okay people this is a one-shot poem about Mika and Toni. and how they like to be twins. please read and review!

disclamer: i don't own Miracle Girls i only own the brain and idea for the poem. enjoy!


There is this other girl
That I see
This other girl looks
Just like me

My twin and I are soul mates
Even though we sometimes fight
The only difference between us is
I am sporty and she is bright

Sometimes people say we're amazing
That we're one of a kind
While others think we're weird
But we don't really mind.

We are like ying and yang
We are the best of friends
And no matter what happens
It will always be like that till the end.


okay thats it! thank you for reading! now please just take a few monents to review this and tell me what you think! please and thank you!