad.

Bang! I looked up and saw that I ran into Raven.

"What?" I asked her. "What is it?"

"Its outside"she said. We both looked at each other in the eye. "You can go first" Raven said to me.

"No way! You go first!" I told her, my eyes bugging out slightly.

"But don't you want all the credit?" she said, trying to reason with me.

"What's the point if no one will ever know?!" I asked. For once, my debate actually made some sense. As a reaction to this, Raven looked at me as if I had grown two more heads. Now that I think about it, that sounds kind of cool. Yeah I know, twisted and yet, strangely interesting.

"When did you decide to grow knowledge?" She asked. (AN: Does that make sense? I don't know, but oh well! By the way, I know Raven is out of character a bit, but I'm trying!) "Okay, we both go together. 1... 2... 3!" We opened the door and someone or something the size of four of me, maybe more, pops out in front of us. Before I knew it, Raven and I where hugging each other in fear.

We were screaming like kindergarteners. The thing was growling and had foam coming out of its mouth. It started to come closer and Ravens grip tightened. She was practically squeezing my neck off my shoulders! We both closed our eyes, still screaming. The fear taking over. Then the growling stopped, and was replaced with laughter.

We opened our eyes to see Cyborg rolling on the ground laughing so hard that he was crying. What was he doing?!?!?!? Wait a minute! That wasn't even rabies foam! It was whipped cream!! Raven and I where staring at him with the expression of dumbstruck.

After his five minute long laughing fit, he finally said, "YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON YOUR FACES!!!!!! YOU LOOKED LIKE A LOVESICK COUPLE!!!!!!!!!!" He then started to laugh again. I looked over at Raven whoseface was slowly turning red. Her arms slipped off of my shoulders, still staring at Cyborg.

"You... you did this? As a joke?" She asked dangerously low and quiet.

"Mmm Hmm!" He said nodding his head yes with pride. There was a ' WUSH! ' past me and when I looked up, Raven was strangling Cyborg.

"If you tell ANYONE about this, I will personally relocate your cells and blood vanes so even the Hospital wont find them!!!!" She yelled at him. He instantly pleaded and said he promised. As soon as he was let go, Cyborg rushed up the stairs.

"I'll see you two Love Birds later! Get it?! Beast Boy can turn into birds, ravenis a type of bird!! I crack myself up!!!!" He said as he went into his room. I looked at Raven.

"So... we never mention this to anyone?" I asked.

"Absolutely." She said in response. We both went up the stairs, side by side.

When we got to our rooms (AN: That are next to each other.) I said "Good night, Rae."

Her response was "Good night Beast Boy." As I opened my door I heard her say, "Beast Boy?"

"Yeah? " I asked her.

She turned and said, "Thanks. " I heard the awkwardness in her voice then paused.

"No problem." I said smiling then went inside my room.

The Next Morning (Still B.B.'s POV)

I woke with sweat all over my face. I was dreaming that I was a duck and it was duck hunting season. What a scary thought!

"Beast Boy!!! Get your tiny green butt down here!!!!!" Cyborg yelled. I went down the curved steps of the stairs and found everyone down in the living room.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Dude we're goin back to school, and its all your fault!" Cyborg whined.

What was he talking about? Us, going back to school? No way!' I was so confused and thought this was another one of Cyborg's 'oh-so-hilarious' jokes.

"Yeah right." I said in response.

"Actually Beast Boy, he is right. We have to go under cover to a school called St. MaryAnn's." Robin corrected me.

I stared for about 5 seconds. Those 5 seconds were the most horrible 5 seconds I've ever had up until this moment. Well, at least the ones from after i joined the Titans, that is.


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