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Slumping down against the door, Ran-rans breath was caught in her throat. The adrenaline in her veins that made her legs shake with the need to run did nothing to calm her terrified state of mind. This was deffinently going to scar Ran-ran for the rest of her life. That is, if she survived.

Was this what she got for wishing for more adventure in her life?

Ran-ran, with her petite, but well muscled body, stood no fair chance against the living dead on the other side of the door. As a stray piece of hair fell onto her face, she swiped it back and tucked it behind her ear. Her mid-back length, dark brown hair hung in a tight braid, contrasting her barely tanned skin. The two chocolate brown eyes of hers pierred over the top of her glasses at the dark room.

Sweat beaded on her forehead, and Ran-ran, as she preferred to be called, wiped it away as she thought to herself,

Ok, lets go over whats happening: Stuck in video game, only person for god-knows-how-far that knows what hes doing is busy fighting first significant boss of the game, and IM trapped in a room because Im too damn weak to kill even a group of zombies! Yep, hate to say it Ran-ran, but your life sucks. Shit, isnt that necromancer done killing Blood Raven yet!

A slamming on the door made Ran-ran jump up and almost drop her glasses.

"Shit!" Ran-ran quietly cried as she looked around at her surroundings, trying to find something to defend herself with. Hm, chair, bookcase, broken barrel. Nope, not one useful thing to use as a weapon.

The weak and roting wood of the door shook as the zombies on the other side struck the barrier again and again and again.

Ran-ran scrambled away from the door and soon found her back against a cold stone wall. Even though she wasnt very religious, Ran-ran began to silently pray to any and all deities that she could think of.

A sudden camotion outside of the door brought Ran-rans attention to the sound of... Battle?

Smiling as she recognized the sounds of bare bones against stone make Ran-ran rush over to the door and swing it open.

"Necromi!" Ran-ran screamed happily as she was faced with a horde of 10 upright, and walking skeletons, some with glowing orbs on there hands but most with weaponry and a little armor, all of whom tuned to look at her, "Its about fuckin time you come to rescue me!"

The skeletons cleared a path to reveal a man, wearing all black with armored leggings, chain mail gloves, and a breastplate that shone green in the dim light as he wielded an intimidating long sword. Necromi stood a good three heads taller than Ran-ran. His skin and hair where an unnatural white, his face was of high cheek bones and sharp angels and thin lips. With icy blue, deep set eyes, the necromancer looked at Ran-ran with much seriousness.

But, like always, Ran-ran simply smiled and tried to contain her giggles.

"So, I take it Blood Ravens finally dead?" Ran-ran inquired as if forgetting that not five minutes ago a rotting piece of wood was the only thing keeping her from being zombie chow.

"And I take it you made some new friends?" Necromi asked sarcastically, smirking, all of the seriousness fading from his features as he resheathed his sword.

Rolling her eyes, Ran-ran smiled and said,

"Whatever dude, lets just go back to the rough encampment!"

"Yes so someone else can babysit the little insane girl!"

"Hey! Im not that bad!"

"Oh really? Have you ever gotten a second opinion?"

"Less talky, more opening of portaly." Ran-ran made a small shooing motion with her hands.

Tickle Tickle

As Ran-ran, Necromi, and his hoard reappeared on the other side of the portal, in the rough encampment, they were immediately greeted by a balding and extremely old man, supporting himself on a wooden staff.

"Hi Cain!" Ran-ran greeted in an overly hyper mannerism as she proceeded to run circles around the elder, and explaining with great excitement the events of the day.

" So, Necromi seems to make a better watcher for you than I first expected." Cain said after Ran-ran collapsed onto a log around the near-by fire in the center of the camp.

"Yep! Not only do I like his sick and slightly twisted brand of humor, but hes ticklish thus meaning fun to poke!" Ran-ran said between heavy breaths, and impish gleam in her eyes and visible on her smile.

Ran-ran turned to find Necromi, and found him talking to the leader of the roughs, Kashya, who was smiling great fully at her friend.

A yawn welled up in Ran-rans throat and she stretched and realized how tired she really was. So, picking herself up, Ran-ran slowly roamed over to her tent, amazed that she was heading to bed even though her watch only read 6pm.