Okay so I once said that I'm not the biggest Wishipping fan, but after writing A 360 Bermuda Love Triangle, I changed my mind. Yugi and Jou make such a cute couple! I don't know why I never realized it before. Besides I just wanted to do something a little different. There are plenty of S/J, YY/Y and S/YY fics out there, but I don't see too many J/Y fics (well not lately).

Don't get me wrong, S/J and S/YY are still my favorite, but if any of you out there keep up with my writing, then I bet you noticed by now that I have a very open mind and wide range in taste. I don't like sticking to just one pairing. If I do that all my stories will start to sound the same, and I don't want to run out of ideas too fast.

However, if you want to know the real reason why I decided to write a J/Y fic, I'll tell the truth. I had a really cute idea for this story, and Jou and Yugi just seemed to be the best two characters for it. At first I thought about making it Yami/Yugi, but after you read this first chapter and see what Jou does, then you'll see why I decided Jou would make a better player ;) There are just some things Jou would do that Yami wouldn't, and Jou's actions are the whole basis for the title of this fic.

Anyways enough of my babbling, I don't really like to write too much at the beginning of a fic. I don't want to bore you all away. So here it is, fresh out of Momo's sweetness vault. Hope you enjoy!

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Blowing Kisses

Chp.1 Catch Me If You Can

"Are you alright?" questioned Jonouchi as he helped his friend to his feet.

"Sure I'm fine but what about you!" exclaimed Yugi worriedly. He then brought a hand to Jonouchi's cheek and examined the small cut that was there.

"Aww this ain't nothing," chuckled Jonouchi as he wiped the bit of blood from his face with his thumb and winked. "I mean you look a little more worse for wear then I do."

"I'm so sorry Jonouchi. This is all my fault," whispered Yugi as he lowered his face shamefully towards the ground. "If only I were stronger, then I wouldn't have to keep depending on you or Yami to come to my rescue every time a bully decides to pick on me."

"Hey now," shushed Jonouchi as he brought a finger to Yugi's lips in attempt to silence him. "You are a strong person Yugi. Stronger then me or Yami."

Yugi smiled up at his friend just before Jonouchi brushed his finger down Yugi's chin and stopped where a bit of blood had trickled. Yugi then felt his face grow hot as Jonouchi wiped the blood with his finger and licked it off his hands in the most provocative manner.

Had it been anyone but Jonouchi, Yugi would have been certain the taller boy was flirting with him, but considering it was his best friend, Yugi merely shrugged away the thought and berated himself for his own flailing hormones.

'What is wrong with me! How could I think such a thing? Jonouchikun is my best friend! Then again I'm not sure why he just did that, but usually I don't understand half the things he does.'

"Speaking of which. Where is Yami? Lately when something like this happens he usually beats me to the punch," chuckled Jonouchi as he cracked his knuckles for an added emphasis. "And I mean literally."

"Ohh, well last night he went to Kaiba's and I haven't seen him since."

"Man, why the hell is he always with that bastard!" snarled Jonouchi. "Usually Yami is a pretty good judge of character, but this time…Oh well. I guess nobodies perfect."

"Jou," sighed Yugi in a scolding tone. "That's not a very fair thing to say. Kaiba isn't really that bad, and most importantly he makes Yami happy."

"Is that so," snorted Jonouchi as he turned his face away defiantly. "Well if being with a cold-blooded jackass reptile makes him happy, then I give them both my best wishes."

"Jonouchi," groaned Yugi wearily.

"Well we better get goin before we're late," pointed out Jonouchi as he ignored Yugi's reproachful glance and waved his wrist into the air.

"Oh my gosh you're right!" exclaimed Yugi as he stared at the watch on Jonouchi's hand. "We're going to miss our bus!" He then proceeded to dash across the street just before he was suddenly stopped.

"Whoa now!" shouted Jonouchi as he yanked Yugi by the back of the collar, causing the boy to narrowly miss a car that nearly hit him.

"Oh my gosh!" gasped Yugi as he realized he had only been inches from certain death.

"Man oh man Yugi! That was really close," nodded Jonouchi gratefully. He then raised his head back to meet Yugi's pale eyes and patted his friend's shoulder.

"Didn't your mom teach you to look both ways before you cross the street? Geez. Looks like I have no choice but to hold your hand and walk you myself."

Yugi's cheeks burned a deep crimson as Jonouchi took his hand, gently squeezed it, and then led him to a crosswalk. At this point Yugi wasn't sure if he was more embarrassed because Jonouchi was treating him like a child, or just embarrassed because they were holding hands."

"Well now. That wasn't so hard, now was it?" grinned Jonouchi as they finally made it across the street.

Yugi merely nodded his head while keeping it lowered from Jonouchi's eyes. What would Jonouchi think if he noticed how hot Yugi's face was now?

"Hey Yugi," whispered Jonouchi lowly.

Captivated by the softness in the other's tone, Yugi forgot about hiding his face and stared up at his friend.

"You know…" started Jonouchi.

Yugi blinked wildly as he realized that Jonouchi's face was now twice as red as his. "I…"

"OH MY GOSH!" cried Yugi, violently interrupting the blonde. "Our bus just drove by!"

