Chapter 25

She danced and tried forgetting her problems. She let men dance with her close and seductively. Tonight was a night she would let anything happen. A 'no holds barred' type of night. She wanted them to flock to her. She no longer cared what happened. Sadie had lost all of her humanity the moment Chance had let her go. She didn't want to think about tomorrow. For her there would be no tomorrow. She could do anything tonight and not worry about any consequences. For when the daylight came she would walk into al its glory fully of her own will. Tonight would be the last night of her life. If you could call her existence a life.

Just now she couldn't even remember her past. Her past as a human. That young woman who things always had come hard for. That young woman who never had a chance against Lacee. She was embraced, and always regretted every moment of it. She had learned many of the legends of vampires were false. For one thing they didn't sleep in coffins, as beds were sufficient. Daylight though was just the legend had stated; deadly to all vampires, save the original source of the bloodline. That honor belonged to an undead individual known by the name of Adam. But nothing really mattered to Sadie at the moment. She would get up her nerve and venture out in the daylight come sunrise. She often longed for the courage to end it. She had finally found that one thing that eluded her for so long. In a few hours it would all be over. The club closed at sunrise, and that is when she decided to take her drastic action. Maybe she could experience the beauty of a sunrise again before it burned her to cinders. She had loved playing in it as a child. How she longed for those days just now. Her innocence had been stolen from her long ago.

Eric woke up alone. He sat up and looked around him. He wasn't totally sure what had happened to him. He felt achy all over and found himself with scratch marks. He didn't remember what he just went on, but he was fully aware that he willed himself to change and it had worked. He sees that everything feels different. He wasn't used to transforming at will, and he never remembered anything when he was the wolf but bits and pieces here and there. He wasn't sure what became of Nicholas Remy or Joe Rogan, but he was sure the night wasn't over yet. He had to be prepared next time. He had to make sure next time he saw Remy to be ready to tear his throat out. He had to try to remember as the wolf to do what he had already planned in human form; kill Remy and the curse of the bloodline. End the nightmare.

Rogan goes back into his roots and talks to an old Native American source.

"So tell me the rest."

"There is much to learn, Rogan. Silver is but one way to kill them, but it would take much more for the original source of the bloodline. If the line starts with this Remy, then killing him would be quite the task indeed. In fact you may die trying."

"I shot him point bleak with silver and it had no effect at all. The first time I had ever seen anything like that."

"That is because he is too powerful and perhaps ageless as well. He has lived centuries and millennia so that his strength grows so that one day nothing on earth will destroy him. He would truly be immortal. Werewolves are themselves immortal to some extent. They don't age as humans do. Though they usually don't live as long as someone such as Remy has. He can control the change in others as well as in himself. But by killing him, the rest return to normal. The bloodline would end. The cycle would then be broken."

"Interesting. I think I misjudged someone. I've been tracking a man that I blamed for murders that I now see he may not have committed. There are many others out there with this same sickness, this disease."

"Yes, that is exactly what it is. A disease that while granting great power to those who possesses it, it always strips away humanity. The kindness and love that people have for one another. Takes your soul away so that all that is left is a cold shell of your former self. A self that longs only for destruction and relishes the monsters within and stops trying to keep it at bay."

"Well, how can it end?"

"How it has to end. There is said there would one day come along one who could end it. Only one thing that could destroy it all. The history of monsters on earth would be rewritten. See, Mr. Rogan, werewolves are only but one of the many demons that roam the earth. The night offers much to be seen indeed if you look close enough."

"What is this thing that you're talking about? And why hasn't any of this happened yet?"

"Oh, it's coming, Mr. Rogan, it's coming. The end is near.

To Be Continued...