Drabbles written for the LJ community fma100. First challenge: Childhood/Youth

Disclaimer: I don't own Hagane no Renkinjutsushi. Period. And besides, if you sued me, you wouldn't get very much...maybe a cat...o.x;

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Something happened, Nii-san... but I can't remember what it was...

What happened that day, Nii-san? Why am I still ten but Winry-san is fifteen? What happened?

We were going to try to resurrect Kaa-san...but we never did, did we? Why can't I remember it?

Nobody knows where you went, Nii-san... Why did you go away and where did you go? A tiny part of me though, is glad I don't remember, Nii-san.

Nii-san, where did you go?

Are you thinking of me, Nii-san? I'm thinking of you.

I miss you, Nii-san... I'll never stop searching until I find you again.