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There was the sound of approaching steps, uneven on the dirt from boot-clad feet. One step was hollow, metallic, the next soft and natural. The steps alternated this way until they stopped at the edge of the clearing.

A boy of fifteen stood there at the edge of the trees, blonde bangs blown in his face as a breeze picked up and slowed.

Golden eyes gazed fierce and reminiscent at the pole in the center of the clearing.

Red coat rustled with the leaves in the wind, and the boy didn't move. Just stared, as that boiling hatred and equally raging guilt rose in his chest.

Edward hated this place. This place reminded him of his father, the one he hated more than anyone in the world, until recently, at least. It was only recently after all that he found out the truth.

And that was why he hated this place.

He knew that not far off to the west was an empty and barren field. He knew that field was once a village.

He knew that village was the first sacrifice that began four hundred years of pain and suffering for humanity. That village had been used to create the first Philosopher's Stone.

And there his hatred came around full circle, for it was his father who created that stone.

He had seen another world on the other side of the Gate. At first he thought it was "Truth."

He was wrong.

It was Hell.

Edward hated this place.