Back to the Future, Part IV

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Doc: Next Saturday we're sending you back to the future!

SD... uh ok!



"It means that your future hasn't been written yet. No one's has. Your future is, whatever you make it. So make it a good one, both of you." Doc Brown said as he climbed back into the steam engine, Marty looked at Jessica and smiled, he pulled her close and said,

"We will doc!"

"Stand back!"

"Hey Doc where you going now? Back to the future?" Marty asked before Doc took off,

"Nope... already been there" he replied. Marty and Jennifer backed off the tracks, and then the train lifted into the air, and zoomed away in a flash of brilliant white and blue lights.

"Well there goes the Doc" Marty said smiling,

"Marty do you think we'll ever see him again?" Jennifer asked,

"Maybe, you never know what the future will hold" Marty said, as the both headed back toward the truck. Marty looked back over the remains of the De Lorean; bits of metal that echoed with memories. Marty hadn't realized he had stopped.

"What's wrong?"

"Oh, it's just..." Marty started and walked back over to the flux capacitor and the time circuit board, long since ran out of energy.

"Think the Doc would mind if I kept this?" Marty asked Jennifer as he lifted it and put it in the back of his four by four,

"I guess not, besides he's not coming back," Jennifer said getting in the car, Marty followed.

"I guess not," Marty replied and drove away. After they left there was another brilliant flash and Doc's new time machine appeared again.

"Emmett what are we doing back here?" Clara asked as the Doc hopped out of the machine and looked around the grass,

"Where are they? Come on it's got to be here!"

"What, what are you looking for?" Clara asked also searching the ground

"The flux capacitor it's got to be here, but then again..."

Then Emmett took a deep breath,

"Great Scott!"

"What is it?" Clara asked,

"It's Marty he must have taken the Flux capacitor with him!"

"Why would he do that?"

"He's probably more interested in the time circuit control panel, but never the less, I see this two ways, if by some freak accident the flux capacitor and the time circuits receive that 1.21 gigawatts needed and somehow get to 88 mile per hour, it is possible that the flux overdrive could spin the unfortunate soul nearby into a paradox where time is frozen!" the Doc paused,

"What's the other?" Clara asked,

"The only thing needed is a gigawatt overload to cause time to stop, or cause the time circuits to activate and theoretically make a portable time machine," the Doc said.

"What can we do?" Clara asked, Doc paused looked over his shoulder at his sons and came to a conclusion,

"Grab the Mr. Fusion, we're going back to the future"

Chapter 1: October 17th, 2015, 4:25 pm

"Marlene... Marlene where are you?!" Marty called up the stairs at his daughter,

"I'm here dad!" Marlene called back,

"What are you doing?" Marty asked,

"I'm... uh... cleaning my room?" Marlene lied, but Marty was in too big of a hurry to catch it... and Marlene knew this,

"Well reprogram the robot maid to clean your room next time too, ok?" Marty said,

"Right dad"

"I'm heading out to the band meeting, mom's coming home soon so don't worry," he said,

"Ight!" Marlene said not really caring.

"Oh and tell her not to cook so much" Marty said,

"Ok bye dad!" Marlene called and when the door hissed shut, she scrambled back into her parent's room, dove into the closet and pulled out an old photo album. In it were her father's memories, trifles of a past life, one that didn't exist in just the past but in the future as well. She opened the book to see a picture her father, aunt and uncle in front of a fountain, it was creased and a bit rumpled but visible. There was a black and white picture of the ground, the significance of this picture was still unknown but it was crumpled too. There was a newspaper clipping with the date conveniently cut out that showed a picture of Griff and his gang getting arrested. Marlene looked over the article; she was one hundred percent certain that the event in front of her hadn't occurred. There was a matchbox that read

"Biff's auto detailing", the purpose of this matchbox still bugged Marlene she put the unused matchbox back in the pouch and moved on. There was a videotape in a pouch, one that came directly from the camera and hadn't been developed yet, and since there wasn't any tape player in existence Marlene couldn't do anything about it. There were two tickets too a dance in the next pocket, the "Enchantment Under the sea dance, Nov 10th 1955" both were used the slogan read,

'Be there or be Square!' nobody said 'Square' in her father's time. That kind of lingo Marlene knew only existed in the 1950's. The next pouch contained a receipt, it was from this time but the date was four days from now, Marlene read the receipt closely.

