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Chapter 1


Trunks had just gotten back from helping Goku and the others destroy cell and the androids. As soon as he had landed all the painful memories came flooding back. Trunks wanted to break down and cry but he had to stop the androids. After his world was safe Trunks decided to search the globe for survivers. As he was going thur his room he saw a piece of paper lying on his bed.

Dear Trunks,

I know you have left to help save the past but I justed wanted you to know how much I love you and you are the world to me. If anything was to happen to you then I don't know what I would do. You know I love you but you don't know how much. I am writing this because the androids are searching the globe for survivors and they are getting closer with each passing second. Time is short for the rest of this planet.

Love you 1,000 times,


After Trunks read the note he started crying.

"Stupid mom why did you have to die while I was gone, I never got to say good-bye"

Trunks gathered his thoughts and headed out the door.

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