Hi peeps! The much-awaited second part of The Final Test. I TOOK NOBODY'S IDEA FOR THIS!

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Indicates telepathic communication, ** Indicates thoughts, and () will indicate author's notes. Italics indicate translated poke speech. Oh, and this is not AAMRN.

            Ash held a black poke ball in one hand as he stood before the gates of the astral plane. (Note: Ace Sanchez invented the Astral Plane. Misty ended up there.)

            "I seek entrance. And I wish to talk to your leader." Ash said. The guard, a black Sandslash, briefly glanced at Ash before nodding. Ash walked down the hallways until he found- Mewthree! Alas, Mewthree, the evil mew clone, had been condemned to be ruler of the Astral Plane. He HATED his job, but what could he do?

            Mewthree stared at Ash as he walked down the hallway. Yes? What do you want? He asked. I'm a very busy person.

            Ash held up the poke ball that contained Gary's spirit. "How about a trade? Gary for Misty." He said. Mewthree shrugged. Very well. I suppose I could arrange that. He holds out a blue poke ball. Ash takes it and is about to leave the plane. However, there is a catch. Mewthree said. She won't remember anything. ANYTHING.

Mewthree expected Ash to freak, scream, cry, etc. Instead, Ash smiled.

"She won't remember anything? That's perfect." He said. Then, he opened the portal and stepped back into the 'real world'. Tempestwolfe flew over and Ash got on his back. Then, they headed back to Ice Island.

When they got back to Ice Island, Ash put the poke ball that contained Misty's spirit in the regeneration machine that he stole from the Cinnabar island scientists and pushed the button. Now, for the information, Ash is NOT Destiny right now.


The poke ball exploded. That, however, wasn't the only distraction. There was a scream.

Ash watched as Misty opened her beautiful blue-green eyes. He noticed that her hair was now a silvery-blue color, instead of the ugly orange color. That was an improvement. "Hmm… this could be interesting." He said. Misty had a faint look of surprise on her face. "Who am I? Where am I?" she asked, sounding like a little kid. She looked younger too, only about eight or nine. Ash considered telling her the truth, but decided to do some testing first.

"Your name, little one, is Mystic, Misty for short. As for where you are, you are currently in what is known as the Unknown Dungeon. It's a place where high-power pokémon gather." Ash said. He let Misty digest this information for a while and went to get her some sensible clothes.

A few weeks passed. Slowly, but surely, Misty was falling in love with Ash. But not in the way one might expect. She loved him like a brother. However, one day, someone who brought her castle of dreams crashing down around her.

"A library. Cool!" Misty said. She gazed in awe at the shelves of books around her. "This is so kakkoii!" She glanced around briefly, seeing if anyone was paying attention to her. Aside from a pair of Nidoran sitting on a cushion and reading a book together, there was nobody else in the library.

"Eh?" Misty picked up a book. It was black with silver bindings.

"The history of pokemon? That sounds cool!" Misty said. She opened the book and began reading.

"This is the story of the love between Drake and Miranda. Wow! A love story!" Misty read for a while before the bell rang for dinner, so she left.

"Hi, Misty. Did you have a good day?" Ash asked.

"Yep!" Misty said enthusiastically.

"That's good." Ash said. He patted her on the head. "I have to go fight someone now."

"Okay!" Misty said. "Can I come?"

"I don't see why not…" Ash said. "Come along."

Misty followed Ash through a dark passageway until they came up to a brightly lit cavern. There was a person waiting there.

"Ash, I challenge you!" he called.

"Brock, I'm surprised you actually found this sanctuary again." Ash said impassively.

"Shut up! You killed Misty!" Brock said. "I loved her!"

"I didn't mean to." Ash said coldly. "It was all Gary's fault."

Misty blinked.

"Go, Golem!" Brock cried. Golem reared up and charged Ash. Misty gasped.

Ash's eyes glowed for a brief second as he threw out a poke ball. Golem ended up stuck in Bulbasaur's vine whips.

Brock laughed. "Bulbasaur can't beat Golem! I've seen you fight with it before!"

"That's what you think." Ash said. "Use Razor Leaf!"

Bulbasaur nodded and shot a volley of razor leaves at golem. Most of them bounced off its shell.

"See?" Brock asked, laughing. "Golem, use Rollout!"

Golem rammed into Bulbasaur once, twice, three times. Misty winced. It looked very painful and she didn't want bulbasaur to get hurt. It was such a cute pokemon.

Suddenly, Bulbasaur's bulb opened.

"Now! Use Sweet Scent!" Ash said. Bulbasaur sent a wave of the perfume at Golem, which groaned and slowed down.

Bulbasaur finished up with a Solarbeam, knocking Golem out.

Brock frowned.

"I really didn't want to kill Misty!" Ash said. "I don't' want to kill you either… but if you continue to annoy me, I just might."

Misty still looked confused. However, she stayed in the shadows to watch the battle.

"That's what you say." Brock hissed. "Go, Onix!"

Ash smiled. "Pikachu, go!"

Brock laughed. "Last time, you only won because my sprinkler system malfunctioned. Do you actually think you can win this time?"

"Pikachu, slam!" Ash called.

"Hah! Onix, Bind the little rat!" Pikachu struggled in Onix's coils. Misty thought back. Somehow, this seemed oddly familiar…

            Pikachu shrieked in a high-pitched voice. Ash sweatdropped.

            Pikachu, quit fooling around. Use Thunder Freeze!

            Pikachu's cheeks sparked with blue electricity before pumping Onix full of icy electricity.

            Onix freaked when it started freezing.

            "Oh no! Onix!" Brock shouted. "Well, I guess I'll just have to get rid of you!" He pulled out three poke balls. "Ninetails, Aerodactyl, Kabutops, get him!"

            "Ash!" Misty shouted as she ran in front of the attacking pokemon.

            "Misty?!" Brock asked, shocked.

            Misty glared at Brock. "Don't hurt Ash!"

            "B-but he killed you!"

            "What do you mean?" Misty asked. "He's my older brother."

            Brock got little question marks over his head.

            "Misty's not dead." Ash said, putting an arm around her. He glared at Brock, who recalled his pokemon.

            "But I saw her die…" Brock said, utterly confused by now. "Wait a minute! That can't be Misty! First, she's too young, and secondly, Misty has red hair and blue eyes!"

            "See?" Ash asked. "Next time, could you try and get the right information first before you go around attacking people?"

            "Yeah, you're so mean!" Misty said angrily to Brock. "You tried to hurt my brother!" She growled and Ash laid a restraining hand on her arm.

            Brock looked confused, before he shrugged. * She must have been brainwashed. * "Well, the league has a bounty on your head, since you killed Gary, and I intend to collect for all the pain and humiliation you put me through." Brock grinned and pulled a gun out.

            Ash didn't even flinch. His eyes glowed black for a moment, before Brock found himself falling into a black hole.

            "Temporal Vortex." Ash said in satisfaction. "Next time, do a bit more research, brock. Goodbye." Ash turned back to Misty. "Do you want to have lunch now?"

            "Okay!" Misty said.

End part 2! Finally! Shadow apologizes profusely for delaying this for so long. *Sweatdrop*