Draco and Hermione
by aphrodite-phaedra

War had passed. Victory had gone to Voldemort, even if he was wounded badly. Harry Potter was barely hanging on. Draco Malfoy's father had fallen and his mother clung to him. He now controlled his father's finances and had taken his father's place as favourite of Voldemort. The Weasleys had gone into hiding for fear of being captured like so many others had. Like Hermione Granger had.

Hundreds of Light Siders had been captured and forced to work for Voldemort. The men were turned into labourers, made to do menial chores. The children were brainwashed and were converted to the Dark Side as future warriors of Voldemort. The elderly were killed. But the prisoners who were most to be pitied were the women. They were 'presented' to various Dark wizards who had helped Voldemort as rewards for their work. These women had no value, their lives were not their own and they were easily replaceable.

This is the story of one such woman. Of how her determination to free herself won for herself a valuable ally. This is the story of Hermione Granger.

Author's Note:
Well, here it is. My next attempt at a decent Harry Potter Fanfiction. Please review with any comments you think are helpful so that I can work to improve my writing. I realize this chapter is very short but I meant for it to be some sort of introduction to the situation the story is set in. If you're wondering where I got the idea for this fiction, it was from Maroon 5's 'She Will Be Loved'.