Chapter 16

The room was flooded with bright sunshine. He wanted to stretch until he remembered that the warmth under his arm was a woman. THE woman. Grissom opened his eyes slowly, as much to preserve the gauzy dreamlike state he was in as to adjust to the brightness.

She was still there. Sara Sidle. She had not disappeared in a violent thrashing sweaty dream as she had so many times before. Instead she lies next to him, naked but for a crisp white sheet and his arm.

Sara sleeping, satisfied and safe.

He smirked to himself, his mind playing with words, forming haiku's and rhymes, delighting in the possibilities presented of Sara, naked in the sunlight.

He gazed at her and thought about the two of them, only hours before. She had been playful, serious, lusty, wanting. Wanting. Him. He shook his head. If only he could understand why.

Sara had always carried herself with strength. She was a woman on a mission, be it a good time or taking down a wife beater. Even when she was caring, it was strong. Standing up for victims, feeling for victims, all of it through will and determination. He didn't know where she stored it all; she was so small and fragile when you stripped away the bravado.

All along he had been afraid she would need him, now he knew that he was capable of letting her.

"Mmmmm. If this is waking up in Boston I want to wake up here every day." Her fingers traced his forearm where it lay across her.

"The going to sleep part wasn't too bad either." He kissed her hair, hoping she'd turn to face him but she snuggled deeper to his chest. He found he enjoyed her way more.

"Let's not leave. Let's stay here, pretend we forgot our way home." Her eyes were closed, her fingers laced through his.

He considered. "We could, but I'm afraid the others would find us. They're pretty good at their jobs."

Now she did turn, smiling, "Damn them."

They shared a kiss and when they broke apart she saw the clock on his nightstand.

"Wow, we slept pretty late. You flying back today?"

He threw a sideways glance at the clock and tightened his grip around her, protecting their space against time. "I am. You?"

"I'm on shift tonight boss."

Her flight left hours before his but she had enough time to meet her friend for brunch (more like lunch) if she showered and dressed immediately.

Grissom urged her to go, he had shopping to do.

Sara called Jeanie and then headed for the shower. Grissom watched all of this from his position on the bed.

The water got really hot very quickly which was just what Sara loved. The room filled with steam and she stepped into the spray.

"I believe I have a rain check I'd like to cash in."

There was no time to react. Grissom slid the curtain aside and climbed behind her.

A thick rush of tingle and warmth shot through her stomach when he put his arm around her waist and pulled her back to him.

"You're going to make me late." She didn't sound convinced, but she had to try.

"Not me, I'm just here to help out." He kissed her neck and reached for shampoo.

His strong fingers worked lather through her hair and massaged her scalp while the warm water ran soapy rivers down her skin.

When her hair was finished he soaped his hands and began sliding them over her shoulders, down her arms, her back, and the curve of her bottom. She shivered a little as he made his way lower, spreading her thighs with the pressure of his soapy palm. He trailed shimmering bubbles down to her toes and then, kneeling on the tub floor asked her to face him.

Sara complied. Her long legs went on forever in front of him, silky, smooth and pale like moonlight. He ran his jaw around a kneecap and felt her slightly buckle. Steadying her with one arm he reached behind her for more soap. The move required balance, and a lean forward that brought his face in direct contact with her neatly trimmed thatch of pubic hair. Her eyes bright with desire, she placed her hands on his head, tangling her fingers in his hair and then stroking the sides of his upturned face.

"You amaze me." Her voice was quiet, nearly lost in the sound of water hitting porcelain.

He soaped her hips, tracing circles there and then across her small abdomen. Her ribcage disappeared in foamy bubbles. Standing he cupped her breasts, sucking each nipple rigid before delicately soaping and rinsing them.

Sara snaked her arms around his neck and he bent to kiss her. She lifted her thigh, wrapped it around his, but he pushed her back. He ached for her, the physical evidence was conclusive, but with no protection handy and little time his needs would have to wait. She kissed his neck and nearly bit him when his slick fingers entered her.

It was a miracle that both were dressed and composed, drinking coffee by the window when Jeanie appeared at their door. Apprehensive Sara stood to leave. She wanted to kiss him goodbye, trying hard not to wonder whether this was the first of many morning after coffees or the last of them. She turned and placed her hand on his shoulder, "Thank you, for uh, everything…" but Grissom stood and walked her to the door, his hand, a good little soldier, in it's place at her back. When she was half way out the door he took her hand, pulled her back into an embrace and kissed her breathless.


"Long shift after a weekend away huh pal?" Nick almost felt bad for Sidle, she caught a rough case and looked spent. At least the clock on the wall was telling her she could punch her card and head home for some well earned rest.

"I'll survive." She opened her locker and hung her jacket on a hook. Before she could throw her FORENSICS baseball hat on the top shelf she noticed a small velvet box with a gift tag attached.

"To: Sara Clause, Love, The Improper Bostonian"

Inside the box she found a silver charm bracelet with five charms, a snowflake, an ice skate, a wine bottle and a heart all of silver, and one coin of gold.