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"And so, with the mass chaos and epidemic deaths having come to an end and repairs to the city finally underway, Domino City breathes a sigh of relief," said the news anchor, "The city has expressed special gratitude to Kaiba Corporation for it's generous financial contribution towards the restoring of our beloved city to its former state…"

'Must you watch this again?'

'Don't blame me. I don't control the tiny people inside the TV.'

Yami huffed, knowing he was being teased, and rolled over so that he wasn't looking at the TV. Yugi sighed, understanding perfectly why Yami didn't want to see yet another sound bite of Kaiba Corporation's CEO handing a big check to the various business owners from the city.

Grandpa had returned home two days after the final confrontation with Seto - he'd tried to get back much earlier, of course, but travel into Domino had been blocked for safety reasons.

Even though he had been devastated by the state of the house and the shop - there had been another riot (this time in their neighborhood) before things had cleared up, adding to the damages already wreaked by the Dammug Beasts and Bakura - Grandpa had been more concerned with his grandson's safety, and had been relieved to discover that Yugi was safe and sound.

The introduction of Grandpa to Yami had been…well…

Yami's already-present irritation only increased as Yugi recalled that introduction, but Yugi didn't really see what the big deal was.

Grandpa had listened to their explanations, thought things over carefully, and had fully accepted Yami's continued presence with them. Although Grandpa HAD thrown a piece of garlic at Yami's head during the early part of the explanations…

Rosa had been accepted far more easily. Who knew Grandpa had always wanted a big dog? He didn't even mind that she was technically a big plant-monster and not really a dog. The rest of the issues that had come up, though, concerned the shop and their house, and were not so easily dealt with.

Simply, the small game shop that had been part of the house had never been successful enough to cover the cost of the massive repairs that needed to be made.

In fact, most of the city was too trashed to be easily or cheaply rebuilt, and the remaining population was thoroughly spooked. Even though everyone began insisting right away that there really hadn't been any monsters killing people (since they were obviously just some crazy hallucinations...that decided to rip people apart), a lot of people had started getting ready to move away.

That was when Kaiba Corporation appeared.

A powerful international company that specialized in state-of-the-art technology, Kaiba Corp. chose that moment to move it's global headquarters to Domino City. On top of that, the company's CEO had personally presented the business owners and homeowners of Domino with gifts of money - lots and LOTS of money - for use in their repairs.

Grandpa had been one of the first business owners to receive their gift-check…and it had been especially generous. Grandpa was planning on renovating the building completely, increasing the size of the store and the variety of its stock in the process, and there would still be plenty of money to spare.

It had seemed like such good fortune to get such a big gift so quickly…until Yugi had seen exactly who 'Seto Kaiba' really was.

'Do you think...it was as if he was trying to apologize to us, I think...' Yugi wondered suddenly.

'More like a peace offering,' Yami replied, 'Keeping us sweet so we don't suddenly change our mind and seal HIM away somewhere in the dark for thousands of years.'

Yugi turned away from the portable TV set - the remnants of the other TV were still stuck under that car bumper in the living room, but this set had escaped damage in the storeroom - and faced Yami. Since Yugi was sitting on his room's only chair, Yami had chosen to lie sprawled out on the bed.

'Well, if we do see him again, you could at least try being civil,' Yugi pointed out, 'No going to sulk on the roof like you did when he came by to give Grandpa his check.'

'There was no reason for him to bring it over personally, for publicity or otherwise,' Yami retorted, 'And I do not sulk.'

'Of course not,' Yugi said agreeably, before reaching over and poking Yami on the shoulder, 'You just find a place to hide so that people can't watch while you pout -'

With surprising swiftness, Yami seized hold of the offending hand and gave it a tug, pulling Yugi forward and out of the chair. Any worries that Yugi might have formed about the dangers of falling over were immediately silenced when Yami pressed his lips against his. The jolt that this sent ringing up and down their bond was intense, and the kiss only got more heated as Yugi felt the tip of an inquisitive tongue tease its way between his lips…

Drawing things out for as long as possible (air was a cursed annoyance sometimes) Yami reluctantly released Yugi's mouth. Since there were currently far more interesting things to be concerned with besides maintaining his balance, when Yami leaned back onto the bed, Yugi moved with him, landing awkwardly sprawled on top of the mage-demon.

Being the considerate person that he was, Yami made certain to adjust Yugi's position to a more comfortable one, where their bodies were pointing in the same direction. Yami settled back afterwards, satisfied with the conclusion of their little discussion. Yugi's face was bright red and he was taking deep breaths, still more than a little dazed.

A few minutes later, once Yugi's brain finally started working properly again, he looked up at his half-self. The mage-demon was happily lying back, hands tucked behind his head and a sly smirk building on his face. And while this was a very pleasant position for the two of them to be in...

'…Eventually, you're going to have to admit defeat instead of just distracting me whenever I'm winning an argument with you,' Yugi thought at his half-self, still feeling a little light-headed.

Yami's smirk grew wider.

"Whatever you say, Yugi," Yami replied aloud.

Yugi blinked at the unexpected acquiescence, then nodded.

"That's right, whatever I - mmph!"

A few minute's silence. Then, when they had to part for air (again, damn the cursed substance)...


'...I like distracting you.'

Another blush. This one wasn't from lack of air.

The next one was, though.

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