"SHIT!" cursed Jonouchi as he and Yugi took off running after it.

::Next Scene::

"The bus is extra crowded today," huffed Jonouchi as he struggled against the window he was being pushed against. Between being boxed beside Yugi and being smashed by a burly overweight man, Jonouchi was has having trouble breathing as the potent smell of bus musk filled the air. He then felt his face pale as the man behind him pressed hard against him revealing two reasons why he was in fact a she.

"Well it is the weekend," stated Yugi. He then clutched the bus handle above him twice as tightly in a desperate attempt to keep from falling. However, his efforts were to no avail as the bus hit a huge bump causing the smaller boy to trip over backwards!

"Watch it now!" shouted Jonouchi as he immediately caught Yugi before he had time to fall.

"Th-thanks Jonouchikun," stammered Yugi as he tried to recover from his embarrassment.

"Sure thing Yug," smiled Jonouchi.

Yugi smiled back up at his friend appreciatively before a sudden realization hit him. "Uhh…Jonouchi."

"Hm?" hummed the grinning blonde.

"You can let go of me now."

"Why?" blinked Jonouchi, his eyes reflecting feigned innocence mixed with a slight hint of mischief. Yugi couldn't help but shudder under Jonouchi's dubious gaze, which he quickly soon regretted. The moment the smaller boy shivered Jonouchi's eyes sparked as his hold on Yugi tightened.

"Because….well…" started Yugi as he suddenly felt his mind go blank. Something about Jonouchi's embrace was soothing and Yugi couldn't think of any good reason why he wanted the feeling to go way. Plus the dark hazy shade of Jonouchi's eyes totally had Yugi captivated.

"Heh," chuckled Jonouchi as he nodded his head and shut his eyes. He then turned back to face Yugi surprising his friend in the process. The strange compelling look he had just moments ago was now gone and completely replaced by his characteristic exuberance. "It looks like this is our stop."


::Next Scene::

"Well we're here and what do you know, they're late," grumbled Jonouchi dourly. "And here I ran for nothing. I should have known what with Anzu havin to be so girly. Once I waited at her house for over an hour because she couldn't find the right shoes to match her outfit! And don't get me started on Honda. I think he takes longer to get his hair to stick up than you do!"

"What do you mean? My hair is always like this," blinked Yugi.

"No kidding," gasped Jonouchi as he seemed genuinely surprised.

He then eyed Yugi intently causing the shorter boy to slightly blush. Jonouchi had long since past the time boundary that a person could stare at someone and still not have it considered gaping. Then again Yugi just figured Jonouchi was looking at him so strangely due to the hair phenomenon.

However Yugi's thoughts were soon interrupted as Jonouchi flopped onto the ground and leaned on a nearby tree. "Well no point in complaining. I guess were just gonna have to wait for them here."

After a few moments had passed Yugi joined his friend and sat beside him. He then shut his eyes and took in a full breath of air. It was at that moment a playful breeze swept around the two, sending a sweet fragrance past them.

"Today's such a nice day!" sighed Yugi contently.

"Too bad we have to waste our weekend doin some stupid school project!" chortled Jonouchi.

"It isn't so bad," chuckled Yugi as he stared over at his heated friend. Although his eyes were still closed, Jonouchi's facial features somehow managed to animate his annoyance perfectly.

"Tch. Ya. If you ask me, I think this is just the schools sad attempt at forcing us to do some fundraising. I mean why else would they tell us to sell these retarded coasters and then cover up their motives by saying this is a study on business development skills."

"Well at least we get to do this together," countered Yugi as he stared out in front of himself.

Jonouchi's eyes immediately popped open as he sat up and stared directly in his friend's face. "Yugi…"

"Jonouchikun?" questioned Yugi. Something about the way the other was staring at him had Yugi's heart pounding hard against his chest.

"I…uhhh…." trailed Jonouchi, his face now a deep crimson shade. "Whoa. You got an eyelash hanging from your eye."

"Really?" Yugi blinked. Somehow that wasn't quite the response he was expecting. He then brought his hand to his eye in order to eliminate the obstruction before Jonouchi suddenly caught his wrist.

"Don't try to rub it! If you do that it might get caught in your eye," scolded Jonouchi. "Here. Let me get it for you. Now close your eyes."

Yugi immediately obeyed the blonde as he shut his eyes and stood still. His breath then hitched in the back of his throat as he felt warm air touch his face. Jonouchi was now only millimeters from Yugi's face as he leaned in over the smaller boy.

"Almost…" whispered Jonouchi a mix of sweet honey and warmth escaping his lips.

"JONOUCHI!" shouted Yugi as he suddenly leapt to his feet and backed away from the blonde. He then clutched the front of his shirt tightly in a sad attempt to slow his heartbeat.

The instant Yugi had left himself unguarded Jonouchi had took the opportunity to capture his lips in a soft kiss. At first touch Yugi hadn't been sure what was going on, but the moment that realization finally hit him, Yugi had quite literally jumped into action.

