By Tara.B Amy

Chapter 8: Aftermath Possessiveness

It never gets easier, does it? (grins) There are still more problems ahead for Yami and Yugi.

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As Yugi woke up, his mind feeling numb and confused, yelling voices penetrated his ears. He realised they were the cause of his wakening, but he couldn't quite grasp why someone would be yelling right now, when everything had felt so warm and fuzzy around him a second ago. Listening more closely, he kept his eyes shut, not daring to move around and catch attention. He wanted to know what this was about.

"Gross! That's what it is!" Definitely Kaiba's voice. Was he arguing with Jou again?

"Why, what's your problem?"

Yugi stiffened, his hands fisting in the sheets which were draped over him. This cool and aloof voice... He remembered. Of course. Yami... their shared... 'experience'... But Kaiba...! That didn't fit. Was he already back! And Jou... His face flushed with embarrassment. Did they know?

"My problem!" Kaiba was furious and something was crashing as if something heavy was knocked against the table or the wall. "My problem is that you were doing it in MY bed! How will I ever sleep there again!"

"Quiet!" A low growl. "You're waking him."

"So?" A dry laugh from Kaiba. "You better get him out of there or I'll do it! Just get him and yourself out of this room! I don't want to see any of you right now!"

Yami chuckled amusedly, but nevertheless the tapping of steps was nearing the bed and then the sheets ruffled. Yugi kept his eyes closed still, not wanting to look at the Visitor. He couldn't believe he had... What had he done? Never had he... with someone so... unfamiliar.

A hand sliding under the sheets and touching his bare back almost made him flinch and he had to keep himself from gasping audibly. Another hand wandered over his tights, sliding right under his knees. Then he was lifted together with the blanket that was draped around his body to shield it from curious looks. Panicking slightly Yugi opened his eyes, looking up only to find Yami's eyes resting on Kaiba.

"Okay, that's just alright with me. We'll go." The Taronian smirked, a sinister shadow flashing over his features. "Whatever happens now is lying in your responsibility."

Yugi swallowed, silently watching that beautiful face above him. Why was Yami so darkly triumphal when he was yelled at and told to leave? What had he in mind? Somehow he got the feeling that he wasn't going to like it.

"What do ya mean?" That was Jou's voice, sounding confused and angry. "Kaiba's just talking! Yugi stays and that's it! I won't let ya do him any more harm!"

"Harm." Yami laughed and set into motion. Yugi blinked against the blanket that was blocking his sight from Kaiba and Jou. At the door Yami stopped and turned around. "You don't understand at all, do you? Ask Kaiba. He said he looked up information about us Taronians. I would never do Yugi any harm." The arms closed tighter around him, pressing him against Yami's body.

"Kaiba?" There was a moment of silence, then the CEO sighed.

"In regards to bodily harming Yugi he tells the truth." The brunette hesitated again, then continued in such a quiet tone of voice that Yugi had a hard time listening. "Taronians get energy by having sex. They absorb the energy their partner loses through the sexual act. After that – as long as they feed of that energy – they get... possessive of their partner. It's a simple trick of nature to keep them from having more than one partner at a time so there's just one stream of energy giving the Taronian energy. It's essential for compatibility, because every living being is different and has a complex and unique energy."

"But... Yugi... he's..."

"That's where the problem in this is." Kaiba had raised his voice, sneering. "Yugi is not a Taronian and he won't share his partner's possessiveness. Also there is not much more time they can spend together, because Friday we'll leave for good. I wonder if Yugi will accept hi-"

"Just shut up!" Yami cut in angrily. "I knew what I've been doing and I still know what to do."

"No, this all was simply stupidity from the very beginning." Kaiba laughed. "If I cared for Yugi one bit I wouldn't have allowed that to happen. You, as a Taronian, need sex. A relationship with Yugi had to lead to that point, because your needs were sure of getting control over your actions sooner or later. But couldn't you have chosen a place not related to me!"

"Sorry, I didn't care where I devoured my little Yugi." Immediately Yami had pulled himself out of the defensive stance he had taken and smirked widely. "And I don't regret what I did, because Yugi was very well willing to tag along."

"But what about now?" Jou insisted, seething. "What will ya do now? I won't let ya have your filthy way with Yugi!"

"How would you want to hold me back, you, a weak human being?" Yami chuckled. The blonde growled angrily, and heavy steps could be heard, nearing the door quickly.

