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The smallish boy watched the building anxiously. He wanted so much to be in there, to be near the object of his affections, but he knew better than to try walking in. He sighed and ran a hand through his spiky tri-colored hair, checking his concealment again to be certain.

Not even the boy could see him, and he was satisfied. Those thoughts and others fled when the bell rang and the students were dismissed. He waited, watched…there! There was the boy that so occupied his thoughts. He watched the child with fondness, his eyes trailing over features as familiar as his own. They were almost identical to his own, in fact.

Except that the boy's blond bangs hung completely limp, and his eyes were wide and trusting, their amethyst gaze innocent and endearing. He was talking and laughing with his blond friend, and the other brunette boy seemed to be teasing the latter. It was a very heart-warming scene, with exactly one problem in Yami's opinion - besides the fact that he wasn't in it.

The girl, that was the problem. The brown-haired girl was walking with them, and from what Yami could see his target was practically fawning over her, though she pretended not to notice.

He could practically see the look of predatory satisfaction she wore, though she kept it hidden. He was extra careful to stay out of sight when the group passed. He held his breath when the boy's gaze turned to his direction.

Even though it was only for a brief moment, and he wasn't actually looking at him, it still sent a shock down his spine.

As soon as they passed out of hearing, Yami slapped himself. He was only supposed to watch over the boy, that had been the deal.

He got released from his ancient prison, and in return he was supposed to watch over the boy and make sure he played his pre-destined role without outside interference or self-suspicion. He had taken the job, glad for any reason whatsoever to be set free, and not until after he had first seen his charge did a slight problem become evident to him.

He had fallen for the boy almost instantly, and now began having some doubts of his Master's intentions. And the others weren't exactly helping matters.

There was the boy with the long white hair, for example. In him was locked a spirit similar to himself - in fact, he had known the spirit before being sealed away. This child was completely unaware, having no idea what was sealed away inside of him…which was just as well, considering.

Yami waited for the street to clear before leaving the safety of his hiding place and following his target.

He got ahead of them, and waited as they all went their separate ways. The girl walked off very quickly, and though Yami wanted to trail her and find out her hidden agenda, he was bound to follow the boy.

Besides, he could see a pair of punks lying in wait a good ways up the street the boy was going down. He smirked, and went up ahead to fix the problem. They were muttering to themselves, having noticed the boy headed their way.

"We can have a little fun with him," one was saying when Yami appeared behind them.

"Personally, I think that's a bad idea," He said.

"Huh? Where the fuck did you come from?"

Yami didn't answer, merely gave them a twisted, eerie smile and walked down the alley. As he expected, they followed him, demanding that he answer them.

As he walked, Yami concentrated, casting a spell that would keep the boy from seeing the fight that was about to ensue. As soon as the spell was in place, he stopped and pivoted, catching the punks by surprise.

"Dammit, what the fuck do you think you're doing!"

"Are you afraid?" Yami asked, his voice quiet.

"Me scared of you? Don't make me laugh! You're no threat ta me, shrimp!" The other guy sneered.

"Yeah, small fry like yous ain't even worth our time!"

"Is that so?"

Yami knew he had to get this over with quick, since undoubtedly the boy had already passed this area. The punks realized it too.

"Oh well, since you're offerin' ta be our new punchin' bag…"

With that little warning they charged in and started swinging. Yami dodged their blows like they were amateurs. Yelling in anger, they tried again, running straight into Yami's fists.

They reeled back in agony, allowing Yami a free shot at both their heads at once. He observed them carefully afterwards, as they lay stretched out on the pavement.

He would normally have killed them, but now that he could get a good look at them he saw they were about the same age as the one they had been planning to attack. That brought the boy's face into his mind again, causing Yami to curse under his breath.

He used his magic to mess with their minds, so that when they woke up they wouldn't remember a thing. Then he dispelled the barrier that concealed the alleyway before heading after his charge.

The boy made it to his home without further trouble.