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School Is For Dummies:

Chapter 3: "The Car Ride"

Cyborg's POV (AN: Point Of View)

As I walked to My Baby (AN: The T-Car) I thought about all this new information Robin had fed to us. 'Wow. TWO GIRLS. In the same room as me. Wow. This is gonna be a brand new experience. I wonder what it'll be like.'

I enter My Baby and turn her on. Starfire is already showering Robin with questions. I can't imagine what it must be like for him. You have to wonder how he puts up with that 24/7.

Meanwhile, in the back, I hear Beast Boy trying to get Raven to once again laugh at his jokes, but as you may have guessed, she isn't amused.

My thoughts suddenly change to them both.

'You know, those two can be so annoying! I wish Raven would just shut Beast Boy up and ask him out already. Either that or the other way around. Well, it's not fair to mock them when Starfire and Robin are far more the worst. It's not like they have any secrets to keep from each other. Deep down, Robin knows Starfire is crazy about him and vise versa. Especially after all they've been through. Like with Kitten, and when Starfire was gonna get married and so much more! They WILL get together whether I help them out along the way or not.'

My thoughts are soon interrupted by a certain high-pitched voice that I had heard squeak not too long ago…

"Don't you think that joke was funny, Cyborg?" Beast Boy asks with eagerness in his voice.

"Uh . . . sure, I almost swerved off the road it was so funny!" I lie, seeing if he would catch on.

"See! I told you that one was good, Rae!" Beast Boy retorts to Raven,

"If you were paying attention, Cyborg was using sarcasm. Heard of it? It's when you stretch the truth out of desperation or annoyance to shut up the clearly aggravating and persistent boy, who makes no sense at all in both his jokes and his conversations." Raven replied, clearly trying to show she still wasn't shaken up by the news of her and her "roommate".

"Awww, come on Rae! You know I'm funny! Even Happy said so!" Beast Boy said in response. I still remember that and Happy, one of Raven's emotions, did say Beast Boy was funny.

"She was lying." Raven retorted back.

"No she wasn't! She said everything I said was funny! You just didn't want me to know because you're stubborn!" Beast Boy argued back.


"Yeah huh!"


"Yeah huh!"


"Yeah huh!"

"I am not going to argue like a child with you!" Raven finally said loudly as an attempted to stop the conversation.

"Oh, so you admit that you act like a child!" Beast Boy replied with a smirk.

"No!" Raven said in order to persist that she was right.

"Yes huh!" Beast Boy said, too, not giving up on his end of the argument.

This continued for quite a while.

"Geeze, do these two ever give it rest?" Robin said to Cyborg. He was sitting in the passenger seat next to Cyborg. Starfire sat behind Robin, She leaned forward in order to join in the conversation.

"I know what you mean, man, I know what you mean." I agreed.

"Why must our friends fight like so? I thought they liked each other, no?" Starfire asked with her confused voice.

"They like each other just fine, Star", Robin comforted as he reached back to pick up her hand. "They just show it differently…"

Starfire smiled then wrapped her hand around his proving her understanding. At this, Robin blushed, but soon shrugged it off.

"So Starfire…", Robin began as I secretly listened, "You know we're going to have to work on your English."

"What is wrong with my "English"?" Starfire asked him with question marks in her eyes.

"Eh…" Robin started. I could tell he wasn't exactly sure how to explain this. I mean, who would?

"Well, Cyborg, Raven, Beast Boy, and I say stuff like: We're and didn't and I'll. You, on the other hand, say stuff like: We are and did not and I will. If we go to that school and you talk like that, someone is bound to notice and word will get out that we are The Teen Titans." Robin explained. 'That was a pretty good way of putting it.' I thought.

"What word shall get out, Robin? English?" Starfire questioned, still stuck deeply into confusion.

I laughed as Robin sighed and said, "What he means, Starfire, is that everyone will know we are the Teen Titans, and that we don't want."

Robin sent me a smile that was spelled with "Thank you". He's gonna be a tired little boy by the end of the day, this I know.

"Oh. Thank you for clarifying all this, boys!" Starfire said, cheerfulness consuming her once again.