'October 21st 2015, antiquities shop, 34 main street, 1 cpy 1930-2000 $33' this still got the best Marlene, how in the world her father managed to get a book he doesn't own that isn't even in the store yet.

The door hissed open,

"Marlene? Are you here?" Marlene closed the photo album and put it back in the box where she found it, there were more items in the box but that would be another day's adventure.

"I'm up here mom!" Marlene called back,

"Ok just wondering, supper will be ready soon ok?"

"Ok" Marlene bolted back to the closet and seized the box and ran to her room with it in her grasp. Under the Album was a bunch of clothes. The first garment was a suit, it was in fairly good condition, considering the tab said the suit was made in 1955, then there was some clothes for they're time, they were the clothes her mom bought her brother last Christmas, hat and all. Under that was a black leather outfit also made in 1955. There were shiny chrome glasses, worn out 1985 white and red Nikey sneakers, half chewed red cowboy boots, a cowboy hat, a very dirty 1955 pink cowboy outfit, and an 1885 cowboy get up. At the bottom of the box were several pieces of paper. They wrote:

"Dear Marty, if my calculations are correct you'll receive this letter immediately after you saw the De Lorean get struck by lightning. First let me assure you that I am alive and well, I have been living happily these past eight months in the year 1885, the lightning the struck the De Lorean caused a gigawatts overload that scrambled the time circuits activated the flux capacitor and sent me back to the year 1885. The overload shorted out the time circuits and destroyed the flying circuits. Unfortunately the car will never fly again. I set myself up as a blacksmith as a front as I attempted to repair the damage to the time circuits. Unfortunately this proved impossible for suitable replacement parts wont be invented till 1947, however I've become quite attempt at shoeing horses and fixing wagons. I buried the De Lorean in the abandoned Delgado mine adjacent to the old boot hill cemetery, as shown on the enclosed map. Hopefully it will remain undisturbed and preserved until you uncover it in 1955, inside you will find repair instructions, my 1955 counterpart should have no problem repairing it so you can drive it back to the future, once you return to 1985 destroy the time machine do not; I repeat do not attempt to come back here to get me. I am perfectly happy living here in the fresh air and wide-open spaces and I fear that unnecessary time travel may result in further disruption of the space-time continuum, and please take care of Einstein for me, I know you'll give him a good home, remember to walk him twice a day and that he only likes canned dog food. These are my wishes please respect them and follow them. And so Marty, I now say farewell and wish you god speed, you've been a good, kind, and loyal friend to me, and you have made a real difference in my life. I will always treasure our relationship, and will think on you with fond memories, warm feelings and a special place in my heart, your friend in time, Doc Emmett L. Brown. September 1st 1885." No matter how many times Marlene read the letter from this Doc she couldn't figure it out.

"Supper! Marlene, Marty!"

"Coming!" Marlene began to shove the items back into the box, and then out of the black leather coat slipped something metal. The two items attached by wires clanked to the ground.

"What's this?" Marty asked picking up the items off the floor,

"I don't know... and why are you in my room!" Marlene shouted at her little brother.

"It looks like a capacitor, an old one" Marlene rolled her eyes leave it to her brother to know what a piece of junk is,

"What can you tell me about it?" Marlene asked,

"It hasn't been used since forever, this kind of capacitor isn't used often looks like it was made years ago like before you were born"

"What about the panel?" Marlene asked,

"It's odd, I've never seen a panel like this before, 'destination time, present time, and last time visited' very odd" Marty read.

"Do you think you can get it working?" Marlene asked,

"Sure this thing looks like it will run off my hoverboard fission cells," Marty said,

"Can you do that for me?" Marlene asked,

"Sure" Marty said shrugging,

"Mind if I tighten it up a bit?" Marty asked,

"How tight?"

"Wrist watch size?" Marty asked moving toward the door,

"Ok sounds good to me" Marlene said closing the box,

"What's in there?" Marty asked,

"A bunch of dad's stuff" Marlene said putting the box in her closet,

"Like what?" Marty pressed,

"Old stuff" Marlene answered,


"And stuff that haven't been made yet" Marlene said,

"Huh what's that supposed to mean?" Marty asked,

"It means we're going out after school on Wednesday"

"To see?" Marty pressed,

"To see what dad did with his life"