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A year after InuYasha first appeared back in the present, he was Joint Partner of KatanaWorks with Erik. Somewhere along the way, the two of them had shared the secrets of their past and had become close, loyal friends. When Erik moved to California to start another factory, InuYasha took over running the Tokyo Main Store.

Kagome continued to take care of the Shrine, but InuYasha started doing more of the manual labor. Right now he was working two jobs. He would get up at 4am and clean the shrine until time to go to work, than he'd come home and do any maintenance that needed to be done. Correction he thought, I'm working three jobs. But just until… Kagome walked into the room and InuYasha glowed with expectant father pride.

"You didn't fix breakfast this morning did you?" Kagome was beautiful in pregnancy, even puffy and ruffled from a night of disrupted sleep. He shook his head. She'd threatened his life if he even looked at another egg, and he'd be damned if he was going to die over something that trivial.

Kagome groaned and sat down. "I actually feel like I could keep something down this morning." Morning sickness was only supposed to last for a few months, but Kagome was still dealing with it during her eighth month. InuYasha quickly got up, poured her a glass of milk, handed her a bagel, and sat back down. She sank her teeth into the bagel, took a big gulp of milk, and sighed happily. Rubbing her tummy, she smiled at her husband. "I think today's the day."

"Feh," he lightly replied. No reason to let her know I'm packed, she's packed, the baby's packed, and the Doctor is on speed dial #1. It'll just make her worry.

"But go on to work. If anything happens, I'll call." If he still had dog-ears, they would have twitched, but Kagome was used to his mannerisms. "Seriously. Go on with you, I have things to do." She shooed him out the door and went to sit in a more comfortable chair. "Okay little one, it's about time for you to make our family complete." She looked at the door where the bags were packed, and relaxed. InuYasha had taken care of everything.

She hummed quietly to herself, lulling both herself and her unborn baby to sleep. Although it had been a long, hard journey, love finally found a home.

The End.


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