This was written as a live-journal meme. Edmondia Dantes listed the first lines of all her fics and people wrote drabbles with the first line as a starting point.

This is completely random, be warned.

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"I'm evil, you know," his yami informed him, sprawled out insubstantially over his bed and watching him upside-down.

"Why do you say that?" Yugi wondered aloud, staring at his hair in the mirror. The bangs were really annoying, always getting in his eyes. His yami always pushed them back when he took over. And they stayed pushed back. Whenever Yugi did that, they flopped back down if he moved his head even slightly.

"Ushio. The Director." Yami began ticking each name off on his fingers. "Sozoji. The 'Lucky' convict. Goro..."

"Stop!" Yugi shouted, coming over to grab Yami's hands and make him stop counting off the names, one by one. His hands passed right through, and Yami continued.

"The Shoe Seller..."

"You missed a couple." Yugi had pulled his hands back to his body. Now he reached out again.

"What?" Yami paused, confused.

"Kokurano. Ms. Crono." Yugi's eyes met Yami's and he reached out pleadingly. Yami hesitated for a long moment, but he could not refuse his light.

Yugi's hands clasped Yami's, now solid.

"You didn't do anything... you didn't really punish them. You just made it so they could not decieve people any more. You could have hurt them. They meant to hurt me, and others. But you didn't."

Yami turned his head away. "So?" He sighed. "The fact remains..."

"I know what Pegasus said. That the Items were of evil. That's why you didn't punish him, isn't it? That's why you haven't punished anyone since then."

Yami still wouldn't meet his gaze, turning his head away whenever Yugi moved his own head to put it in Yami's field of vision. When Yugi got tired of ducking and bobbing, he let go of Yami's hands and used them to hold Yami's head in place. But Yami still wouldn't look at him. "Yami..."

"Darkness. That's what you named me. You were right." He sighed again.

"Yami, what is this all about? I trust you. I let you take over during the duel with Mai, remember? I did that because I trusted you when you told me you wouldn't go against my wishes again. And besides, if you were evil, you wouldn't care about being evil. You may have done some things, but they were the best you could do at the time, and you don't do them anymore."

"Take apart the puzzle."


Yami finally lifted his gaze to Yugi. "Why? After all the trouble I have brought down upon you..."

"I. Spent. Eight. Frigging. Years. Solving. That. Goddamn. Thing." Yugi shuddered at the thought of all that work gone to waste. Then he perked up. "Anyways, if you're bad, I can help you stop being bad." He said, wrapping his arms around Yami.

"What?" Yami was getting a little freaked.

"Yami-chaaannnnn..." Yugi said, drawing little designs on Yami's chest. "You've been a bad, bad boy. So...." He paused to nip on Yami's neck. "I'm going to punish you..."

Very slight smirk. Unfortunatly, Yugi chose that minute to look up. 'Wait a minute...'