Chapter 13

Alternate Ending

Authors Note- I wanted this ending but I didn't know if it would work. Enjoy!

Maria and Trunks had a daughter three years later, after Maria's Aunt Josefina. Things were so-so for them in general but their family life was great. Nothing could tear them a part.

Some year's later trunks decided that he wanted a photo of his family and friends but he wanted one with everyone, his time and the past. It took months of planning; he needed a way to get everyone from his time back. Josefina was talking to him when it hit him; he was looking at this the wrong way. In no time the device was finished. He called it a transponder, trans because it transported people from one place to the next and ponder because it took a lot of thinking to make it. It was the size of a Frisbee but it would be able to take more than 4 people at a time. Once everyone was ready they left.

For mostly everyone this was his or her first time to the past. They went to Capsule Corp. and introduced themselves to Bulma, Bulla, Trunks, and Vegeta. Then they went out to see the city when it was dark and all lit up. That night Trunks family stayed at Capsule Corp. and everyone else went to a hotel.

The next morning everyone got together with their family and friends for a get together. It was nice because they hadn't been with everyone ever (both times past and present). Trunks was talking to Amanda, Alicia, and Gohan about different things most were about odd and strange things. Maria was talking to Bulma and Chi-chi about life and tips on different things.

As the day wound down Trunks was able to get the photo he wanted of his family and friends, even if they weren't blood relation (to a degree). They had always been there and both Maria and him thought as everyone as family (including friends).

The photo comes out of the camera and you see a group of people that in their eyes and mind have the best life and family, even if they argue they still stick together. It made them hold on to unforgettable moments.

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