Lee-Ann is typing frantically away with a plotbunny sitting on her head and gnawing on her braid when Yami Shadowdancer walks into the room.

"Hey. I though you were too busy to write this."

"Shut up you." more frantic typing "This is all your fault. You must have let the bunny out...I have an essay due tomorrow!"

A smirk from the yami. "You needed a break anyway. Political science is dull." pats plotbunny on the head. "And you are just so cute..."

DISCLAIMER: I don't own YuGiOh, nor do I own the plot – this is all UsagiLovesDuochan and my yami's fault, damnit...

Title: A Game of Masques

Chapter: 1/?

Author: Lee-Ann Shadowdancer

Rating: This chapter – PG.R for later lemons and violence.

Note: This is partially inspired by UsagiLovesDuochan's plotbunny and by a picture I have on my computer of a rather spooky looking Yugi. E-mail me if you want a copy. It's not my picture (I wish!) but I don't know who it actually belongs to so I can't give proper credit. I was also listening to Enigma...

Incubus: Traditionally, an exotically handsome male demon who preys on the lust of a human woman.

Chapter 1 – Dark Innocence

Everyone knows that an incubus is good looking – the epitome of the male figure, whose very presence drives a woman insane with lust. They look like the cover of a romance novel, 6'5" tall with massive rippling muscles and long, flowing hair, great demon batwings and sometimes tastefully small horns. The only clothing they are ever seen in is a loincloth that barely covers their...assets.

However, Hell's most phenomenally successful incubus currently reclined in a tree just outside the grounds of Domino High School, eating an apple, dressed neck to foot in black skin-tight leather and studs. His given name was Ludus, which in the local dialect could be translated as Yugi; of late the latter had become his preferred alias. Born nearly six hundred years ago, he'd spent the time living up to his name; his friends sometimes called him Ludus Rex - Game King - because he never lost at the games of seduction and lust, no matter what the victim, male or female. Unlike others of his race, Yugi never relied on his powers to seduce someone...that would be cheating.

But then again, he didn't need to rely on his supernatural abilities when nature had given him a strong, lithe body which he had decided to freeze at about 17 human years of age; wild red hair so dark it looked black with his bangs magically dyed blonde; and features that were exotic no matter which part of the planet he decided to visit. The great black wings were just an added bonus. Yugi's greatest weapon, however, where his wide amethyst eyes.

His desire for games did sometimes get him into trouble –which is why he was hanging around in the human realm anyway. He'd seduced Azmodeous' latest consort on a dare...and the Demon Lord had a long memory.

Yugi sighed and tossed the apple core away. Unlike most of his kin, he didn't take any delight in corrupting mortals...but he did enjoy playing with them. Especially taking straight-laced people and helping them explore their more... primitive and exotic urges. He cast his gaze over the students in the courtyard of the school, searching for his next mortal toy. He never broke up established relationships unless it looked like they were on the rocks anyway, or founded on false pretenses. He preferred the loners, though – they were more of a challenge to bed than the preppy kids who would hop in the sack with anyone. No, he liked the quiet ones – they tended to make a lot more noise when he had them chained up and begging for him to take them. He grinned at the thought, eyes half-lidded and sparkling with remembered conquests.

Something caught at his attention – he saw a young man, about 17, walking across the schoolyard – or rather, being towed by his girlfriend. From the body language, he wasn't too happy to be towed either. Yugi cocked his head, standing and spreading his wings. With a single flap he was airborne, circling over the oblivious students to follow the pair. He had no fear of being seen – no one would spot him unless he allowed it.

He perched above the alcove where the pair stopped. The girlfriend, a rather pretty brunette, turned to face her boyfriend, crossing her arms in patent annoyance.

"What is up with you lately, Yami?" she demanded of the boy, who shrugged nonchalantly. "You seem so distant – and you didn't even bother to call me at all this weekend. You know if this relationship is going to work then you have to put some effort into it."

"I'm sorry, Anzu." Yami answered. He acted bold enough, but his eyes refused to meet Anzu's. He was dressed in the school uniform, every button done up neatly. His thick hair had been clipped short, his blonde bangs swept back into the black mass at the back. A pair of wireless glasses perched on his nose; Yugi swung around until he caught a glimpse of dark brown eyes. Yugi smiled to himself...a quiet one, this. But there was a fire behind those eyes – despite being banked and controlled, Yugi knew that it would burn bright indeed should it ever be freed. He sniffed – over the centuries his heightened senses had learned to differentiate between different pheromones. The girl was putting them out – she was interested, despite her anger. Yami, however, smelled of nothing. His body wasn't reacting at all to the presence of the girl – strange in a teenaged boy. A wider smile crossed the demon's lips – the boy was eitherrepressed,so repulsed by Anzu that his disgust overwhelmed any reaction – or the poor kid was gay and didn't even know it.

He watched Anzu stalk away, throwing a final statement over he shoulder. "If you can't be bothered, neither can I Yami. Goodbye."

Yugi watched as Yami's stiff shoulders drooped. He hefted the books in is arms and walked slowly away.

Yugi spread his wings and leapt into the air. Now the game could begin...