Jinny just got out of rehab and has been back to work for a few months. She had just met this guy at an AA meeting Frank and was going out with him for about 2 weeks now. She felt this was one man in her life was different. She was actually happy. She thought she was in love. She was wrong...very wrong.
CD and Nate have been partners for a while and they had not to each other this but CD was falling in love with Nate and Nate was falling in love with CD.
Kate was basically the same. She was helping a new officer to The Division Raina Washington. She was kind of getting on Kate's nerves but she didn't care that much.
Jinny had done her work for the day and was on her way out the door to go out for dinner with Frank. Then Kate stopped her.

Kate- Exstead come in here for a minute.

Jinny- Actually Cap, I was just on my wa--

Kate- Now!

Jinny- Sighed What is it?

Kate- Your witness called. She says she has new information.

Jinny- Captain, can I call her tomorrow? I really have to get going.

Kate- She wanted you to call her right away.

Jinny- But I have a date.

Kate- We are talking about a man who likes to kill old people and if our only witness wants to speak with you you have to do it. Are we clear?

Jinny- Aren't we always? Leaves

After she makes that very quick phonecall she leaves to go to the restaurant. When she got there, Frank wasn't there. She went back to her apartment and he was standing in front of her door. He was angry.

Frank- I thought you were going to meet me at the restaurant???

Jinny- Stop yelling. Come inside.

Frank- We had a date.

Jinny- I know. Captain had me do something and I had to do it. I didnt want to take the risk of being fired.

Frank- I smell a man on you.

Jinny- I work with lots of men.

Frank- You are cheating on me! Slaps her across the face

Jinny- Falls to the ground and starts crying as Frank bends down to help her up

Frank- Oh honey I am so sorry. Are you okay?

Jinny- Please leave.

Frank- Not until I know you are okay. Looks at her cheek. It was already turning black and blue I will go get some ice. Goes into the kitchen

Jinny- Thinking to herself He hit me. No one has ever hit me before.

Frank- Here you go. Just put it on your cheek.

Jinny- Frank, you hit me.

Frank- I don't know why. I'm sorry. I have never hit anyone in my entire life. It won't happen again I promise. Kisses her I love you.

Jinny- I love you too.

Frank- I am going to go home..or would you like me to stick around for a little bit?

Jinny- No I am tired I think I will go to bed.

Frank- Kisses her again I will see you tomorrow ok?

Jinny- Ok. Bye.

The next day, she went into work. Of course Magda noticed the mark right away.

Magda- Oh my God, Jinny. What the hell happened?

Jinny- I'm fine it's nothing.

Magda- Jinny I want the truth.

Jinny- That is the truth.

Magda- Look into my eyes and tell me that is the truth.

Jinny looked at her with tears in her eyes.

Magda- What really happened.

Jinny- We just got into a little fight. It's no big deal.

Magda- No big deal?? He hit you!

Jinny- Mag I'm fine really. You have to stop worrying about me so much.

Kate- Exstead, Ramirez, in my office.

Magda- You need to tell Captain.

Jinny- No. I can't. They go into Kate's office

Kate- Now here's is--oh my God Jinny what happened to you face?

Jinny- I um fell of the bed and uh hit the side of my face on the thingy on the floor.

Kate- The thingy?

Jinny- Yeah the im alarm clock.

Kate- You have your alarm clock on the floor.

Jinny- Yes.

Kate- Why?? Not buying it for a second

Jinny- I just do now what did you need us for?

Kate- Your witness is coming in today to discuss her statement she gave you on the phone she will be here soon.

Jinny- Alright. Gets ready to leave

Kate- Magda, may I speak to you for a minute?

Magda- Sure. Jinny I will meet you in the lobby.

Jinny- Okay. Leaves

Kate- Magda what really happened?

Magda- She told me she got into a fight with her boyfriend.

Kate- He hit her? Oh my God is she okay.

Magda- Well she was fine enough to forgive him.

Kate- Don't tell me that. She forgave him? Did she at least go see a doctor? That is a pretty bad bruise.

Magda- Her? Go to a doctor? Good luck trying to do that.

Later on that night, Frank took her out for a romantic dinner. When she was done with her dinner, Jinny just ordered some desert. She ordered strawberry short cake and when she got it, there was a ring shoved into the strawberry.

Jinny- Oh my God.

Frank- Jinny, I know what I did to you last night and I would not blame you if you never wanted to see me again but you have to believe me when I tell you how

sorry I am. Jinny Exstead gets on his knees Will you marry me?