"Maybe by using my fists, you...!" But before Jou could finish his sentence a cry of pain could be heard. "Ow, what are you doing?"

"Just a warning." The Visitor smiled darkly, fresh energy crackling in the air around him. "Don't ever try that again. Don't ever come near Yugi again. Don't ever come near my planet, you hear me?"

"Wah...?" Jou's confusion and Kaiba's sigh was the last Yugi heard before the door closed behind Yami and him. He chose this exact moment to stop feigning being asleep and straightened in the grip holding him securely.

"Yami, what was that about!" he asked in a baffled tone of disbelief. "How can you just...? Is Jou okay? And where are we going?"

Yami looked at him without surprise and smiled, his eyes sparkling with devotion. "Everything's fine, Yugi. I just pushed Jou back, he isn't hurt. And as to where we're going... I'll take you with me for awhile."

"Er... what?" Knowing the other knew he had been awake all the time he didn't even start pretending. "What is it with this possessiveness? Why didn't you tell me? You can't just...! Let me down this instant or I'll scream!"

"What would all the people think seeing a naked squealing bundle in my arms?" Yami chuckled, but then grew serious again. "I'm sorry, Yugi. I lost temper in there. I just wanted to get you out of there and someplace nobody can see you... well, naked and sweet as you are now."

"Yami!" Yugi's face reddened. "Don't you think you're overreacting a little bit? Is it all because of that possessiveness-thing? And why didn't you tell me about it?"

"Again, sorry." Yami didn't meet his inquiring look. "It's normal to me. I've never even considered telling you, because – in fact – I didn't think it could be a problem at all."

"But you knew I would leave!" Yugi said accusingly. "And you knew you would also leave. Our paths divide, how could you not have considered it!"

"I don't know." Yami's face was stony, hiding his emotions behind a mask. Yugi fell silent for a long moment, thinking everything through. So Yami had done a mistake. This possessiveness could get to be a real problem as long as the other couldn't handle letting go of him. But maybe it wasn't as bad as he thought and the distance between them would do the trick.

"Well." Yugi looked up at the Visitor, who stopped at another hotel room and opened it with a click. "What will you do now?"

The door fell shut behind them and he was let down to his feet slowly, holding the sheet around him like a towel after having taken a shower or bath. Yami stepped back two steps and looked him up and down.

"I'd really like to keep you, little one." A deep sigh and the Visitor shook his head vigorously. "But I know it's not possible. Still... I feel torn. I want to be with you, I want to hold you."

The Visitor stepped closer again, reaching out for him. Yugi stumbled backwards, avoiding his grasp barely. "Try to clear your head, Yami. Before we did... well, you were completely different. Try to be yourself!"

"I am." Yami smiled a pained smile, his arms falling back to his sides. "I am myself. Those instincts just get stronger after I got energy and I need a bit of... physical contact."

"How long does this heightening of instincts last?" Yugi asked, this time stepping close to Yami himself to grant him the nearness he needed. Immediately he was pulled into a hug, the Visitor nuzzling into his hair with a happy sigh.

"After the first two or three days it's getting better." Yami's hands wandered over his sides, which were clad by the sheet – Kaiba's sheet, to be exact – searchingly, trying to reach the bare skin underneath. Yugi, who had sensed his intentions, grabbed them and kept them from moving, flinching back a step.

"So, as long as we don't have any form of sex" – he gave the hands fighting against his grip unwillingly a squeeze – "this won't be a big problem. Today is Wednesday. I have to go on Friday. Until then there's a good chance this fixes itself. Yami!"

The hands had freed themselves, roaming upwards over his chest and into his hair. Yami's eyes were shining with detached devotion as he watched him – or his lips rather. Yugi pouted.

"You didn't listen to me, right?" he asked, his tone of voice not questioning but just stating matter of fact. "I repeat myself: No sex or anything close to it. It would best to let everything leading to that be as well. So no kis-"

He was interrupted by a pair of lips shutting him up efficiently. The Visitor pulled him back fully against his body, one leg lifting to brush over his thighs and-

Yugi gave a muffled squeal against the lips and Yami took advantage of the fact he had to part them for that, plunging in and exploring again the now familiar territory. A territory he had claimed before and seemed to be fond of keeping as his own.

"Yami-" Yugi half protested and half moaned against his boyfriend's lips as the other boy pulled at the sheet covering his naked body. Even though he was not unaffected by the attention his lips and body were been given he hugged the thin sheet to himself like a second skin and wasn't to be coaxed into letting go.