"Wha-what do you think your doing!" stammered Yugi as he brought a hand to his mouth and tried to cover a blush.

"Yugi," sighed Jonouchi tiredly before he smiled up at his friend softly. "I've been blowing kisses at you all day, but you just didn't seem to want to catch them until I made a direct assault."

"…" Yugi merely stared at Jonouchi wide eyed, causing Jonouchi's smile to only deepen. He then stood to his feet and stepped towards the stunned Yugi. Everything within Yugi told him to retreat the other's advances, but for some reason he just couldn't bring himself to budge. It wasn't until Jonouchi leaned in on him that Yugi felt his heartbeat.

"I guess I'm just gonna have to spell it out for you," chuckled Jonouchi. His eyes then darkened as the cloud of passion overtook them. "Yugi…I really like you."


"Anzu! Honda!" blurted Yugi as he immediately snapped out of his daze and pushed Jonouchi off of him. He then watched as his two friends caught up to them using it as an excuse to avoid eye contact with Jonouchi.

"It's about time you two got here," snorted Jonouchi as he gave both brunets a misconstrued death glare. Little did they know, their sudden gain in punctuality was greatly unappreciated.

"Well it's not like it was my fault we were late," countered Honda.

"What! Weren't you the one who showed up at my house an hour late!" shouted Anzu.

"So! We would have made it on time if you hadn't taken so long to find some shoes to wear!" barked Honda as he pointed at Anzu's feet accusingly.

"Well if you weren't so late we could have taken the bus instead of ride on your bike. I didn't know we were going to have to ride your motorcycle, so of course I had to change my shoes!"

"But it took you like half an hour to pick them!" Groaned Honda incredulously.

"Calm down guys. There's no point in arguing now. Let's just get this project started so we can maybe finish today," pointed out Yugi as he tried to calm his two friends down.

"Good idea…" growled Anzu. She then wiped the frown off her face and pulled out a large paper from her purse.

"Well last night I made a chart of the best areas for business. So if we pair up, we can cover both the north and south sides today!"

"Good idea Anzu," smiled Jonouchi as he snatched the diagram out of Anzu's hands and pretended to examine it. "So how about Yugi and-"

"HONDA!" blurted Yugi. Everyone stopped what they were doing and blinked at Yugi with confusion. The boy's sudden outburst had taken everyone by surprise as Yugi let out a strained laugh. "Why don't Honda and I take the north side of town?"

It was at that moment Yugi felt his heart crumble in his chest as his eyes locked with Jonouchi's. A look of complete hurt and betrayal flickered from the blonde's eyes as he gave Yugi a pained glance.

However the moment was soon broken as Anzu gave Yugi a light pat on the back. "Yeah. I think that's the best plan of action. That way you can keep that lug-head over there in check and I can put Jounouchi to good work."

"I ain't got no problem with that," chortled Honda as he crossed his arms over his chest. "As long as I'm not paired with the ice queen over there."

Honda's face turned completely white as Anzu glared at him murderously causing the taller boy to turn towards Jonouchi and sweat. "Well Jou?"

"Oh yeah…sure," murmured Jonouchi as he lowered his head towards the ground and tried best to hide his injured eyes "…good plan…"

::Next Scene::

"Well despite the fact that we were late, I'm happy to say that we sold all our merchandise. So how did you guys do?" questioned Anzu.

"All taken care of!" smirked Honda. Yugi merely nodded his head weakly and smiled. He then glanced over at Jonouchi wondering if the other's feelings were still hurt, but the blonde had his back to him.

"That's great!" jeered Anzu as she clapped her hands together. "And in honor of a job well done, how about I treat you all to some burgers. I do get an employee discount!"

"Great!" exclaimed Honda ecstatically. Both brunets were currently oblivious to the uncomfortable atmosphere forming around them, as they rejoiced over the much-needed break.

"Aaaa, I think I'm gonna have to pass," groaned Jonouchi as he patted Honda on the shoulder and smiled. He then brought a hand to his mouth and feigned a yawn before he turned around and walked away. "I'm really tired you know, so I'm just gonna head on home now and get some rest."

"See you guys tomorrow," murmured Jonouchi as he a waved a hand to his friends and didn't give Yugi a second glance.

"What's wrong with him?" blinked Honda, his confusion apparent by the tilt of his head.

"I don't know," sighed Anzu, her eyes now clouded with concern. "He seemed kind of down all day to tell you the truth. Whenever we weren't selling anything he would just kind of glance at the ground solemnly and not say a word. I was really worried about him, but when I asked him what was wrong he lied and said it was nothing."

"Man. Whatever it is, it must be bad," nodded Honda as he crossed his arms over his chest and pondered the strange occurrence. "I mean Jonouchi turned down a free meal!"

Yugi however didn't seem to hear a single word as he continued to watch his best friend's silhouette disappear down the street. 'Jounouchi…'

To be continued….

Awww, poor Jonouchi. Yugi left him high and dry. What's that you say? I'm the evil authoress who did this to him? Well yeah, but that doesn't mean I don't feel sorry for him….okay so I enjoy torture,! So what!

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