Jinny- Oh my Gosh. I don't know what to say.
Frank- Say you will make me the happiest man in the world. Say you will marry me.
Jinny- I will marry you.

Frank got off of his knees and picked her up and kissed her while the whole restaurant clapped.

The next day, Jinny walked into The Division, still having her bruise but with a smile on her face.

Magda- What are you soo happy about?
Jinny- Oh nothing. Puts hand up to her face to try and show her the ring without showing her the ring
Magda- Oh my God Jinny where did you get that ring? Grabs her hand It's gorgeous! .. And expensive. Whistles
Jinny- Frank gave it to me last night.
Magda- What was it an apology ring? sarcastic
Jinny- Actually it is an engagement ring.
Magda- What?
Jinny- He asked me to marry him and I said yes.
Magda- Jinny! He abused you. He hit you and you are going to marry this man?
Jinny- I haven't been with a man that I felt this close to. This is the first time he has done it. He apologized and he will never do it again. He promised.
Magda- Jin-
Jinny- Mag, please. Just be happy for me. I love him.
Magda- Well, as long as you are happy, I am happy.
Jinny- Thank you. Hugs her

A few hours later. Frank called Jinny at work.

Jinny- Phone rings Exstead...Hi...Sure what time?..Ok see you then..Love you too..Bye.
Magda- Who was that?
Jinny- Frank. We are meeting for lunch now. When I get back we can go over with what the witness said ok?
Magda- Ok see you then.

Jinny left and as soon as she did, Magda went bursting into Kate's office carrying a folder.

Magda- Captain I have to talk to you. It's an emergency.
Kate- What's wrong? Why did you come bursting in here?
Magda- Because I found this. Hands her the folder
Kate- Oh God.
Magda- Yep. Frank Matalris. 40 years old. Has 5 restraining orders against him from his last 5 wives. All of them were for stalking, abuse, everything dealing with domestic violence.
Kate- Does she know?
Magda- No. She just left for lunch.
Kate- Well she ought to know.
Magda- I will tell her when she gets back. Especially now.
Kate- What do you mean?
Magda- He asked her to marry him last night.
Kate- Oh no. Ok when she gets back I want to see both of you in my office. Dont tell her anything yet ok?
Magda- You got it.

At lunch...

Frank- Glad you could come.
Jinny- Me too.
Frank- So how did your friends react when you told them?
Jinny- I only told Magda and to tell you the truth I think she is going to try and talk me out of it.
Frank- But why? We were meant to be together.
Jinny- I know but my bruise isn't invisible you know.
Frank- Well I have a wonderful idea. Why don't we elope right now before anyone can talk us out of it?
Jinny- I dont know. I really wanted my friends and family at my wedding.
Frank- Well you won't have one if they talk you out of it hon.
Jinny- I guess you're right. Let's go.

They left the restaurant and went to elope. The next day, Jinny came into work and Kate was not thrilled because she hadn't even called to say she wasn't coming back in.

Magda- Jinny, where were you? We were supposed to go over paperwork and you didn't even call!
Jinny- I'm sorry Mag but I was busy.
Magda- With what? You were going to lunch. You must have eaten the whole restaurant.
Jinny- No, we went to city hall.
Magda- For what?
Jinny- We got married yesterday.
Magda- Stayed silent

Kate then walked out of her office.

Kate- Exstead where were you? You didn't even call. You can't do that again do you hear me?
Jinny- Yes ma'am.
Kate- Magda, can I see you for a minute?
Magda- Sure.

In Kate's office..

Kate- I found out something else about Frank. He also had many girlsfriends before he started marrying them. The last girlfriend he had was murdered.
Magda- Started crying
Kate- It's ok. We will tel her and she won't marry him.
Magda- Histerically SHE ALREADY MARRIED HIM!
Kate- What!
Magda- Still crying They eloped. What are we going to do?

Kate walked out of her office.

Kate- Exstead, in my office.

Jinny went into Kate's office to find Magda crying. Magda ran out of the room after staring at Jinny and the bruise on her face.

Jinny- What's wrong with her?
Kate- She's upset. Jin, Magda told me you married your boyfriend.
Jinny- Don't tell me that's why she is crying..
Kate- Well kind of. She is crying because of Frank's past.
Jinny- So I guess she told you.
Kate- About how he did that to your face? Yes. But that's not what I meant.
Jinny- Will you stop playing games with me and tell me what the hell you are talking about?
Kate- Hands her the folder THIS is what I am talking about.
Jinny- What is this?
Kate- Frank's records.
Jinny- You did a check on him?
Kate- Yes and I am glad I did. Look at it.
Jinny- Read it Oh my God.
Kate- Yeah. He has abused all of his wives.
Jinny- He has been very good to me. He hit me once and he said he was sorry and he would never do it again. I believe him. He is my husband. He has changed. You have never even met him. You don't know how much he has changed. Plus, if he was such a bad guy, why would he marry a cop? It's obvious if he married a cop, they would find out. He has changed! Ran out of the office
Kate- Jinny wait!

Jinny grabbed her coat and stormed out of the station.