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Chapter 1: Melody of Secrets

The summer holidays had just begun and Severus Snape couldn't have been happier. It meant months of quiet, student free time. Well almost. One student had been allowed to stay over the summer holidays though he couldn't bring himself to care. It actually pleased him that he would get to see more of this student, not that he would ever admit it. Not that he would ever reveal that behind the façade of a Death Eater lurked—a snuffling sound made him pause. Drawing his wand Severus warily snuck into the corridor the noise was coming from.

It was Fluffy. No not fluffy as in soft, but Fluffy as in Hagrid's three headed dog, the dog that had once tasted the flesh of his leg causing him to limp for a week. The Fluffy that had just caught a whiff of his fresh scent and began to drool in hunger. The damn thing had once tasted his flesh and now wanted more. Severus dropped his wand with a clatter as three heads swung his way and ran, Fluffy letting loose a deep baying sound that let the world know that he had found his quarry and was giving chase. They ran.

Severus was tiring and was coming upon a part of the dungeons from which there would be no escape from the dog. In his panic he had allowed himself to be trapped. How to stop the mad beast now that he didn't have his wand? What did that brute Hagrid do to calm the Cerberus. Severus scoffed despite the danger, the simpleton probably rocked it and sang it lullabies. His eyes widened. That was it! Music! But he had no instruments and was finally cornered. There was no choice than. Severus opened his mouth and began to sing, his dark and silky voice luring the overgrown dog into slumber. The problem now, there was no way past the dog that filled the corridor with its bulk. The only way would be to climb over it and the beast would surely wake. Damn it but he had to drop his wand. Severus sung on and prayed someone would find him soon.

(Insert stanza one of Flaw's Only the Strong)

He was wandering around the dungeons. Sure he didn't have many fond memories of being down there but he felt at home in the dungeons, something his friends wouldn't understand. They never seemed to feel the urge to seek solitude like he did, they despised the dungeons which was perhaps why he loved them. A familiar song sung in a seductive voice drew his attention and he followed it, allowed it to pull him in.

(Insert refrain and next stanza)

The sight he came upon was shocking. A cornered Severus Snape crooning to Fluffy to keep the dog asleep. And by the sound of the professor's voice it wasn't the first song he had gone through and he wouldn't last much longer. Softly he added his own voice to the mix as he stepped forward, the familiar lyrics rolling off his tongue as he bravely stroked the head nearest to him.

(refrain, stanza, refrain)

Severus' voice faltered and he stopped singing, allowing the pure yet sorrowful notes of his companion's voice to keep the song going.

(ending of song)

He let the last note fade out but instead of picking up with another song he kept rubbing one of Fluffy's heads.

"Hey boy" he whispered softly as the three heads awoke "what are you doing here, huh? Hagrid's been looking for you."

He locked his vivid eyes with those on the head he was currently petting, attracting all of the dog's attention.

"Go Fluffy" he said sternly, pointing down the corridor "go to Hagrid and leave Professor Snape alone."

The dog whimpered as if cowed by some great force and left, not sparing Severus a glance.

Severus straightened himself and gathered his disheveled robes about himself.

"Thanks Potter" he said sincerely before sweeping off through the dungeons in search of his wand and a stiff drink.

Harry could only stare after the man. The masculine scent of his professor teased at his nose and the memory of the silky voice singing still echoed through his head. A small smilequirked across Harry Potter's lips as he decided to head for the lake to meditate. Staying at Hogwarts for the summer had just gotten even better and it seemed that the potions master wasn't such a greasy git after all. In fact his hair wasn't greasy at all but rather silky like his voice. Harry didn't even realize the path his thoughts were following as he sat down upon a rock at the edge of the lake staring out at the beauty around him as he allowed his thoughts to wander and then become blank.

Harry was still sitting like that when Hagrid found him as he made his way toward the castle for dinner.

"'ello Harry" he boomed and Harry drew himself from the depths of him mind to smile back at the half-giant.

"Hey Hagrid" Harry said softly "what are you doing?"

"Thanks fer findin' Fluffy earlier. I'm headin' ter dinner o' course" Hagrid said, hauling Harry to his feet "an' that's where yeh should be, not starin' at nothin' like a ruddy Centaur."

Harry followed Hagrid to the castle but did not bother to correct the half-giant; he hadn't been staring at nothing but had instead been basking in the waves of magic that undulated about him as he studied their vibrant colors. Ever since this ability had manifested Harry had studied it to discover what the different streams meant and through understanding them his knowledge and ability in magic had grown phenomenally. It made learning how to cast a spell much easier after he had seen it performed correctly, he could more easily block curses now as he knew what type of magic was being sent at him, and he was even beginning to figure out how to deconstruct the spells into harmless energy. He had also been able to harness wild magic, or accidental magic as the Ministry called it, into wandless magic. You just had to realize that magic was all around you as well as inside you and a wand was merely a manipulative tool for those who did not have firm control over magic.

Magic was limitless Harry had realized, it was only the mind that set the limits and perhaps, in the case of some witches and wizards, the wand that hampers their potential. Such had been the case for Harry until he learned to balance the magic in and around him with the fiery phoenix core of his wand. He had almost burnt his wand out a few times by pouring too much magic into it. Harry smirked slightly, it also hadn't hurt that he had infused his wand with a second core and bound it with his own blood. Not that anyone realized that he had been up to these things; there was one advantage to acting like the Gryffindor Golden Boy, no one suspected that he would ever be up to anything. Harry started guiltily as he realized that they had reached the castle and he hadn't heard a word that Hagrid had said.

"Nice talking to you Hagrid" Harry told the half-giant, already walking away from his supposed first friend in the wizarding world "I'll see you later, maybe come visit tomorrow if I don't get caught up in my work."