"Ah, my sweet one." With a low chuckle Yami leaned back a fraction and looked into his eyes amusedly. Yugi looked back feeling troubled and thoroughly kissed. "I'm just teasing you. Of course I listened and I won't do anything... at least not anything serious."

The relief that had almost made Yugi loosen the grip on his sheet a bit was replaced by suspiciousness. He didn't know how far he could trust a possessive Yami.

"Don't you dare even trying!" Yugi huffed, then continued in a more whiny tone of voice. "I'd like to put on some clothes if you don't mind."

Yami smiled like a demon. "I wondered when you would ask." He leaned forward to whisper a kiss onto his lips, then turned and went over to a tall cupboard. He opened it and took out a shirt, underwear and trousers, then coming back and giving them to him. Yugi silently cursed. He had to let go of the sheet to take them. But as soon as he had them in hand he forgot his uneasiness immediately. It were unusual clothes of an almost silky texture, but yet not that fine. He let his hand wander over the shirt in awe.

"Put them on." Yami smirked, walking over to the bed and sitting down, watching him intently out of burning red eyes. It dawned on Yugi finally what he had in mind. He blushed, looking for some shelter, but there was nothing to hide behind.

"Where's your bathroom?" he asked politely though already having spotted the door.

"Oh, sorry." The Visitor smiled. "You can't use the bathroom right now. Some reed is damaged and there is water all over the floor. The door's locked. The hotel staff will look after it later the day."

Yugi's face fell.

"But..." he gaped, looking down on the clothes, then back at Yami, who was still watching him expectantly. He narrowed his eyes grimly. "I won't do anything as long as you don't turn away."

"Aw, you're so shy." Yami cooed. "Okay, I'll do as you say, darling."

The Visitor turned his back to him obediently, crossing his legs on the bed. Yugi stared at him suspiciously for a moment. He was sure Yami would look as soon as he heard the sound of rustling clothes.

He cursed his own shyness. Yami had seen him in his nudity before, hadn't he? So why be so embarrassed now?

Finally letting go of the sheet as well as the clothes they fell down to the floor to lie in a heap around his feet. He felt incredibly naked and well, he was. But why did he feel like still being watched?

He put on the underwear as fast as he could, but the moment he looked over to the mirror to take a look at himself out of pure reflex he caught ruby red eyes meeting his gaze in the reflecting glass. He gasped and immediately crossed his arms over his chest to provide himself some kind of shelter. The way Yami was watching him... his cheeks started to burn.

"You... you..." Yugi stuttered, but couldn't escape facing the ridiculous side of his behaviour and the whole situation. "You nuisance!" He bent down and quickly unfolded the shirt, pulling it over his head as fast as he could manage. As he looked back into the mirror to once again meet the red eyes, he was grinning himself, even though his cheeks were still beet red.

Laughing Yami turned around on the bed to face him again. "Little naive Yugi." He murmured lovingly and with a small trace of desire. Silence fell between them as they watched each other.

Yugi's grin faded to a smile, thoughts he had ignored since having woken up flooding back into his mind. A distant kind of sadness came along with them, causing him to look away from Yami so it wouldn't reflect in his smile as well. He bent down to get his trousers and put them on. This time his movements were slower, less nervous.

Yami and he... there was no future for afternoons like these and for getting to know each other better and for kissing and relaxing in each other's presence. For holding hands when walking down the street, for getting to know each other's friends and parents and homes. For learning about habits and hobbies and sensitive spots and wishes and dreams and fears.

He had figured out that it was all that leading to a feeling like love. For Yami and him... there was no time to fall in love. No time to grow accustomed to the other's presence.

The attraction having grown between them didn't help the matter any. Yugi felt a surge of affection for the gentle, caring, stubborn Visitor. Maybe what he had seen of him was enough already to make something in him want to keep it. It was already too late to shrug everything off without some kind of pain. He already wanted more and he had only met him on Monday.

But there was no future for the two of them together. Their worlds were too far apart.

"Yugi?" The red eyes were locked on him with concern as he looked back up. Just now he realised he had stood around in the middle of the room aimlessly for a minute or so, lost in thoughts, the sheet still lying around his feet. "What's bothering you?"

"Nothing." Yugi shook his head, smiling slightly but feeling pain at the honest care in the other's eyes. Was it just because of the possessiveness or was it true care? He couldn't tell. He didn't like the thought of Yami being controlled by instincts.