I suddenly heard Beast Boy shout, "I KNEW IT!"

I stopped the car on the side of the road as Robin, Starfire, and I turned around to see Raven blushing.

"What's he yellin' about?" I questioned her.

Raven turned an even darker shade of red.

"Nothing." She said quickly.

"I said that she isn't really crabby, she's just shy!" Beast Boy managed to say while being slapped by you know whom. "That's why she doesn't hang out with us, or tell us stuff, or any of the other stuff she doesn't do or does do, like lock herself up in her room!"

"Really?" Robin and I asked Raven together.

"Well, um…" She began.

"Come on, Raven! It's not like we'll all start laughing or something." Beast Boy told her, looking at her sincerely hoping to get her to admit what was so true.

Raven looked at him uncertainly, her face a cross between nervous and eager.

"Fine, I'm shy, alright?" She retorted with a harsh tone which made everyone cringe. She looked from face to face as if to identify if we were satisfied. "I've always been shy for as long as I can remember. I could always say mean, hurtful words to anyone and everyone, but I never really could express myself. I guess I was always afraid people wouldn't expect me to be so…" she paused her to find her words, "nice and… caring, so I just never showed it."

Beast Boy's face was churning with ideas, for once. I knew he was cooking up a plan to get her angry and playful, but to also show she was cared for.

"What would you say… if I told you, you aren't the kind of person to tell us all your feelings and that it was the stupidest thing you'd ever done?" Beast Boy asked Raven playfully.

Raven just looked at him and hit him hard on the head. "You should be grateful"

He just snorted at this. "Grateful of what?"

"That I try to tell you more things than abuse you by hitting you as much as usual. ' She said with a hint of a playful smile on her face.

Now that was a miracle. Who would'a thought he'd be the one to get her to smile? He just gasped at this in astonishment.

"YOU SMILED!" He said as he pointed. "Wow! Wow! Cyborg, did you see that? I GOT HER TO SMILE!"

"Yeah, I saw that." I said and smiled. Deep down I already knew he'd be the one to get her to smile all along.

"Don't let it go to your head or I'll have to knock it back out." She said as she tried to get her smile back in control. It didn't work though. As she saw Beast Boy grin his stupid, goofy grin. Raven's smile became more apparent.

Robin and Starfire were just sitting there in the parked car, exchanging looks now and then, and staying quiet.

"You're still smiling! You're still smiling! This is like the biggest thing in history! Why are you still smiling though?" Beast Boy said, still in shock.

'Because… you're smiling.' Raven thought to herself (AN: Yeah, she's out of character, OH WELL! This is MY fan fiction anyway!) while blushing.

"I know, I know, it must be me that makes you smile," Beast Boy asked. I could see he couldn't help but grin, showing off his fangs.

"Well, yeah…" Raven started.

"Why?" Beast Boy questioned once again, a blush forming on his face..

"Why what?" Asked you-know-who.

"Why do I make you smile?"

"Oh well, um…" This was a hard question for Raven, I could tell. "Because, you make me happy. Yeah, everybody else makes me happy too, but you….." Raven trailed while looking at Beast Boy. It was like they didn't even realize Robin, Starfire and me still sitting here.

Then, it was time, as the two started to ever so slowly-and unbelievably- lean in to each other. I knew what I had to do, and so did Robin.

Robin and I both said together as we pointed our index fingers-both from each of our hands- and brought them together to make a heart. We said together in a really high voice, "And some people call it… Puppy Love!"

Beast Boy and Raven blushed madly and looked away from each other

Robin continued though and he was hilarious.

"Do I make you happy, Raven?" Robin asked pulling his hands together and making his eyes go big and lovey dovey like. He was just joking of course, but it made Beast Boy and Raven blush even more.

Now it was Raven's turn.

"Robin, behave yourself. You don't want to make Starfire feel you're cheating on her, do you?" Raven said coolly and smoothly.

Beast Boy and I had started to laugh uncontrollably. She was good at making Robin uncomfortable!

Of course Starfire didn't catch on.

"Robin, are we playing a game in which you are cheating in?" Starfire asked again in confusion.

Robin sighed and said "Lets just get going…"

And off we went!


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