Hagrid made a motion as if to stop Harry and have him go to the Great Hall for dinner, but Harry was already heading around the corner. He didn't feel like going to the Great Hall to eat where he would be the center of the teacher's attention. It also drove him insane how someone would start a conversation, realize he was there, and then change the subject abruptly as if they couldn't openly converse about anything in front of him. He had had enough of that and decided that the kitchens would be a better place to eat and would allow him to avoid any prying questions sent his way.

With the ease of long practice Harry found himself in front of the portrait of a bowl of fruit and was tickling the squirming pear. The pear turned into a door knob and Harry opened the door to the lovely aromas of the food prepared by the house-elves and found his legs being compressed by the battiest of them all.

"Hey Dobby, how have you been?" Harry asked casually as he always did.

Dobby's ears perked and the tennis ball eyes widened "fine Harry Potter, sir. Dobby is fine. Harry Potter sir is such a great wizard, he is, asking how poor Dobby is. What can Dobby do for the Great Harry Potter sir?"

Expertly Harry detangled himself from Dobby "could you get me some food please? I'm a bit hungry but I don't want to go to the Hall to eat."

Almost immediately Harry was pushed into a chair and a laden table was set before him as bowing house-elves backed away to give him space to eat.

"Thank you" Harry called after them and noticed that the table was filled with his favorite foods.

It was a bit gratifying to know that even though their were hundreds of students at Hogwarts the house-elves still knew what foods he liked, or maybe it was just Dobby that knew. What ever the reason Harry dug hungrily into the food and lost himself in the book he had pulled from his pocket and enlarged.

Harry was just starting on his dessert when the door to the kitchens opened behind him and he heard the house-elves fall into the routine given to anyone visiting the kitchens. He also didn't have to hear the house-elves address the person to know that it was professor Snape. After all, what other teacher would Dumbledore send after him?

"Enjoying yourself Potter" the voice was a silken draw that revealed none of the emotions the Potions Master was feeling.

"Good evening professor" Harry returned cordially "I am finding my meal most enjoyable, would you care to join me for dessert as it seems the Headmaster is making you miss yours to come find me?"

Severus raised an eyebrow but did indeed join Harry at the table and accepted a dessert from one of the numerous house-elves. He had noticed that over this past year the boy had been acting more Slytherin-like than Gryffindor, but then the boy had thrown his theories out the window by going to the Department of Mysteries at the end of this last school year to chase down his mutt of a godfather. That act had been pure Gryffindor. And yet here the boy was reading a heavy tome written in what appeared to be an ancient runic language and had immediately recognized that he had been sent to look for him by the Headmaster. The boy had also issued a very Slytherin-like invitation when he had asked him to join him for dessert. Such an enigma.

"Something wrong professor?"

Harry's voice broke through the man's revive and Harry found himself on the receiving end of a pointed look.

Surprisingly Harry was answered.

"For someone who is supposed to be Gryffindor's Golden Boy you sure are acting like a Slytherin. You managed to lose Hagrid earlier when he was to bring you to dinner and then you realize that I was sent to look for you. A Gryffindor wouldn't have noted such things; they would have only reacted and most likely done what they were expected to do even if they didn't know the expectations were there."

Harry smirked "that's pretty blunt coming from the Head of Slytherin house. Yet there is no reason not to tell you since I doubt you would reveal this to Dumbledore. Dumbledore may have you set up as a pawn, neatly tucked away on his side of the field to be used as he sees fit, but there is still that spark of sly rebellion in you, a spark he doesn't see. Did you ever think that perhaps I am truly Slytherin at heart but merely use the Gryffindor Golden Boy facade as an act because it is what everyone expects and it allows me more freedom than I would get if I was to show my true colors?"

Harry gave Severus time to mull over what he had just said. What he had told the man was true, he had always been a Slytherin but had realized on that trip to Diagon Alley with Hagrid that he was expected to be a Gryffindor and problems would arise if he wasn't. He hadn't needed the suspicion being Sorted into Slytherin would bring upon him and so had 'begged' the hat to put him in Gryffindor. It had worked and here he was, sitting over dessert with the one professor in the entire school that gave most every student nightmares, and they were discussing Slytherin tactics versus Gryffindor nature. There must be a slight bit of irony in there somewhere. Finally the silence was broken.

"Be that as it may it is a good thing you were not placed in Slytherin even if you hadn't been expected to go to Gryffindor. The Slytherins would have murdered you in your sleep first year."

Harry couldn't help it; he threw his head back and laughed. Surely Snape couldn't be that blind; for it was either that or they were just too damn good. This next was going to blow Snape a new asshole.

"Why would my friends even want to try and murder me?"

Well, there wasn't any sign of a new asshole that he could see but Harry was now sitting across from one very shocked professor. Alas, if only he had a camera, he would make millions! He didn't think he had ever seen Snape so shocked, not even the time he had discovered his hair was on fire, courtesy of Crabbe and Goyle. Now that was a pair of friends, they had been willing to set Snape's hair on fire after the professor had pissed him off during class one day. Harry couldn't believe they had done that for him, he had only been joking after all. It had been worth it though when the backstabbing Ronald Weasley had been blamed for the whole fiasco. Severus regained his composure quickly; years of spying taught a person a few handy tricks.


There went the raised eyebrow again.

"You are friends with the Slytherins that insult and hex you as well as your two tagalongs? Friends with the children whose parents try and kill you as often as possible in the name of the Dark Lord?"

Harry stood and gathered his book then, it was time to end this conversation and give the professor a chance to really think on what he had learned without giving away anything else that he didn't have to "appearances can be deceiving."

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