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Presenting …My greatest desire

I wish I may I wish I might

Just get to spend this one night

With you my love my life is whole

But your too obsessed with the cowboy

I wish you would open your eyes and see

How much you really love me

For to me love is a verb

So love I will make

if you'd just see how much Jesse is fake

To you I am evil and it's I you hate

But you got to realize my love for you is fate

I hope you come to your senses Suze

Because I'm rotting away with this bottle of booze

I may have a girl here and there

But to me Suze you are Alice and I am the hare

While I'm captivated by your beautiful stare

I hope this poem makes you feel like me

Because I'm starting to worry that you don't care

And it's making me mad, Hell it's making me pissed

And if I were you I'd savor Jesse's kiss

Because if the pain I feel doesn't come to your mind

Jesse will be gone for all time.

So think bitch.

I love it what about you

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