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Timing: Ten years after S4 of Smallville.

Summary: Chloe Sullivan can't believe what she's reading.


Superman is Clark Kent.

I recognized him the minute I saw his picture in the paper. It would have been hard not to. I did have a crush on him in high school, after all. I'd memorized his face by staring at him during those long hours in the Torch office. Even though ten years had gone by since I last saw him, I'd still recognize him even if the picture had featured him with a mohawk, piercings in ten different places on his face, and leather studs. There aren't many people over six feet with his particular bone structure, hair, or eyes, and even after a decade he still greatly resembled the eighteen-year-old I knew in high school.

Still, I tried to deny it to myself. There was no way that Kansas farm boy Clark Kent was an alien, right? This was Clark, after all. Clark who had a fondness for chocolate chip cookies. Clark who'd become my match, maybe even my superior, in journalism.

Then the little voice in my head took over, the one that was good at making connections. It reminded me that Clark was also the one who would always disappear, who sometimes seemed to pull off miraculous acts and deny them later. It was so obvious the more I thought about it that I couldn't believe it had never occurred to me before. But then, why would it? He fooled us all. He lied to all of us and, even though we had doubts, we accepted those lies in the end.

Clark Kent is Superman. Clark Kent is an alien from the planet Krypton who can do super-human feats, or super-alien feats seeing as how he isn't human. I wonder if Lana is reading this morning's edition of the Daily Planet? I wonder if she recognizes the man on the front page? Like me, she too will have just found out the truth about Clark at the same time as the rest of the world. I wonder if Pete knew? Probably; he did act like it near the end there.

To think we were best friends, or as close to that as we could get with all the stuff Clark wouldn't tell us. Why was he revealing the truth now? Why hadn't he told us?

Superman is Clark Kent.

This was going to give me a serious headache just thinking about it. I knew it would.

How lame is a name like 'Superman', anyway?