The Final Test

Notes. ( ) indicates pokemon speech, * * for thoughts, and " " for human speech. Also, you should read the End of Misty to find out about Destiny and other stuff.

Part one.

Gary sat on the throne that belonged to the world's greatest pokémon master. He had won the title several years ago, ate age 12. He was now age 17 and showed no signs of losing to any opponents. That was because all his opponents only possessed monsters of two or at most three different types or species. He frowned as he looked at the list of the day's opponents. Hmmm, only one challenger, a boy named Ashura. Somehow, that name seemed oddly familiar. Gary wondered why he hadn't met him beforehand. Was it possible that this was Ash Ketchum, the loser pokémon trainer he had last seen five years ago?
"Okay everybody", said Gary to his eight best pokémon, "You're battling someone new today. It should be a challenge, so don't go easy on him. Got it? If you don't whip his pokémon I'm making you run extra laps for training." Gary's eight monsters-Arcanine, Gyrados, Rhydon, Exeggutor, Alakazam, Blastoise, Pidgeot, and Eifi (Espeon) nodded. They disliked Gary, but it was impossible to escape from a poké ball, and running away during a battle was out of the question. (Note. In this fanfic, you are allowed to carry as many pokémon as possible, but for most trainers its impossible to carry more than six, because that's how much a belt holds. Gary has a special belt that can hold 12 because he's the master.)
Meanwhile, Ash was sitting in his hotel room. "I'm a fool." He said. "I haven't seen Gary for years, what made me challenge him? Since Misty died 5 years ago all I've done is train my pokémon and mourn for her. What kind of life is this?" (Misty wouldn't want you to give up your dream.) Said Pikachu. (Besides, all the training that you've done will be effective.) Said Bulbasaur. (Yeah, don't give up.) Squirtle remarked. Pidgeot just nodded. Ash had released Charizard, thinking it was what the Pokémon had wanted. His main team consisted mainly of Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Pikachu, and Pidgeot. However, he also had many other pokémon which nobody else knew about. They would come in handy if his main team was knocked out.
Later that afternoon…

Gary took a good look at his challenger. "Ashura" was about 5"9, dressed in all in black, except for his gold vest and cape. A belt made of 10 strands of beads with a flower clasp was around his waist. It seemed to glow with black light, but Gary dismissed that fact. Ash had just beat Lance, the dragon master, using an absurdly strong squirtle which by now should have evolved into a blastoise. Equipped with ice beam and blizzard, the squirtle had wreaked havoc upon Lance's prized Dragonite. It was impossible! The same squirtle had soundly beat Bruno's two onix, while a mere bulbasaur had taken out machamp, hitmonchan, and hanageeru (steelix). On the other hand, the famous pikachu of his had defeated Lorelei easily, while Agatha's ghosts had been attacked by a pidgeot. Imagine! Normal types could not damage ghosts, yet the pidgeot had taken out the two haunters and gengar. It was beyond comprehension. At least he knew what Ashura's team was. Only four, what a shame.
"The match will now begin. 6x6, no items, no calling back until your pokémon has fainted, if you forfeit this match you will be forced to start over, starting with Lorelei. The match will now begin." The announcer called. "Wait! Ashura only has four pokémon, that's unfair." Said Gary. "For you information, I have more than six pokémon." Ashura hissed. "Do not underestimate me only because you are the pokémon master."
Gary bit back an angry reply and instead threw a poké ball into the ring. "Pidgeot, go!" The majestic brown and white bird appeared and let off a loud Pidgeo to announce its presence. "Jolteon, go!" Ashura yelled. (Jolt!) Yelled the electric evolution of Eevee. "Pidgeot, Sky Attack!" "Jolteon, Thunder!" The Pidgeot flew up into the air only to be hit by a wave of electricity. As electricity was super effective against flying, the Pidgeot managed to sky attack Jolteon, damaging it a bit, before it fainted.
"Return Pidgeot. I'm impressed, hardly anyone has managed to faint pidgeot. But you can not beat me. I choose Rhydon!" "Jolteon, thunderbolt!" "Fool. Thunder moves can't do anything to ground types." Gary said with a smirk. "We shall see." Said Ashura, hiding a smile. Gary's eyes widened as the electricity gathered in the air and hit the Rhydon's horn, electrocuting it. "See? The horn acts as a lightning rod. I learned this trick years ago." Ashura stated.
" All right, you're not bad. But the battle will end now. Gyrados, go!" Ashura shook his head. "Gary, apparently being master has made you forget everything you learned on your journey. Gyrados is flying/water type. Both types are weak against electricity. Did you forget?" "Gyrados, Hyper Beam!" The Jolteon was hit by Hyper Beam and fell to its knees. "Hah! Looks like that'll take you jolteon out for good!" Gary cried triumphantly. "Jolteon, recover." "Recover?! What the hell!" Gary watched in shock as the jolteon began to glow white and healed itself. "Shit. Gyrados has to recharge. That leaves it wide open. " Gary cursed. "Now jolteon, Thunder!" Jolteon nodded as it built up millions of volts of electricity and threw it at the gyrados, which dropped to the ground covered with bruises.
"Return Gyrados. Arcanine, do not fail me." Shouted Gary. * There's something wrong with this guy's Jolteon. It seems inhumanly powerful. After the battle I'll say he used illegal drugs to pump up his pokémon.* The giant fire wolf leapt into the ring and rushed at the Jolteon. "Quick Attack!" Ash called. The Jolteon became a yellow blur as it charged the Arcanine and rammed into its side. Arcanine responded by Fire Blasting Jolteon, which fainted it.
"Jolteon return. Squirtle, go!" Ash cried. * If you thought Jolteon was hard, just try to beat Squirtle.* "Squirtle, Hydro Pump!" Squirtle blasted gallons of water at Arcanine, drenching it. Arcanine fell to the ground, unconscious. * Yep, he's definitely using illegal drugs. Although that Jolteon of his is not completely undefeatable.* "Arcanine, Return. Alakazam, go! Kinesis." Squirtle tried to Hydro Pump Alakazam but Kinesis had lowered its accuracy so the attack missed. "Alakazam, Psychic!" Squirtle was hit with a flood of mental energy and cried out in pain. "Withdraw. " Squirtle dove into its shell, which protected it immensely. "Now Blizzard." The Alakazam was frozen in a block of ice, which prevented it from attacking.
"Alakazam, return. You may have managed to faint five of my pokémon, but you will never defeat this one. Mewtwo, go!" Squirtle managed to Hydro Pump the mewtwo, cutting about 1/5 of its HP before repeated Psybeams fainted it. "So you want to play hard?" Asked Ashura. "Expect no mercy. " Mewtwo jerked its head up at the sound of Ashura's voice. It's eyes suddenly glowed a menancing blue as it lifted Gary up in the air using telekinesis and slammed him into a wall. Gary groaned and pulled himself up from the floor, his face red with rage. "I'm your trainer Mewtwo! I demand that you obey me!"
(Foolish human. Did you actually think you could control me? I obey no one but Destiny!) Mewtwo levitated over to Ash's side and bowed. Ashura grinned evilly and whistled. Instantly, a Haunter appeared, followed by a Gengar. They pinned Gary against the wall of the stadium. "Let me go!" Gary yelled in mingled fear and frustration. "It's your fault that Misty's dead." Said Ashura. "Now I will have my revenge. A life for a life, yours in exchange for Misty's soul to come back from the dead. Dream Eater. " Gary yelled in pain as his soul was sucked out. His last thought was *So Ashura was Ash Ketchum after all. I should have known.*