We approach the counter,

My friend and I,

The menue is glowing,

I carefully think, he waits a reply.

"Hurry up!" he yells tapping unkind.

But this clerk just doesn't understand.

This moment is crucial.

One word may change what's put in your hand.

Nacho or taco?

The question goes on.

I rub my chin pondering this one.

"Hurry up!" comes again.

"You'll tell me your order when?"

I try to ignore him.

Nacho or taco?

The choice effects everything you know.

Resturaunt's closing,

Smiles given up posing,

It amazed me how different they are after dark.

Kim's taken a seat, everyone's gone.

I know I'm taking long, but this choice is my song.

Nacho or taco?

Kim grabs my arm

We're about to go...

But wait! I've got it!

I perfect blend of both!

A beautiful packet tied up in a bow.

How wonderful the thought of having two in one!

But no one other than me thinks it fun.

He hands it to me. We walk out in the snow.

Who woulda known?

If you can't choose just one, take both of them home!

An invention by me,

a thought that I owe,

to the delicious, nutricious,

Nacho and taco.