The door to the Great Hall swept open and a soaked Severus Snape stormed. Throwing a rubber duck at the hawk eyed woman, he said, "Your son made it rain inside, flooding the bathroom and then refused to put on pajamas."

Laughing, Xiomara replied " He wants to be like you, dear. His father doesn't wear pajamas and as to the rain, you were so proud of his first sign of magic."

The Hogwarts stifled snickers. Albus Salazar Snape combined all of Severus and Xiomara's unfavorable traits and was generally an unholy terror. While the girls turned out to be vampiric hawks( among other combinations of their parents) , Salazar was simply sneaky. The fact Severus and Xiomara weren't planning on having more kids but Salazar had other plans.

There was no chance he wouldn't get into Slytherin. Of course Poppy, Pommie, and Minerva thought the first Slytherin thing he would do is invade and corrupt another house.

Albus sighed. Why couldn't his namesake be well behaved? "I believe we need to start the sorting."

Minerva led the first years in.

"Abericome, Abigail."


"Bryant, Polly"


The list went on and on until she got to the first familiar name.

"McDore, Aphrodite."

A tall redhead walked to the stood and Minerva seemed to be nervous.

Well, a daughter of a goddess. Your name means love, so what is your love?

Knowledge, thought the girl.

Knowledge, it is!


Minerva nodded, secretly disappointed. But the sight of Poppy beaming cheered her up some. At least it wasn't Slytherin.

"McDore, Athena."

An identical girl walked to the stood. The girl's eyes seemed to scream mischief.

Ah, you are mirror image of your mother. I know exactly what to do with you!


Minerva allowed herself a small grin. She automatically read the list until she got to the 'S's.

"Snape, Minerva"

You work hard to prove you aren't your parents. I think the only way to do that is to put you in a different house.


The room was silence until almost stimualously Severus and
Pomona started to clap. They had suspect this outcome and agreed to be happy.

"Snape, Sophia"

Ah, a true Slytherin through and through. Sneaky and snarky you are perfect!


During dinner if any student care to eavesdrop on the teachers' table they would heard the following:

"Perhaps they will follow in our footsteps."

"Oh, like my namesake would be in Slytherin, Mara."

"Aphrodite did follow Poppy's." Pommie pointed out.

"Let it go, Mara."

" you still have Sal."

They finished the whispered conservation just in time to hear the last line of the Welcoming speech.

"….I'm sure the next couple of years will be interesting."

Four women grinned at each other. They will be indeed.