"You're troubled." The Visitor stood up and came over to him, taking his hand and pressing it to his cheek. Yugi felt the warm skin on his own and sighed at the touch and the picture of Yami tilting his head to the side to get more contact. "Tell me."

"Can't you imagine?"

"Yes, but..." Yami closed his eyes. "I want you to say it yourself."

Yugi fell silent, moving his fingers over his boyfriend's cheek to feel its unique texture. It felt like velvet, unbelievable soft.

"What kind of relationship do we have?" Yugi asked, his insides aching at how good it felt to be close to Yami and not knowing what to make of it. "Is it really the time-limited deal we started it with? Is it that simple?"

"I would do anything." Yami said fiercely. "Anything to be with you."

"No, don't say that!" Yugi shook his head bitterly. "Your instincts fuel your every word. Of course you would say that now – but what would you have said yesterday... or what will you say in two or three days? What is this?"

"It's the truth." Yami looked down, his dark lashes hiding his eyes. "Didn't I make myself clear enough by now? Didn't I come back all the time and haven't I been faithful?"

"Then for how long will you keep coming back?" The words Ryou had spoken between desperate sobs had come back to him, hunting through his head restlessly.

Bakura keeps coming back, but for how long will he...?

"This can't last forever, can it?" Still Yami's eyes were downcast, a deep sadness overshadowing his face. "Why does it hurt so much to accept it?"

"We shouldn't talk about it while you're not yourself." Yugi pulled his hand out of Yami's grip, turning away slightly.

"I am myself!" A hand fisted in his shirt and forced him back to face Yami. The Visitor stared at him angrily and with desperation. "Why can't you understand! The possessiveness may have influence on the way I voice my feelings, yes, but it doesn't change what they are! If I had sex with someone I hated I would still hate them with a passion after that and I would definitely say so. I just wouldn't let them have sex with someone else than me, that's it. This possessiveness makes me speak more freely of what I feel. It doesn't change me. I am still who I was a few hours ago."

"Yami, I-"

"I want you." Yami interrupted him, letting go of his shirt and flattening the material. "I wanted you from the moment I saw you the first time. And I think I made clear I wanted no one else."

"But why!" Yugi looked into the ruby red eyes quizzically. They were softening considerably, the raging emotions dying down. "I don't understand..."

"Because..." Yami sighed, his eyes taking on a far-away look. " I saw your there in the library, you were just you. You were not pretending, you were not acting... you were the sincere picture of someone being themselves and not hiding their true being. You caught my attention instantly. That was when I knew I wanted you – even if it would have been only one night and leave me with the possessiveness to worry about. All the consequences lost their value in the light of this one thing. I... Maybe I thought if I had you, if I just had you once, all my questions would be answered and this mad craving inside of me satisfied. It didn't work, now I want just more of what I got. I can't explain it and to me it really doesn't matter. All I know is I still want you and I can't do anything but watch you leave and then go back home."

Yugi blinked, feeling tears prickling in the corners of his eyes. He felt utterly helpless. "I know what you mean."

"Huh?" The Visitor looked at him out of wide, expectant eyes, hoping, pleading even.

"With every side I see of you I feel there is still more." It was hard for Yugi to explain what he felt deep inside. "And – and I feel like I want to see this more, like I want to... grasp it with both hands to get closer." At Yami's sad, adoring smile his cheeks tinted red and the further he spoke the more he felt the tears daring to slide over his cheeks. "Also I fear to get closer. What if it's wrong? There's something terrifying about you. You're so different. What if we're too different for each other? There are expectations we have from life, there are things we want to archive... how can our two worlds be both considered in this?"

"It doesn't work, does it?" Two strong arms pulled him into a gentle hug, Yami resting his chin on his shoulder as if a horrible weight was put down on him. "Now that I know you at least would want to be with me it's even harder to accept."

"Yami." Yugi buried his face in his boyfriend's shirt, the tears now flowing freely. "I don't know how to sort this out."

"It's gonna be okay, little one."

A feeling of comfort and ease came over him, making his mind drowsy. Yugi felt an unnatural force soothing his burning nerves, warming him not unlike the seduction charm. He knew immediately that Yami had done it, but he didn't fight it. He welcomed it with open arms. It made him feel better even though the bitter taste of his knowledge stayed in his mouth.

"You can't solve the problem with that." He whispered numbly. "It won't go away."

"I know." Yami pulled him closer, his voice coarse. "I know."


To Be Continued...

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